The Final Game

If you could die peacefullyon a footy ground, where would it be? Centre circle, goal square, back pocket?

And wouldn’t it be handy if there was a cemetery, with headstones a bit like goalposts, just behind the scoreboard?

While visiting the Oakleigh ground this week Vin Maskell met an old Devils’ supporter.

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Founder and editor of Stereo Stories, a partner site of The Footy Almanac. Likes a gentle kick of the footy on a Sunday morning, when his back's not playing up. Been known to take a more than keen interest in scoreboards - the older the better.


  1. Alovesupreme says

    Perhaps this is a footballing version of the old joke about the Texan political operative, who when challenged over his enthusiastic usage of the tombstone vote, expostulated:
    “Just because an elector is deceased, doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be able to exercise his franchise.”
    So an Oaks (violet crumbles?) supporter can continue to offer advice/abuse to players and umpires from his perfect vantage point on the half-forward flank.

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