Yabber (from the cheap seats)

Yabber from the Cheap Seats


Every week things happen in life, in community and most importantly, in footy that should be better noted, IMAFO (in my adamant frickin opinion). Seeing as how no one else is cutting through these less than weighty matters I am taking it upon meself to get ‘em into the public domain. What I’m trying to express articufuckin – wait for it- lately is that I have a few things to get off my chest, to unload, to dump, to, as they say, pass.

From the cheap seats.

  1. Umpires. What’s that? It’s been done to death? Well pass me the whip because this dead horse is gunna get tanned again. Umpires don’t win matches I know. And you cannot necessarily correlate the result with the free kick ratio. I get it. But give me a break. 30 to 15 in a three point game? That was the stat in the Norths v Hawks game. The Roos had 30 free kicks. I know the Hawks are supposed to play unsociable footy but really? The Free Kick ratio in this game was anomalous to the other games played in this Round. The closest comparison was in the Suns v Giants game when the ratio was 19/8 in the Suns (the winners) favour … and they won by 44 points … by the second biggest margin of the Round.
  2. Buddy! Or, more correctly, Frankie! What a man, what a mountain. He may not have kicked straight nor had an influence commensurate to his ability but he still starred in a couple of the highlights. First, in the melee. This little dust-up occurred because of an infringement on the great man Frankie (that didn’t result in a free kick – see point 1). He didn’t resile from the fracas. He squashed faces and sat on bodies and ruffled up jumpers with the best of them. Better than that was the give no ground moment. He took a mark in the forward pocket on ‘Spud’ Firrito. He gathered the ball while Fritto stood the mark. In doing so Fritto wouldn’t let Buddy pass. For a very long time they stood chest to chest (Buddy looking regal, Fritto looking like a potato) neither stepping aside. Buddy has right of way you dick yelled a wag. The umpy tried to break the impasse without success. I imagined both teams and the AFL would have to bring in the silks to sort it out. Whatever, it is one of the funnier sights I have seen at the footy. I hope it gets legs and becomes part of our everyday experience. People bumping in to each other, refusing to yield, at work, in shopping centres, as they are getting on to trams, everywhere.
  3. Roos supporters. Seriously, you’re heading into the land of sighs. Which is already filled to overflowing with Tigers supporters. Don Quixote was known as he of the rueful countenance. That title would be better worn by North supporters. Talk about sad sacks. Yes they had the game stolen. Yes, they are at 1 and 4. But they are playing great footy. And they will improve. Only the Cats (and the Swans) have played better footy than the Roos against the Hawks. Lift yer bloody chins for Scott’s sake.


I’ll finish with a reflection. I love living. I can’t get enough of life itself. So why is it that one of my favourite times of the day is the seven hours between midnight and morning when I’m dead to the world? Man I love a good sleep.

“Tomorrow’s fall in number, in number one by one

You wake up and you’re dying, you don’t even know what from” – Bruce Springsteen




  1. What the Truck are you on about Slim?

    There’s only one Buddy.

    And there’s only one Frankie. and she plays for the Dockers….


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