The 2012 Footy Almanac launch

Age journalist Will Brodie has written a tremendous account of the night here.


The 2012 Knackers


Editor John Harms


Writer and photographer Yvette Wroby




Editor Paul Daffey



About Yvette Wroby

Yvette Wroby writes, cartoons, paints through life and gets most pleasure when it's about football, and more specifically the Saints. Believes in following dreams and having a go.


  1. I love the purposely formed nest of Magpies at the front in the group pic :P
    GO PIES!
    great catching up with everyone :)

  2. N eil Anderson says

    Thanks Yvette for the photos. There may have been a nest of Maggies in the front but if you squint hard enough and look towards the back you can just make out a Bulldog logo there somewhere. Just like going from Footscray North Primary School across to Hartwell Primary School in the 1950’s. A host of Demon jumpers the occaisional Magpie jumper, and the weird kid from Footscray up the back with his Teddy Whitten No.3 jumper. So where were you Barkly Street End as my back-up? I did ask if you were there and I don’t think I missed seeing you.
    Thanks everyone for a great night and making me feel welcome, especially Cookie who went out of his way to introduce me to so many people.
    Looking forward to Almanac 2013.

  3. You’re all Rockstars now. Just read all about the book and the event on the Age website.
    Great stuff.
    Neil from Mortlake is immortalised now.
    Hope it helps sell a lot of books.

  4. N eil Anderson says

    That’ll teach me to arrive early and the first bloke I speak to is an Age journo.
    But he flattered me with his age assessment so it wasn’t all bad.
    I actually introduced him to John Harms when John arrived laden with books, so I don’t know who teed him up in the first place.
    So apart from the ambush interview with me, his article is first class and a great promotion of the knacker community and the Footy Almanac.
    I can’t wait to see it printed in the Age.

  5. Peter Schumacher says

    Have to be there next year would really like to meet my fellow Almanackers.

  6. N eil Anderson says

    The Knacker launch article was in today’s (Monday) Age for fellow Knackers to read. You might have to search a bit to the back of the Sport’s pages to find it, but well worth the effort.
    Great article summarising the value of The Almanac and how it brings out the inner Knacker in footy fans and the opportunity to express themselves in writing, whatever their background.

  7. Great shots Yvette & nice to see the write up in The Age. Thoroughly enjoyed the evening. It was great putting faces to names and chewing the fat over footy, cricket, family, life, and the lyrics of Dylan (with Mr. Rick Kane).

    Just looking at the main photo, there were quite a few I didn’t get to meet. Hopefully will be able to do so at future events.

  8. Wonderful shots, wish I could’ve been there. I did have a glass of red in spirit here in London. Looking forward to being back for the start of the season.

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