Happy Cats and Cheshire Grins:

Prelude   How can I, as a mad Sainter, not begin this piece with reference to the last two years.  It’s not just me, blasted Channel 10 kept showing the highlights of this years contenders last premiership battles, and the Saints happen to be the patsies that were beaten in their path to glory.  The [Read more]

Review of “The Club” New Paintings by Peter Ferrier

Love of Football is in the Air – its final time and time for art and I popped in to an  exhibition a few weeks ago to get to see Peters work again.  He used to be in a Gallery onSt.Kilda Roadand I used to drive back on my way home from work, and check [Read more]

Grand Final 2011

Cartoon by Yvette Wroby

Anchors Away

No comment necessary really. Picture by Yvette Wroby

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: or another day in the life of a Saints supporter…

Just when my next article this week was going to start with “I write with no pain and suffering”, in the way of the footy world, this has completely changed on Thursday night 15th September 2011. The GOOD was being with nine other Almanackers (or family members) and meeting at the Marngrook Footy Show, in [Read more]


by Yvette Wroby

GONE: It’s all Over, Including the Shouting

It’s 6.30am Sunday morning and my mind is buzzing.  It’s over, finito, Sydney Swans bundled St.Kilda out of the finals with a decisive, confident win.  They did it well from the beginning, pressure, pressure, pressure and we never had it in us to respond with success.  Perhaps the year from hell finally took its toll [Read more]

Footy Pictures by Jim Pavlidis and lunch with my mum

  by Yvette Wroby   I love meeting the real people at Almanac events after I have read their pieces or seen their art work.  There’s a community of twisted, interesting people all linked by words and creativity.  So I took my Mum on Saturday to Jim Pavlidis and his fourteen wonderful, iconoclastic  masterpieces.  I [Read more]

We don’t have the Blues this morning…

We’ll start with a generic question:  do the Saints have to always put us through so much misery and tension before we reach happiness at the end of the night? It seems so.  Saints supporters like me went to the Game at the MCG last night feeling pretty mixed.  A win meant a home, Etihad, [Read more]

Happy Cats

Sainter Yvette Wroby helps the Cats celebrate Friday night. Will they be celebrating this time next week?

Here we go again

What a difference a week makes. Cartoon by Yvette Wroby.

No expectations…no worries

No expectations….no worries  (or from the toilet to the sky –a super performance)   With the press in full flight this week of doom and gloom for St.Kilda, and North Melbourne’s  good performances, Saints fans like me were quite reluctant to feel any confidence.  A good six weeks after a nightmare year, a run in [Read more]

Saints Round 21: Going Down the Toilet

Yvette Wroby’s take on the weekend.

Life’s drama: another week in the life of Yvette Wroby and the St Kilda FC

A Wedding, an almost Funeral, two wins and a loss and farewell to the Vikings… It’s been quite a week.  The wedding was at Butleigh Wotton, a beautiful, historic venue, an intimate and beautiful ceremony, a yummy meal and lots of dancing.  In the middle of the dancing, a family friend collapses.  I am the [Read more]

More Pillaging Please (Mer plundring vänligen) – the Viking Saga Continues

Yvette Wroby took some visiting Vikings to the footy.

The Vikings are coming, the Vikings are coming…..

On Thursday the Vikings arrived in the form of the parents of the bride.  Zamir’s son is getting married on the 7th August to a lovely Swedish girl he met in Thailand.  My daughter and I visited the family in Sweden in January while on our adventure, so we met these good and friendly people, [Read more]

The Saints March in and over the Crows

Oh When the Saints…* Oh When the Saints……have belief, effort, run and spread, and poor Opposition…. In the next few weeks, I will be rocking up at my daughter’s school and hear how she is travelling in her Year 11 studies.  We will talk to each teacher and get a run-down of what is working [Read more]

Fast and Furious Life and Football

  I could start this piece and write about St. Kilda (and Hawthorn’s) wonderful premiership coach, mentor and friend, Allan “Yabby” Jeans, 1933-2011.  His passing this week has left the world a little colder.  He was loved by family, friends and the football world, no matter who you are. I could start this piece with [Read more]

Sandringham gets done

  by Yvette Wroby   It was a sunnier morning on Saturday when we were preparing for a local VFL game, Sandringham Zebras versus Northern Bullants.  Having gone for the first time a fortnight ago, this time we knew what to prepare for.  New provisions were our two fold out chairs for comfort, our two [Read more]

“Just” ends up being good enough.

An English psychoanalyst  Winnicott came up with the phrase “good enough mothering” where he relieved the anxiety of millions of mothers (and later parents) when he talked not about being a perfect mother (parent) but a good enough one.  The difference was in being present and available.  There is an inbuilt need that there be [Read more]