It didn’t rain….a positive take on the weekend our team lost…

  In Adelaide again: The weekend of the 15th June 2012 turned out to be a special one indeed.  Rina and I were headed to AAMI Stadium for the clash against high flying Crows against the wanna-be Saints, and even the predicted weekend of rain couldn’t dampen our spirits as we prepared to support our [Read more]

Something special

This was an away week, a game the Saints played in the rain on the Sunshine Coast.  It had been planned for the whole year to go to Judy and Mark’s house and watch this game on pay TV.  Their daughter Amanda is my footy daughter.  Their newer daughter, four year old Zoe, was our [Read more]

Almanackers do Wynyard while Tigers do Saints

  By Yvette Wroby The Journey: Getting onto a small REX airline 30 seater plane at Tullamarine was a relief after a big week of helping my eldest daughter shift into her flat.  Being super mum to three kids meant that a weekend away made the before and after very busy.  But once I’m on [Read more]

Leigh Montagna

A Heart Full of Lenny and Heart Beats for Farren

1. A week is a long time in footy What a weird few weeks of football we’ve had.  The favourites haven’t been winning.  Teams like Richmond upset Premiership hopefuls Hawthorn, Collingwood find some form against an unbelievably improved Adelaide, who were kept scoreless in the final quarter in a tight game.  Bulldogs took it right [Read more]

Saint Lenny of St Kilda

Excuse me, but there’s this blip…..

After such a good win against Carlton last Monday night, Saints fans were not prepared for the Sunday afternoon drubbing at Paterson Stadium.  Nor the very poor first two quarters.  Nor the performance from the flying Eagles who whooped our arses.  We liked the third quarter.  We can watch the third quarter on the replays, [Read more]

Lenny Hayes

Dare to dream…..again

Prelude: This mad Monday for night footy saw Rina and I picking up Amanda from her place.  Someone had run into her car a while ago, and by next week she will have a new set of wheels.  At Amanda’s front door, we met a “fairy” in the form of her very little sister.  Once [Read more]

Tipping with the head, not the heart

This year I’m in a tipping competition at my mother’s retirement home.  The week-day manager is a bright and energetic woman, a footy nut and has 20 or so people, staff, family and residents, involved, including my mum, sister and I.  Mum just tips who she likes, Denise and I take it a little more [Read more]

What’s in a name?

“What’s in a name?”   Juliet: “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”   So said Juliet in William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet on finding out Romeo was “on the other team”, a Collingwood member to Juliet’s “Carlton” or any other AFL team with [Read more]

The season of a Saints tragic (so far): Rounds 4 and 5

Ross Who? You’d have to live on Mars not to have read any papers, listened to any radio stations or watched any football TV over the last week before the Fremantle-St Kilda game.  What extraordinary hype, what a build up to what was essentially Round 4 football in the 2012 season.  It was all hot [Read more]

Tony Birch on indigenous footballers

Photo by Yvette Wroby Dr Tony Birch and John Harms lead discussion on issues relating to indigenous footballers on the 26th April.

The shots are fired across the bow

  by Yvette Wroby   It’s a different football landscape when North Melbourne, Adelaide, Essendon and Swans have strong beginnings to the season and when St.Kilda is 7th on the ladder before the big game today between Geelong and Hawthorn.  All football tragics will be glued to their seats in whatever locations to see the [Read more]

There’s life, and then there is football

by Yvette Wroby It was a very unusual beginning of the season.  The Sydney round one between Greater Western and Sydney Swans, the week before all the other states and teams got to play.  A bit one sided but who cared, footy was back. And then the games of this weekend, starting off with the [Read more]

Be the Future

Walking to the library this evening had me wondering about “The Future”, what is ahead of me tonight in a quiet household, what is ahead tomorrow, next week, in a few years when all my kids have moved out of the house and I am not bound by the regularity of family routine.  What is [Read more]

Traralgon and District Art Society and wondering about the future.

On the Friday of the last pre-season game of St.Kilda and Collingwood, I found myself journeying again with my Art Society.  We had Heather, a Collingwood supporter and our organisational inspiration, a retired lawyer, life model and Rotary organiser extraordinaire, Lilian, our Glen Eira Artists Society President, designer, painter and life drawing organiser, our Treasurer [Read more]

What Makes a Good Pre-Season?

What makes a good game of the West Coast Eagles and the Saints in the last Pre-Season match? (Warning:  the following is very one-eyed)  Winning:  so much for that for St.Kilda, one win of the three rounder (note 34 degrees at night), a splosh around in the rain and floods, playing amongst ourselves at Wangaratta [Read more]

Hot and Hotter, and Everybody Wins.

Hot and Hotter and Everybody Wins: So it’s started for St.Kilda (and Geelong and Sydney Swans).  It started in a night of 100% humidity and 36 degree weather, with a good NAB Cup crowd of 18,000+ at the Etihad Stadium.  I make a bet (in my head) that the players felt worse in the heat [Read more]

Yvette’s One-Eyed Week

The week in sport through Yvette Wroby’s (one?) eye.