Round 23 – Geelong v Adelaide: The game goes on

Cats supporter Susie went to watch her favourite player Mathew Stokes and two Geelong greats Stevie J and James Kelly play for Geelong for the last time down at Kardinia Park.

AFL Round 20 – Geelong v Fremantle: Of camels and fate

Susie Giese journeys across Western Victoria all afternoon in her job as a sports photographer, then its off to Kardinia Park to see her Cats take on their despised rivals the Fremantle Dockers.

“I was saying ‘Boourns’…”

Susie Giese pays tribute to her favourite footballer, two time Cat premiership player Shannon Byrnes. If only he played in the 2008 Grand Final…

AFL Round 15 – Geelong v Hawthorn: Kennett Curse irrelevant to young Cats

Geelong’s winning streak is no longer about simply redeeming an unexpected loss. It’s about the new generation of Cats proving themselves. They want to win for their own sake, to show they’re genuine contenders and can create their own history.

AFL Round 1 – Hawthorn v Geelong: They’re in Our Heads

The streak, Kennett’s curse, is exciting. It’s raw, ferocious and it brings out a savage pleasure in every Cats fan.

Just a man with a ball

AFL Round 19 Hawthorn v Geelong By Susie Giese   They were packing up. Mum getting ready to leave bang on the siren, Darren wanting to go now, now, NOW! “I’m not leaving early,” I said, gritting my teeth. “We’re staying ’til the end.” One fifth of my reasoning was never giving those worst-examples-of-their-kind Hawks [Read more]

Geelong versus Hawthorn Day!

  AFL Round 2 Geelong vs Hawthorn By Susie Giese   I swear I am a child. Excitement is the overriding feeling. I can’t sleep. I try to read a book, watch a DVD, but I can’t distract myself. I’m too excited for tomorrow. It’s my favourite day of the year. I dream about it [Read more]

2010 Fixture Difficulty Index

It’s footy finals time, and while half the competition is busily preparing for a September assault, the other half is planning for next year, and bemoaning what went wrong. Some coaches (I’m looking at you, Mick Malthouse) are patting themselves on the back for overcoming a horror draw – but was it really a horror [Read more]

J-Pod crosses the line, V-Line crosses Susie

By Susie Giese Okay, so the plan was for me to catch the V-Line from South Geelong, buy a record, find our seats, and set up and get comfortable. It was a good plan. The actuality was that my V-Line was running late (big surprise) so mum and Katherine beat me to Southern Cross. The [Read more]

2008 Grand Final: Broken Flag, Shattered Dreams

WARNING: The author of this piece does not advise reading by any persons who support the team of blue-and-white hoops unless they have either fully recovered from season 2008, or feel they are finally ready to confront that final game in September, as the author herself did. Trust her, there is no joy or laughter [Read more]

Lord, grant us salvation from the Magpie army

By Susie Giese “That’s right, just run over the Salvation army guy,” sister Katherine laughs at me. In the midst of the pandemonium that is the crowd flocking to the MCG, one split-second to turn and talk to mum results in near-disaster. How does one work off the demerit of knocking down a tin-rattler? Thank-fully, [Read more]

Sydney Smackdown at the hands of Geelong

By Susie Giese I am a great little sister. Along with mum, I went all the way to Sydney, just to visit brother Darren. Oh, what’s this? Geelong is playing in NSW this weekend? What a pleasant coincidence! At first, I thought the dreaded Kardinia Park weather had followed us up north. Rain, the weatherman [Read more]

Cats bring cheer to a hoarse throat

By Susie Giese This game will probably never be used in a promotional package for the AFL. There were no standout performers, no exceptional displays of skill. What this game was, though, was something quintessential to the game we all love. It was a contest. Tackle after tackle, pressure to match a game being played [Read more]

James Podsiadly – Fairytales do come true

By Susie Giese Once upon a time, there was an 18-year-old boy with a dream of playing AFL football… He trained and studied and observed and trained some more for many years, before finally it was his chance to be drafted by an AFL club. Eighteen-year-old boys all over the country were waiting, on the [Read more]

Footy: Sympathy for the Saints

By Susie Giese There are two basic rules to being Susie Giese: love Geelong and hate the Saints. It’s been that way for as long as I can remember. But as this new season looms before us, I’ll admit something I never thought I would: I feel sorry for the Saints’ fans. Genuinely sorry.

Footy/Soccer: Geelong stadium suggestion fuels my anger over World Cup

By Susie Giese In a true parliamentary smoke-and-mirrors display, the State Government has once more failed to solve the FIFA World Cup issue, shooting themself in the foot in the process. The recent bid to upgrade Skilled Stadium to a 44,000-seater square pitch by no means solves the issue of a stymied AFL season. After [Read more]

NAB Challenge: Tigers beat slipshod Cats as car horns toot

By Susie Giese Tigers fans can breathe a sigh of relief. Season 2010 is looking considerably brighter following Richmond’s 51-point demolition of a lacklustre Geelong, who look like they already have not one, but both eyes on Round 1. This was not a game for the ages, and the sooner it is lost in the [Read more]

Footy: Weighing up just which club is Geelong’s true rival

By Susie Giese It truly baffles me what can be considered a rivalry these days. It seems every week the television stations are promoting a “clash of arch rivals”. Granted, the VFL/AFL has been around for 113 years, so that gives clubs ample times to make plenty of enemies, but do all the rivalries still [Read more]

Footy: It couldn’t get any better for a Cats fan, could it?

By Susie Giese I will admit it. I am a footy tragic. A completely untalented footy tragic, much to my chagrin. You’ll run into your run-of-the-mill fanatic who can remember every stat from the last hundred games their team played (and sometimes the games of other teams, too). There are people who can recall a [Read more]