A one-sided rivalry

By Daniel O’Sullivan Question: Can a fierce rivalry still be considered a fierce rivalry if one half of the fierce rivalry is blissfully unaware of its existence? This sounds like it could be one of those “if a tree falls in the forest” questions with no definitive answer asked by men sporting turtle neck sweaters [Read more]

Nightmare in Sleepy Hollow

by Daniel O’Sullivan There is a particularly vivid nightmare that has been keeping Cats fans awake all season.  The dream takes place in the summer months when the desperation for new football stories becomes so all-encompassing that Dane Swan’s latest tattoo disaster gets saturation coverage. After much conjecture and innuendo surrounding his future, Geelong’s favourite [Read more]

World Cup: Welcome to The Big (horror) Show

by Dan O’Sullivan The Socceroos World Cup campaign thus far has had all the hallmarks of every horror film ever committed to celluloid. The opening match defeat at the hands of Germany was a genuine bloodbath. Little in the way of plot, but a devastating body count. Jason Voorhes could have been leading the line [Read more]

Footy’s Final Frontier

The AFL’s relentless push into new territory is a little bit reminiscent of the Americans planting a stars and stripes flag on the surface of the moon. Boldly going where no code has gone before, whether you like it or not. Outer space is pretty much the only region that hasn’t yet felt the sensation [Read more]

The ‘Sore Head Loss’

Collingwood went into the Friday night blockbuster against Geelong brimming with all the confidence of Bindi Irwin. This was to be a marquee night for Mick’s maturing Pies, this was their big dance. Alas, they copped a lesson. And not just any run-of-the-mill primary school period between recess and lunch when everyone sits cross-legged in [Read more]

AFL: The Answer Lies With Sly

By Daniel O’Sullivan If the first five minutes of last Friday night’s game didn’t set the pulses racing it is clear evidence that you were either stone-cold dead or simply just stoned.  And if it was the latter, you’ve probably spent the last week at IMAX 3-D screenings of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ so you can [Read more]

The Kiwi stomach punch

By Dan O’Sullivan At the beginning of March Kiwi cricket copped a kick to the teeth. It was swift and painful but hardly a surprise. And no, Scott Styrus was not involved. The pudgy trundler still has his front teeth fully intact as far as I’m aware, assuming he had them in the first place. [Read more]

NAB Cup, Round 1: We need more opportunity to dream

By Dan O’Sullivan For supporters of the competition’s strugglers, the lead-up to the NAB Cup is like the brief few seconds when you wake from a heavy night but your brain has yet to kick into gear. All you have is the warm static of a good night’s sleep to cloud your memory, so for [Read more]

Tennis: Still awaiting the Aussie charge

by Dan O’Sullivan As another Australian Open winds up and the great Roger Federer flies back to Switzerland to collect yet another cow to go with his 16th Slam (are the Swiss still doing that?), the inevitable question will be asked, where was the Aussie charge? The predictable poor showing by the locals can probably [Read more]