Bullying the Bullies: Geelong vs. Hawthorn

I’ve lived in more than a dozen different suburbs on the south side of Melbourne and caught the train to the footy from all of them, but had never experienced a Geelong Hawthorn game travelling on the Glen Waverley line.  It is like the reverse of Geelong station at midday on a Saturday with the [Read more]

JOHN HARMS – Easter Monday: West Coast Dave and the Cats make it feel great to be alive

by John Harms It’s Easter Monday. Perfect sunny Canberra day. The Bruces are over for lunch. The kids, post sausage-in-bread, are kicking the soccer ball, and Theo (aged two) is filling up the golf hole with dirt from the marigold garden. There are no marigolds as the snails have eaten anything that resembles new growth. [Read more]

Hawthorn v Geelong: just another classic in the rivalry

My memories of Geelong/Hawthorn games stretches as far back to about 1995, when I was five, and the Cats (I think) beat Hawks at Kardinia Park/Baytec/Shell Stadium. We were in the box and Dad (a Hawks man) got very drunk and disgraced himself all the way home; fast forward to the 2008 grand final and [Read more]

AFL Round 2 – Hawthorn v Geelong: Classy Cats Claw Their Way to Victory

By Sasha Lennon Reigning premier Geelong now officially has ‘the wood’ over Hawthorn after a hard-fought nine point victory on Easter Monday. In front of a crowd of almost 70,000 people at the MCG, Geelong clawed its way through four quarters to eventually wear down a tiring Hawthorn who, for a good part of the [Read more]

AFL Round 2 – Hawthorn v Geelong: Hawks run out of steam, Barnstable runs out of daylight.

by Josh Barnstable I have a theory on Easter Mondays. After a solid day of eating chocolate the day before, you get the day off Monday to work off all the weight you may or may not have put on. Anyway, as it seems hot outside, I’ll put this off for later on.