Gigs’ Stats Round 17: The final word on Aker

STATS ENTERTAINMENT ROUND 17 by Andrew Gigacz NEVER IN DOUBT If anyone out there, who considers themselves a knowledgeable person on footy, had any doubt that Friday night’s match between the Hawks and the Saints was always going to be a draw, let me tell you, they were kidding themselves. There were so many pointers [Read more]

Blues keep it together in the West…Just

Almost everything in modern football is categorised, calculated and rendered as statistic, yet one of the most essential components of the game- confidence- remains a mystery defying precise measurement. No one completely understands the many forces that lead a team to gain or lose confidence, yet the results of either are usually plain to see. [Read more]

Oh, the pain

North Melbourne versus Essendon 7.10pm, Saturday, July 24 Etihad Stadium, Melbourne My mate MOC (his initials are M.O’C.) has been tormenting me our whole lives.  He’s a typically boastful Bomber and has been shoving the perpetual success of his football club – and the relatively humble trophy cabinet of mine – down my throat since [Read more]

An Ice Capade Classic (Despite Bureaucratic Intervention)

If recent history was to be taken as evidence, signs weren’t promising for this contest. Despite both clubs’ recent success, Clarkson’s Hawks and Lyon’s Saints have fought out some of the more diabolical spectacles of the last few seasons; zone-obsessed snore fests where defensive ring-a-rosy took precedence over any intent to score. Couple this with [Read more]

Silver lining in Kangaroos’ loss

By Darren Dawson North lost by three points on Saturday night. Yes, it would have been wonderful to win the shoot-out at Etihad. But I came away from the game feeling a sense of relief, and not disappointment, that the Kangaroos were now unlikely to be fronting up in the finals. I have long been [Read more]

Sunday Roast

by Tom Bally Turning on the TV at the start of the third quarter on Sunday was like coming home to find my girlfriend gone and apartment on fire. I’d ducked out to satisfy a Sushi craving secure in the knowledge the game was being recorded.  The plan of consuming raw fish then reviewing the [Read more]

The view from Shepparton: Round 17

I wonder  what will happen one day when Buddy kicks five goals but gives away two consecutive 50 metre penalties with the opposition kicking the winning goal as a result in this year’s grand final. And this will all have happened after coach Clarkson has tried to tell him nicely to stop being  a goat [Read more]

Floreat Pica Report- Collingwood Vs Richmond – Round 17 2010

By Paul Fahey Scene from The Castle (1997) Darryl Kerrigan: Dale dug a hole. Tell ’em Dale. Dale Kerrigan: I dug a hole. When a top team plays a bottom team in any sport I reckon it’s a bit like digging a hole – it just has to get done! Sometimes you dig it deep, [Read more]


WHERE LIFE IMITATES FOOTBALL What a round it’s been in Footy Eddie.  The Hawks and The Saints split the difference in an absolute thriller on Friday Night.  Collingwood & The Pussies improved their percentage at the expense of the respective Jungle Cats they were drawn to play.  Carlton & Essendon both broke losing runs against [Read more]

Dees Romp Home Against the Swans

Enjoying probably the last sleep in for quite a while, I woke up to the realisation that the previous night’s events weren’t a nightmare. Essendon really did beat North Melbourne by three points, and it was the topic of the Sunday Footy Show. If Daniel Wells had of played, I dare say North would have [Read more]

crio’s Q… “around the grounds”

When I first grabbed a 2010 Fixture back in March it is fair to say that the Freo v Melb Subi twilighter in Round 16 escaped my focus. Yet, as the Demons launched an improbable fightback in the third quarter, I found myself riding their wave of momentum. And not for the romance. NO – [Read more]

Geoff Sinclair’s Home and Away games- Rd 17

Round 17 North Melbourne versus Essendon Saturday, July 24th., Etihad Stadium The final stage of Saturday night’s rescue mission to the coast is not pleasant travelling. The aftermath of The Riot’s heave-go lingers in the Audi, big-time.  Even with the heater off and the windows down, it is impossible to escape the rank, fresh-vomit smell.  [Read more]

A Game of Two Halves and Divided Attentions

This was the game we really needed to win. Round 17, just outside the top eight on percentage (quite a bit) and a win over Essendon would see North Melbourne climb into the eight. Providing that Carlton lost to the Eagles over in the west. For some reason, the AFL fixtured this game to be [Read more]

Tiger roar turns ‘meow’

No matter how much you wish you could, you can’t deny that my Magpies are looking smokin’ hot right now. Now I know all you non- Collingwood supporters hyperventilate or break a sweat when you see us on the top of the ladder but admit it, the way the boys are playing they deserve it. [Read more]

Mission Failed in Terms of a Contest

After sleeping-in until 10:30, I felt very refreshed as I woke up to start a brand new day. Collingwood v Richmond on a Saturday afternoon at the MCG, can you get any more traditional than that?

Orange flags the way to a draw

This was my ninth day off school for the term, sure I was feeling better but I just wasn’t up to going to school. I was quite behind in my work though, as you would think, and I answered a call from my Maths teacher at midday and she worked me through a process on [Read more]


FOR THE PHILOSOPHICAL MARNGROOK FAN What a week it’s been in Footy Eddie.  The invertebrates at the Star Chamber are in the news again.  Tigerland midfielder Cotchin gets four weeks for doing what Bomberland’s David Hille did three times for three reprieves earlier in the season.  In the same round, Carlton’s Andrew Walker laid a [Read more]