My favourite drop kick, part four

The latest instalment in Vin Maskell’s tangential series. Are the Dropkick Murphys a bunch of punk-folk frauds? None of their names are Murphy and I doubt any of their songs are about that once noble expression of grace and distance, the Australian Rules drop kick. The Boston-based band of seven sing about work and unions, [Read more]

Home is where the grandstand is

VFL club Williamstown won’t be playing at home next year due to major works on the 80 year old grandstand, and on the playing surface.The Seagulls ‘home’ ground for next year, for six games, is at arch-rival Werribee’s ground. The three other ‘home’ games will be at Torquay (vs Geelong),  Keilor (vs North Ballarat) and [Read more]

My Favourite Drop Kick. Part three.

Vin Maskell continues his occasional series Nashville songwriter Paul Craft wrote Drop Kick Me Jesus in the mid-1970s. It became a minor country and western hit for a bloke called Bobby Bare in 1976. Wikipedia describes the song as the world’s ‘only Christian football waltz’. One doubts not too many people would dispute such a [Read more]

TAB time

The spindly gait of Les, skinny, leathery Les, takes him down Pakington St to his local TAB. Les has coat-hanger shoulders, dark Brylcreemed hair, and teeth stained from 50 years of tobacco. “G’d morning’ Ron,” he says, greeting the manager. Les looks up to the boards, checking the columns of numbers and names. Dad staples [Read more]

Between a rock and a VFL grand final

by Vin Maskell After Williamstown’s lame loss last Saturday in the VFL preliminary final against Northern Bullants I went looking for a big rock. I figured if I banged my head against a big rock long enough the memory of the game would disappear. So I went down to the Williamstown ground and found a [Read more]

My favourite drop kick. Part one

My favourite drop-kick. Part one. ON MONDAY evening, 26 June 2006 I sat down to watch a profile of musician Shane Howard on the ABC program Australian Story. The program focused almost entirely on Shane Howard’s once-troubled personal life rather than on his achievements as a singer, songwriter (remember Goanna and Solid Rock?) and activist.

Book Launch: The Family Behind the Football

By Vin Maskell The Family Behind The Football by Syd Sherrin was launched at the original Sherrin factory in Collingwood on Wednesday evening, 14 July. Guests included Ron Barassi, Peter McKenna, Ray Shaw, Heath Shaw, Alan Didak, Ken Fraser, umpire Denis Rich and members of the extended Sherrin family. I played a key role in [Read more]

Book Review: Football for Boys

Book: Football for Boys Author: Alan Scott Publisher: Golden Press, Potts Point, 1971 Reviewer: Vin Maskell The perfect drop-kick I probably think of Essendon’s Barry Davis more than I think of any other footballer. I think of him every day, when I glance up at the 1971 book Football for Boys, which has pride of [Read more]

Little Voices

  by Vin Maskell   We drank tea in the kitchen on the hill Listening to the players wandering Looking for their football in the fog. The kettle boiled, the whistle blew The steam from the cups Caressed our faces. Below in the white still darkness The players kept calling: Nicknames and coaches’ orders. A [Read more]