Victoria Park Knackers

Picture by Vin Maskell

Some illustrious Knacker alumni are amongst the list of contributors to Duke Albada’s sound installation at Victoria Park.

About Vin Maskell

Founder and editor of Stereo Stories, a partner site of The Footy Almanac. Likes a gentle kick of the footy on a Sunday morning, when his back's not playing up. Been known to take a more than keen interest in scoreboards - the older the better.


  1. Damo Balassone says

    How did the day go Vin? Was thrilled that Duke used one of my poems. Went down to have a look about 2 or 3 months ago when the reconstruction of Vic Park was in full swing and was almost in tears. My mind cast back to that golden era of the late 70s early 80s when I first started going to the footy and lining up outside the gates at the Yarra Falls end. Walked around the ground a few times. Outside of the other end of the ground near the Social Club for some reason I started envisioning scenes from “The Club”.

    It’s all different now.

  2. Vin,
    I was relieved when a companion turned up yesterday at the Fearon for kick-to-kick.
    I was a little concerned I may have had to pull on the boots!

  3. pamela sherpa says

    Oh wow! My name is right there next to Peter McKenna. Not bad for an Essendon supporter.

  4. Soundscape installation artist Duke Albada is very pleased with how her work is being received. She told me a story on Sunday of a local resident who walks past the Sherrin Stand every day and now pops in to listen to parts of the soundscape, sometimes bringing friends. This, she said, is exactly what she was hoping for. I watched a few people stop and wonder and listen, while snacking on some local Lebanese treats. It’s an artwork that requires patience. (On a personal level I’m delighted that a piece I first wrote yonks ago, about kick-to-kick, and was published five years ago, now has some permanence. And it might mean I can call myself a multi-media artist.)

    I didn’t stick around for the formalities or entertainment (including an ‘Umpires Dance’ and club songs in many languages), partly because I’m neither a Collingwood supporter nor resident, and partly because I was knackered after the Sunday morning kick-to-kick session witnessed by Smokie as he rolled the pitch at the Fearon Reserve. (Smokie, you’re always welcome to join us and show how to really kick a torpedo.)

  5. Fantastic. Congrats to Vin, Damo, Rob, John, Pamela, Yvette on being immortalised in sound on the Darren Millane/Abbots Lager wing at Victoria Park.
    When the Eagles relocate to the new ground at Casino Park I hope to be similarly preserved in perpetuity on the Chris and Ben/Speed wing at Subi.

  6. Yawn…… Wake up in the morning and sometimes have the time to check emails and almanac entries, and lo and behold, I am written. My name is at Victoria Park and I wonder what they’ve chosen from this mad Sainters writings that would get me up in the Pie zone? Any clues from you fellas who were there? I feel in such great company…Syd Sherrin, Eddie Maguire, Geoff Hutchison, Mike Brady, Rob Scott, other almanacers. Tell me more. And tell me where, cos now I HAVE to go to Victoria Park to look and hear for myself. It will bring back childhood memories of going there for games. I’m still reading James Gilchrists book so maybe the collingwood gods can feel my meanderings???


  7. gooood line-up. bruce dawe’s ‘the high mark’ is a ripper. great to see peter rose there too, one of australia’s best in my view.

    nice to be ‘back’ at vic park. been a while. last time was 5am one christmas holiday weekday. i was in town just for a few days having flown in from my base in the hague. couldn’t sleep and felt a strong need to pay my respects. drove down to lulie st and prised open a rusty cyclone fence as dawn was about to break. i meandered around the ground, soaking up the spirits, and made my way to the centre circle where i laid down to watch the colour fill the sky. it was a moment.

    for the love of it, indeed.


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