The Footy Almanac Podcast: Episode 20 – Shane Anderson

After a week off to recover from digest the AFL Grand Final, the podcasters re-convene on the Almanac couches with an eye firmly turned towards the Spring Racing carnival.

Matty Q, Jake Norton of the Wandering Eye and Stone Cold Steve Baker are joined by the host of RSN’s Racing Ahead and a member of Sky Racing’s ‘Racing Around the World’ program Shane Anderson.

Whether you’re a fan of racing or not, Shane’s infectious enthusiasm for the Sport of Kings and his ability to encapsulate his love of the animal is a must listen.


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About Steve Baker

Weapons-grade Grump. Quixotic. Jack of all Trades and Master of None. Ex-power forward for Melbourne Superules FC. Quoter of Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm at inappropriate moments. Gun-for-hire, sleep enthusiast, contrarian. Meshuggener. Nebbish. Kibitzer. The dude abides.


  1. Thanks again. Hope these continue over the summer at least monthly, but with a focus upon cricket, racing, golf etc.

  2. I am a bit of a podcast addict and have a solid roster of regular ones that I have listened to for years. I have binged through all the previous episodes from this year over the past week or so. Very enjoyable and well done to all involved.

  3. Like Bakes (x squared) I was a victim of the punt, but I loved every minute of Shane’s story and enthusiasm. Great stuff poddies (I’m sounding like Phillip now).
    Looking forward to the Caddyshack episode.

  4. Ripper job boys,he’s a beaut Shane Anderson, he and Nadia Horne are the best racing interviewers in the business.
    And as he mentioned, and i can vouch, is one of the rarest things in racing…a non-sycophant.
    Would have loved to hear his thoughts on Olivers suspension last year (prick!)

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