Dees have a long way to go

When it’s Easter Sunday, your beloved Demons are playing interstate and you don’t have Foxtel, what do you do? Before I had answered that question, I reflected onto the game against Port Adelaide. Most people on Demonland didn’t think highly of our chances. After two unhealthy defeats, it was all up to whether we would come out as a determined outfit or not. Jake Spencer was out of the side for a week, letting 22 year-old John Meeson come into the side for his first game in the red and blue. Players like McLean, Johnson and Sylvia had all started the season below par. A win today would really start things up, but a win is what I have dreamed about and marked my word on for the first two matches.

I (with my brother) decided to visit a pub for the viewing of the match, which turned out to be a nice way to spend an Easter Sunday. After a busy morning, I grabbed my 2009 Membership scarf and headed out the door.

When Melbourne plays interstate all their games usually have a similar pattern. The Dees make simple skill errors, don’t set up any forward opportunities and the game itself is as boring as staring at a washing machine. But washing machines don’t show turnovers.

While walking through South Melbourne, it turned out that our designated venue was closed (as many would’ve been) and we headed down the street and stumbled across the Limerick Arms Hotel on Clarendon St. It was about 12:45 when we settled into the boozer and sat on one of many empty tables in front of a screen showing Fox Sports. Aaron Davey made his way through the banner for his 100th game. Davey had started the season on song, being Melbourne’s best player in both matches.

Port won the toss and kicked to the left of screen. The game started with no intensity whatsoever. It took about seven minutes for Robbie Gray for Port to kick a behind, and by then it was clear that Melbourne hadn’t come to play. Port kicked the first three goals of the game, but Melbourne started well enough. They had been trying to apply pressure through tackling, but still let Port find some space. Neville Jetta kicked the Dees first which was followed up by a goal from Green and the margin was only eight points at quarter time to the Power, 3.3 21 to 2.1 13.

Brad Green is another player who has begun the season well. He has been dead-eye in front of goal for the first couple of games and continued in this game. Port were making skill errors also, which was turning the contest into a scrubber. The crowd of six or seven at the Limerick wasn’t too enthralled by the game, the main reason being the fact that only two people were watching the match.

The second quarter began very well for the Dees. They stayed in the contest, but at times couldn’t capitalize. They were struggling to an extent without the presence of James McDonald, but young players like Bennell, who played brilliantly for the day, battled on. The lowlight of the second quarter (and possibly the major turning point) was when Nathan Jones kicked a simple set shot (35 out, 45 degree angle) out on the full. Matthew Bate marked inside 50, and, not trusting his kicking skills (a lot of other people don’t) he passed it to Brad Green. Green reduced the margin to two goals, and I was the most excited I’d been for the match.

The rest of the quarter ended dreadfully. Free kicks were given against the Dees, Tredrea kicked his third and Port Adelaide’s record six indigenous players were all having an influence, including debutant Wade Thompson. The margin soon was out to 10 goals and the mood was flat and sour.

Melbourne’s only good signs came in the last quarter, when they kicked the first three goals in four minutes through Bruce, Bate and Green. The margin was reduced to 43 and jokes were made about pretending the quarter had started again and they were only 43 points down. That tactic, tried by me, unfortunately didn’t work. Port soon kicked ahead, but Melbourne won the quarter and kicked seven goals. Flashes of brilliance were shown by certain Melbourne players, like Bate, when he took a great contested mark in the 50. That is a play the club needs. Aaron Davey played a great game in the midfield for his 100th, picking up 30 possessions and again Melbourne’s best on ground. I can’t finish this report without mentioning Paul Johnson. He is hopeless at the moment. He is slow, he’s an absolute joke. Six possessions, 50% effectiveness. The best thing he did for the game was see the ball over the boundary line.

We left the good pub and sat at the tram stop directly in front of it. I was happy to have seen the game.

Port Adelaide 3.3  10.5  16.12 22.15 (147)

Melbourne     2.1  4.4  7.5  14.6 (90)


Port Adelaide: Tredrea 6, Motlop 3, Gray 2, Pearce 2, C.Cornes 2, Brogan 2, Cassisi, K.Cornes, Lade, Carr, Thomas, Boak, P.Burgoyne.

Melbourne: Green 3, Bate 2, Bruce 2, Miller 2, Jetta, Moloney, Bennell, Morton, Dunn.


Port Adelaide: Treadra, Pearce, P.Burgoyne, Krakouer, Salopek, Brogan, C.Cornes, Gray.

Melbourne: Davey, Green, Bruce, Moloney, Morton, Bennell, Bate, Miller.

Umpires: Kennedy, Stuart, Avon.

Crowd: 21,030 at AAMI Stadium.

Votes: P. Burgoyne (Port) 3 C. Cornes (Port) 2 Tredrea (Port) 3

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