2011 Almanac Launch photos

Thanks to Yvette Wroby for these happy snaps from Thursday night’s launch.

About Yvette Wroby

Yvette Wroby writes, cartoons, paints through life and gets most pleasure when it's about football, and more specifically the Saints. Believes in following dreams and having a go.


  1. No surprise that MOC (in the RoyBoys jumper) is knocking back another drink in every photo he’s in.

  2. A Grand Final loss will do that to you Gigs.

  3. Had a chance to speak to Danni, Josh and Michael on the night. The future is in good hands. Wonderful young people whose hearts are in the right place :)

  4. Thanks Phil! Was great to chat to you too, one of few decent Collingwood supporters I know. Am also glad to figure out that it was you who was talking to us :) haha, kidding, but seriously I think name-tags should be in place for the next launch..

  5. Basso Divor says

    Any chance of naming the speakers/punters in the photos? It would be nice to put a name against a face. No doubt they’re Almanac contributors whose offerings we have enjoyed over the journey.

  6. Looked like a cracker, promise to attend one in the future when I get back to Oz. All the best guys, can’t wait to start reading.

  7. It was the same drink, Gigs. I only had one of course, and I had a comp going with Stainless (right) and Starkie (left) that I would take a swig every time Lawence Mooney swore.

  8. Darn, no time to strike le’pose LOL

  9. ps- It was great to meet everyone :)

  10. Dave Goodwin says

    MOC Sorry to see you on the receiving end of so much sledging. Have just received my copy of the 2011 Almanac up here in Singapore (last night – my wife flew it up for me). I reckon I’ve read about a third of it by now but my favourite line so far is yours from your Preliminary Final piece: “You could whack a lid on the ‘G and it would whistle in seconds.” Original, brilliant. I was there; it captures the spirit of the night perfectly. Not sure what lines got the plaudits at the launch on Thursday night, but this gets my vote. You may be an alcoholic, but you are the man.

  11. John Butler says

    Same can MOC? That’s the same story as last year isn’t it?

    Thanks to those 2 people who noticed my absence. YKWYA.

    But in my fevered dreams I foresaw a Carlton premiership hat-trick, so it wasn’t a complete loss. Get your money on.

    PS: Still looking happy after the GF there Danni. Ships that pass in the night once again…

  12. JB,
    You were notable by your absence!
    Was starting to worry, but glad to hear you are still kicking!

  13. JB

    Absence noted… not a lot of Carlton talk to be had.

  14. Gents, you were the 2 I was thinking of. :)

    Nice of you to respond to my plea for cheap sympathy.

    Litza, they’ll all be talking about the Blues next year!

  15. JB- Got it in one, had my back to the tv for most of the night. -.-

  16. John Butler says


    All that Geelong talk can get a bit much can’t it. :)

  17. Lol yes it can.
    When everyone burst into the theme song i said to Yvette, “i can’t do it!”
    and neither could she lol :P

  18. Not good enough Danni – I had to sing the Pies song last year. I felt a bit ill afterwards but put it down to a bad prawn.

  19. This year’s alamanac launch was much more of a Catfest than last year was a Piefest. Like Danni I ignored the TV and generally had a good night. I will however expect to see you singing “Good old Collingwood” if we happen to win next year, Dips.

  20. Dave – I will. As I recall I also choked out the Hawks song in 2008.

    If youse get beat youse have to take ya medicine.

  21. Lol did you Dips!? That would have been a sight lol
    i haven’t watched that game since the day itself so avoiding the tv was crucial.
    Although i was tempted to pause it jst so i could stare at blairy a bit :p
    great chatting to you Dave! I found your honest positivity very refreshing :)

  22. Thanks Danni. I enjoyed chatting with you also. I have just been rereading this year’s Almanac and noticed that we both referred in our enties to Blair’s height. Could this be because we are the only Pie supporters over fourteen who are substantially shorter than Jarryd?

  23. Dave,

    “So many cats and so few reciepes” or, “I like cats but I can’t eat a whole one”

  24. AHH!! great minds think alike Dave :)
    we probably are, but im not complaining, he’d prob love the fact he’s taller hence more chance of a proposal ey? :P

  25. Richard Naco says

    That’d be nice, cuz.

    You could both sit on the sidelines and watch the footy together.


  26. Richard: -.-

  27. Sorry to be rude, but its been bugging me all week. Who is the man in the fourth photo on the very left in the brown and black (?) jumper? He said hi to me and was very nice but i’m not sure who it was..

  28. Josh,
    That is none other than Dave Downer, wearing a Sandringham jumper.

  29. Ahhh! Thanks Smokie!

    Sorry Dave if you’re reading this, didn’t recognise you without some sort of St Kilda gear on.

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