Foggy Fearon Footy

Last week Margaret McCarthy wrote in the Almanac about the joys of learning kick-to-kick with a group of blokes in Williamstown each Sunday morning.

The thick fog at the Fearon Reserve on Sunday 12 June did not deter these early rising stars. In fact, they seemed to revel in the relatively unique conditions. (For country footballers fog is probably no big deal but for city slickers it’s a rarity.)

Admittedly, the foggy Fearon footballers did replace their soggy, heavy, dark leather Sherrin with a smaller, lighter and brighter synthetic Sherrin, but that was only so they could actually see the ball.


And Margaret and her friends were not the only ones enjoying the white mist. A group of young boys, and a dad, had some orange cones out and were doing a few drills at nine in the morning. ‘The boys had a sleepover birthday party last night,’ the dad explained. Another dad and his son in a Bulldog jumper potted goals at the Botanic Gardens end of the Fearon.


The Fearon Reserve is home ground to Williamstown CYMS (D1 Amateurs), the Seagulls FIDA team (Football Integration Development Association) and the Williamstown Youth Girls team. It was, many, many years ago the home ground for Williamstown Football Club.

Photos by Rodger Young



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Founder and editor of Stereo Stories, a partner site of The Footy Almanac. Likes a gentle kick of the footy on a Sunday morning, when his back's not playing up. Been known to take a more than keen interest in scoreboards - the older the better.


  1. smokie88 says

    Fantastic scenes!
    When I die, my ashes will be sprinkled on the Fearon.

  2. brunnysuze says

    your pics are a marvellous reminder of how footy makes me love the melbourne winter …

  3. Looking for footy games to play in ballarat have been inspired by your photos ….

  4. Paul Kelly may have been on a Foggy Highway but NEVER on A Foggy Fearon…
    Come kick with us.
    I like to think of it (9.30am Sundays) as the LIVING MUSEUM OFTHE DROP KICK and torpedo too.

  5. When I was a student at Williamstown High School (times mistier than depicted in these pics) we cajoled the school into allowing us to have an all girl footy match which we played on Fearon Reserve in front of a sizeable crowd. Even if they were there only to laugh at us, we felt like trail blazers. Sadly, being the seventies, there were no follow up opportunities for the girls involved, but your pics brought back fond memories.

  6. Hi Lucia,
    I reckon that would be a great piece for the almanac.
    Look forward to reading it.
    Cheers Bruno

  7. johnharms says

    Great photos.

    The other connection The Footy Almanac has with Fearon is that Knacker Dene McLeod is a key figure at Willy CYMS, and that’s their home ground.

    I think Bob Speechley may have played a few games there over the years – and umpired.

    I really hope Willy can make it into C Section of the ammos – to join Fitzroy and Ajax.

  8. JTH – you’ll have the Friars in C section next year.

  9. johnharms says

    And who will come up with them?

  10. not sure yet

  11. smokie88 says

    Dips / JTH
    Bad loss for Friars down at Peninsula on the weekend.
    Banyule (who beat Willy on Saturday) are 9-0, and with
    a two-game buffer are clear favourites for the flag. The
    minor places will be hard-fought, with Parkdale, Friars,
    Willy, North Old Boys, and Old Geelong all in contention.
    It is actually a really interesting competition.
    Would like nothing better than for CYs to get into C Grade.
    Smokie (Division 1 scribe!)

  12. Don’t know about spreading my ashes on Fearon but already I’ve left my sweat and love.

  13. There’s a little bit of Cazaly in us all!!

  14. Margaret says

    Ah, the Fearon 1970, Sunday fog day, anytime – got to love it! Thanks to Vin and Rodger for bringing the photos and story to life. Nothing like a half-size ball to make us all a little tougher, taller and more daring in our moves. And the string of conversation that followed above – this is one lively site! Go the mighty Almanac!

  15. smokie88 says

    Having spilt much blood, sweat and tears on the Fearon over
    the past 30 years (both footy & cricket), it is only fitting that
    my ashes be spread there.
    Given the amount of time i have spent there, my wife would
    surely understand.

  16. Fantastic stuff, Vin. That second photo looks as though it’s been painted by one of the masters.

  17. VFL 1954, Grand Final, got nothing on you guys..except the ciggie and beer at half time..

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