Almanac Footy History: The Crapp Chronicles – Origins of Henry ‘Ivo’ Crapp

Henry Ivo Crapp was born in Victoria in 1872, the son 5th child of English immigrants Henry Crapp Snr and Emma Snell, who had come over from Cornwall, England in 1864. Ivo was actually the second child Emma and Henry had, who bore the name Henry. His parents gave birth to a child in 1870, giving him the name Henry, but this little one was unlucky and passed away just a year later in 1871.


So when Ivo was born in 1872 he was given the family name Henry. But why was he nicknamed Ivo? The nickname came from his older brother William Henry Crapp, who was 7 years older than Ivo. William Henry bore a resemblance to a member of the First-class English cricket member Ivo Blight (who would later become the 8th Earl of Darnley). The English cricket team toured Australia in 1882/83, the first English team to do so. For Ivo Bligh, this was not a nickname, but in fact his first name.


Image: WikiCommons

Ivo Bligh: The first ever Ashes winning captain.


There is some discrepancy as to when the Crapp name first made its way to Carlton, research from The Blueseum website, has a Crapp in match reports as early as 1885. William H Crapp was playing at Carlton in the early 1890’s and went by the nickname Ivo.


In 1893, The Herald reported that William’s brother was more than likely to join the team from the juniors. Which indeed he did, with both the brothers Crapp playing in Carlton’s opening round win over North Melbourne. Both Crapp’s were named in the first 6 games of the season, Carlton winning 3 of them, their names than not attached to the team in available new reports for the rest of the season. What is known is that William Henry left Carlton during the season having played between 88-102 games. But Henry Crapp, his younger brother, stayed on, so the nickname of ‘Ivo’ was transferred from one Crapp to another, the name forever to be associated with the future Prince of Umpires.


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