Trucker Slim’s Best Fairy Bread

Rick Kane selects his Top 10 acts from the recent Port Fairy Music Festival. Some oldies; some newies; all goodies. Do yourself a favour and catch these acts when they come to your neighbourhood.

Getting on with it: in praise of netball

Rick Kane has come to understand and appreciate the game of netball, especially since the Moomba Park Under 15s premiership victory.

Buddy Hello, Goodbye

Despite the blow to his Hawthorn heart, Rick Kane believes that the Buddy deal is a historical moment that we should celebrate with pride.

AFL Grand Final: The Price You Pay – A Fairytale

It was the fairytale the public weren’t expecting, the Cinderella Hawks. Rick Kane argues that there were two standout periods that made this Grand Final great.

AFL Round 9 – Hawthorn v Gold Coast: Vibrant Matters

Hard to get excited about a game against the Gold Coast, writes Rick Kane, who takes the far more sensible option of escaping to the Yarra Valley. However, there’s no escaping Drew Morphett.

Yabber (from the cheap seats)

Yabber calls for more Buddy Love (because apparently he’s not getting enough) and dismisses the AFL chief’s procrastibating.

Yabber (from the cheap seats)

Trucker Slim has turned himself into Yabber (from the cheap seats). Here he uses statistical theory (as practised in licensed premises) on free kicks, the spudliness of Firrito in comparison to the warriorness of Buddy, and the descent of North supporters into a circa-90s Geelong malaise. And finishes with some thoughts on the paradox of sleep.

Light reading for the dark night of sporting’s soul

Rick Kane has provided some fodder for the ongoing discussions about the drugs in sport scandal.

Hot, Hot, Heat

It’s hot. Damn hot. Rick Kane listens to the experts and devises three easy steps for you to beat the heat.

Grand Final preview: Diary of a dialectician in training

There are three sleeps to go until the Grand Final. Hawks supporter Rick Kane is getting seven hours per night – for now, anyway.

Lies, damned lies and statistical facts jack

In this ever-swirling, curly, whirly, hurly-burly worldy world it is hard enough to find your feet long enough to attend to your laces let alone walk the walk. Times were gravity’s pull kept you sufficiently stationed and storied to know your own business enough to speak your bullshit or whatever. Now, you have to carry [Read more]

Fifth Test, Day 3: We’re in Big Trouble

Australia went into the third day of the Fifth Test looking down the barrel. The Poms, who cling to the weapon that can blow us away, are as surprised as anybody that they indeed hold the upper hand. As the third day begins England is 3/58 with a 230-run lead. Before this Test got under [Read more]