The positive take on the Saints of 2012

Saints Sucked But Blues Sucked More…The positive take on the Saints 2012 end of season game:

 The finals are here and the Saints aren’t in it.  We’re having a rest year before challenging again next year.  After all, everyone said the Saints shoulda been there.  Well, next year we will be if we make 10% improvement on this year.  Very possible with so many good young players finding confidence.

  1. We get to keep our wonderful coach.  Scotty Watters has been a godsend.  We don’t mind no finals this year when we can see a good side developing in front of our very eyes. We’re watching something different, the game with the Blues saw 28 goals kicked, 16 of them ours.
  2. There were lots of mistakes from the Saints on Sunday’s game, but the same for the Blues. So it at least allowed us both to be in the game.  It was on from the very beginning, very heated, both teams fighting for the pride seeing no meaningful points were to be had.
  3. As Scotty Watters said, it was great seeing players progress:  Saad, Stanley, Milera, Cripps, Newnes, Siposs, Ross, Ledger (though he made some great blunders at this match).
  4. We have had some surpisingly good performances from Simpkin in defence and Siposs in defence as well during this match.  There is some height and speed and they will only get better with time.
  5. We have another strong forward with Wilkes who is finally settling into the team and he is a strong performer when “on”.
  6. We have re-signed Siposs, Hayes, Montagna, Gram, Geary and are waiting to hear about Brendon Goddard.  I saw him at Sandringham on Saturday afternoon.  When he passed, the first thing I wanted to ask was, are you staying?  The second unasked question that popped to my mind was, did you read the Almanac I gave you.  Curses.  I’ll have to ask next time. But he looked so relaxed, so at home with his Saints mates.  He is Rooey’s groomsman.  It’s hard to imagine he won’t play out his time with the Saints.  He’s also getting some form back.
  7. We save money on finals tickets.  I’ve spent mine anyway.  Rina and I are going to the St.Kilda Best and Fairest.  I’ve never been to any of these big events.  It’s a special present to ourselves instead of expensive finals tickets.  See, it’s called “reframing”.  Making a so called negative into a positive.  We get to dress up, get away from the domestics of a normal Wednesday night  (for me) of cooking for the kids and cleaning up the house.  Instead, someone else feeds us, we can relax and enjoy the atmosphere, and, of course, I get to write an article about it as well.
  8. I tipped the Blues so I got 7 right out of 8 this week, and came second in Mums retirement village footy tipping competition, funnily enough, just one off equal first.  That win of $150 is paying for the rest of the Best and Fairest.  Pretty good.  If I would have tipped the Saints I would have come equal first.  I tipped the Blues because I thought they’d come out stronger after last week’s dismal performance.  They did come out demanding, but so did we. Saints played for pride but also to set ourselves up more confidently for 2013.
  9. The game with the Blues was close all way through.  It was tough and hard and mean and a good way to show intent into the future, for both teams.
  10. Steven, Armitage, Dempster, Ray, Gram, McEvoy, Geary, Saad and Gwilt are all still improving.  They look fitter and harder.  Players like Kosi and Jones are going to find it tough to get back.  It’s great to have enough for there to be actual competition to get in. Riewoldt will be back.  Siposs can play either forward or defence.  Brilliant.
  11. We got no injuries from this match.  The Blues had two, Judd and Yarran.  Awful way to finish the season for them.
  12. Saints finally won a close game.  Just took it in the end.  We finally were the team that stole a tough one.
  13. The final game of the season was a beautiful sunny day, the first Sunday of spring, the roof was opened and we were up with the gods.  We were surrounded by Blues supporters but they were mostly quite quiet.  They began to leave earlier than us.  They had the blues.
  14. My two youngest have the audacity to be Blues supporters.  They have lost interest this year; Saints have beaten them twice.  That in itself is a positive.  I get bragging rights.
  15. Saints kicked straighter.  Had the Blues done so, we would have been toast. 
  16. There is a great last quarter by two desperate teams.  The Blues were ahead by 9 points at the beginning, and it looked as though they would push through.  They didn’t.  We did.  There was some desperate footy to be had, and Carlton looked like winners up until the 20 minute mark, but Saints weren’t finished.  Armitage goals from the 50 metres mark, then Wilkes misses with a behind, and then luckily we spoil an attempt from Carlton, a point, then they get yet another behind, and the ball is back in our hands, 7 minutes to go and some fine kick to kick to kick and Steven gets another.  Four points in it now.  Ray to Geary, to Saad, Gram, gets to goal square and Milne kicks one off the ground.  Video review.  We all wait with baited breath and it’s classed as a goal.  Saints are ahead by 2 points, 6 minutes to go.  Milne, out of bounds on the full.  Some fancy stealing from the Blues, and the Saints get it to Stanley and he goals.  Fabulous long kick and we’re now 8 points ahead.  Carlton fans begin to leave as their hope fades and Ratten doesn’t get the planned farewell.  Gram gets it forward again, 3 minutes to go, Wilkes is now in defence.  Dal Santo, kept quiet all day, gets it a little forward.  Stanley rucks.  Montagna knocks it forward,  Saad is kept away but steals it back and gets his first but seals the game.  It’s all over bar one more point to Milera and the Saints 106 beat the Blues 91.  Their home game.  Our win.  We’ll take that any day.
  17. The Sainters got to sing the song at the end of the match for the last time of the season. The boys got to sing it happily too. 
  18. We get to watch the finals with no hope, expectation or heartburn.  We get to watch others win or disappear.  We get an earlier break to regain some strength and fitness.  We get to have our boys go to Arizona to bond and get fitter before the beginning of next season. We get to be Sainters.
  19. Only about 29 weeks to the 2013 season start. But who’s counting…


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Yvette Wroby writes, cartoons, paints through life and gets most pleasure when it's about football, and more specifically the Saints. Believes in following dreams and having a go.


  1. The rumour from Perth is Goddard has already enquired about membership to Royal Perth Golf Club

  2. Alovesupreme says

    This is your usual measured account of the game, and I don’t begrudge you your joy at Sunday’s outcome. I also commend your glass half full approach.

    I was at the match with a friend who is a keen Saints’ fan – he is a lineal descendant of a prominent Saint player from the early years of the 20th century. Mick mentioned that he’d recently been to a funeral of a fellow Saint, and the eulogist offered this:
    “……. has gone to a place where Rooey always kicks straight, where Lenny is never injured, and where every-one thinks Milney is a good bloke”

  3. Alovesupreme, love it. Great Eulogy. Saints are made of great humour borne out of desperation. That rumour about Goddard has been around for a few weeks, but I think there’s still a change he will stay. But who knows. I can imagine Ross Lyon scheming in the background and if he steals Goddard then we’ll have extra venom for the Dockers in the future.

    Fans just have to wait to see who to love and hate for next year. And watch the fate of the finals teams with benign interest.

    Only 4 weeks to go and we’ll all be watching the cricket…it’s just not the same


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