This is it, again.

This is it.  The decider.  The day of battle.  The last hurrah.  Really!  No kidding.  Found it hard to sleep.  Not as nervous as last week, and am still quietly optimistic (I’ve even started inviting friends and family on Sunday night for a party if we win). Yesterday morning we blew up more balloons.  I’m [Read more]

Grand Final 2010: One More Day

Everyone is being nice

That’s what I’ve come away with from yesterday’s Grand Final draw.  Both St.Kilda and Collingwood players and fans were so stunned at the result, that it was quiet, reserved, polite.  Collingwood fans and St.Kilda fans TALKED to each other, shared their shock and disbelief, shook their heads at each other, laughed.  Said “See you next [Read more]

Nervous Anticipation: Friday 24th September 2010

Nervous anticipation.  From going to bed until waking up and in between.  I’ve living, breathing, eating, football.  Today is the Almanac lunch and I will meet and put faces to all the welcoming group of other footy tragics.  When did I get this bad?  When did I turn from enthusiastic to obsessive?

Grand Final Week

by Yvette Wroby Grand Final Week:  Day 2 Monday 20th September 2010 It’s 5.30 am and sleep now evades me.  I’m too nervous and excited.  St.Kilda are in the Grand Final and my credit card is debited with our footy tickets so we are going to the Grand Final to watch the  gladiatorial battle of [Read more]

Our 2010 Preliminary Final

We did it.  The Saints passed “GO” with a brilliant display of 7 goals in the 3rd quarter.  They were putting on a clinic themselves after a first half  that I’d rather forget. The forgettable half we only kicked 3.6 to Bulldogs 4.6, the first quarter worse, 1.5 11 to 3.1. 19.  The Doggies looked [Read more]

It’s now a matter of faith

Collingwood/Geelong Preliminary Final Friday 17th September If  you were a Collingwood supporter, and apparently there are over 70,000 of you at the Game or at home, it was a great, truly superb win.  They came out and skinned the Cats, each and every Cat was turned into a violin string and played to the tune [Read more]

Shane Crawford: That’s what he’s walking about

I watched The Footy Show episode six weeks ago when the show was dedicated to Breast Cancer Awareness Network.  Shane Crawford offered to run from Adelaide to Melbourne to raise awareness for the Network, Raelene Boyle had come on to talk about the work of their many volunteers, helping those with Breast Cancer as well [Read more]

Saints from afar

By Yvette Wroby Friday August 20th Melbourne time:  setting:  USA I am in San Francisco at the Acqua Hotel, on Election day, listening on my computer to the St.Kilda vs Richmond match and it’s a ripper.  Neck and neck since ¼ time, mostly Richmond to begin with.  Everyone is playing to win this, the commentators [Read more]