Collingwood v Adelaide

by Steve Healy

It’s Saturday Afternoon and I’m in my bedroom, sitting on the chair at my desk, my own personal stronghold of football. Posters hang upon the walls and there are many discarded pieces of paper around the place with statistics that I have thought of and compared. The radio sits on the left of my desk, and my scoring folder is on the right. Many footy magazines and books lie around, including Footy Almanac 2007 and 2008 and A National Game. The Saturday Sport section is spread across the face of the desk, overlapping several footy related items. My footy is on the ground, under my feet, where it usually is. More than 50 Footy Records are held in my draws. The radio is on and the footy is starting in an hour. This is the footy season.

Collingwood come into the game as warm favourites and kick the first goal within seconds, thanks to a tidy Collingwood play resulting in a Travis Cloke goal. This is as good as it got for Collingwood in the quarter, however. Adelaide were adopting Hawthorn’s rolling zone, and its effect was prominent early. Andrew McLeod had the ball on a string running out of defence, which didn’t help the Pies cause either. A beautiful display from Adelaide saw the quarter out, despite a late goal from Marty Clarke. One of three Crow debutants Taylor Walker kicked a good goal for the Crows. As the players emerged to their huddles, Adelaide was winning by 23 points. Collingwood started the quarter with a comeback that was expected. They were able to string a couple of goals together and work their way back into the game. At half time, the margin was reduced to 13. Accurate kicking from Collingwood was a plus, despite 16 scoring shots to eight Collingwood were very well in the contest.

Nick Maxwell kicked a goal early in the third term that lifted the spirit of his team, and the Pies were on a roll. Five goals were kicked in a row to the Pies, and they looked on top. At this stage, I was expecting a big Collingwood victory. Adelaide didn’t concede ground, and fought their way back into the contest with smart footy. Jared Petrenko deserves an honourable mention, his commitment to the cause with impressive. He had started off his AFL career wonderfully. Petrenko had fought his way into the side, having been an emergency a number of times during the 2008 season. The scores were locked at three quarter time, and the nightmare was about to begin for Collingwood supporters.

Adelaide came away with a hard fought victory, a well deserved one. The last quarter was tight, close and controversial for magpie fans. Missed opportunities, questionable umpiring decisions and cleverness from Adelaide is what the black-and-white mob had to put up with. The Crows started off with a very convincing victory, as for Collingwood; don’t blame it on the umpires.

Collingwood 2.0 7.1 12.3 13.8 (86)

Adelaide 5.5 8.8 11.9 13.12 (90)


Collingwood: Cloke 2, Clarke 2, Maxwell 2, Medhurst 2, Anthony 2, Swan, Pendlebury, Davis.

Adelaide: Stevens 3, Van Berlo 2, Dangerfield 2, Porplyzia, Walker, Bock, Douglas, Knights, Petrenko.


Collingwood: Pendlebury, Swan, O’Bree, Clarke, Maxwell, Lockyer.

Adelaide: McLeod, Vince, Edwards, Bock, Petrenko, Stevens.

My votes: McLeod (3), Vince (2), Pendlebury (1).

Umpires: Nicholls, Schmitt, Meredith.

Crowd: 41,591 at the MCG

About Steve Healy

Steve Healy is an entity of a Melbourne supporter.


  1. Steve Healy says

    Here’s the next best thing Josh- going through the archives

  2. Damian Watson says

    I can’t believe it’s already been 12 months since this match, I remember listening to it on the radio while watching the Grand Prix on the TV.

  3. Steve Healy says

    I’ve never paid any attention to the grand prix, and not only cos of the inconvient time its on.

    Yeah, it seemed like yesterday

  4. I am looking forward to the footy a lot more this year compared to last year. Can’t believe it was just a year ago, I remember getting worried the Crows wouldn’t make it to the ground lol.

  5. Steve Healy says

    lol, I remember that, their bus crashed.

    I am as well Josh, but its the sort of quote I feel like I’ll be saying every year for the rest of my life

  6. Damian Watson says

    Yeah but that particular weekend was the opener for One HD so I was basically watching it for the whole weekend.

    Good times.

  7. Damian Watson says

    Anyway Steve in the likely event that I go where and when should we meet?

  8. So has anyone got any tips for the NAB Rising Star nomination for Round 1? I think someone like Ziebell or Naitanui will get it.

  9. Steve Healy says

    They should make junior general admission tickets at the MCG and Etihad under 18 instead of under 15.

  10. Steve Healy says

    8- I’ll tip Rory Sloane, 30 possessions in an Adelaide victory over Freo.

    Outside Richmond station (just where you leave after you are about to cross the road) probably at 1:00

  11. Damian Watson says

    Is De Boer eligible for a nomination?

  12. 11: He’s played over 10 games so no.

  13. Damian Watson says

    Yeah possibly Natanui, although the centre wicket area at the Gabba isn’t exactly the favourite spot for ruckman.

  14. Damian Watson says

    10- Sounds like a plan.

  15. Interested to see how Ben Howlett will go against the experience bodies of the Cats. I thought Melksham would have gotten a game before him. Is Howlett a midfielder?

  16. Steve Healy says

    Yeah De Boer played 17 games last year.

    14- ok, nice

  17. Steve Healy says

    Yes, Howlett is a midfielder and has dominated throughout the nab cup, he was brilliant against the dees.

    Josh, he is a mature body, he’s 21 and he won Peel Thunder’s B & F last year

  18. Steve Healy says

    happy birthday Toovey! 23 candles for you possum eyes

  19. NOOOO!!!!! :( :( :( :(

  20. Tigers to play Martin, Roberts, Nason and Farmer against Carlton.

  21. Damian Watson says

    Will Astbury be in the line-up?

    lol Josh what’s wrong with Toovey’s birthday?

  22. Petrie has broken his foot!

  23. No Astbury, Damo. Full teams not in yet I don’t think.

    Was meant to have a day off today, but had English SAC at 9am.

  24. Michael Allan says

    Asbury won’t play.

    Well that’s annoying for North. About time Hale showed his worth at FF.

  25. 24 – Or lack of worth.

  26. Michael Allan says

    Haha, well either way now’s the time.

  27. Stuff Hale, give Tarrant a go.

  28. Michael Allan says

    Yeah bit a hype on that kid, you’d want him to be good. Probably want to give him time in the VFL right now he’s finally got his body right.

  29. Damian Watson says

    It’s frustrating when you aggrivate your foot at training. Hopefully he will be back in the short term for North’s sake.

    I’m looking forward to see Lucas play tomorrow night, he showed promising signs in the NAB Cup.

  30. Hmm yeah, anyway got footy training now. Cya

    Oh and Matt Campbell will be on The Bounce tonight (the North player, not the commentator)

  31. I would say it’s aggravating when you aggravate anything at training.

  32. ..hey all

  33. Damian Watson says

    It’s aggrivating when you aggravate me with obvious aggravating statements like that lol kidding.

    Where will you be sitting tomorrow night Adam?

  34. Michael Allan says

    There’s a kid at my school called Matt Campbell aswell, it’s pretty funny.

  35. Michael Allan says

    Ms Eid. How are you my friend?

  36. Damian Watson says

    I’m guessing the brunt of your work is over for the term.

  37. Michael Allan says

    Pretty sure Adam aint going.

  38. Damian Watson says

    Really? I thought he was. Sorry about that mistake Adam lol.

  39. 35- well im alright, i guess
    my teacher was the victim to my snappy mood at the Jack situation.
    “gee you really are snappy today”

  40. Michael Allan says

    lol thopught you would’ve moved on by now.

    My parents left for New York today. I don’t have parents for 7 days.

  41. Damian Watson says

    Did anyone roll their eyes when you mentioned Jack today Danni? lol

  42. Did anyone? Hahaha

  43. Michael Allan says

    btw Danni, if your on msn at the moment, it still doesn’t say your signed in.

  44. 42- nah it was more hugs actually. my friends were there for me. lol
    “its okay Danni, it wont last”

  45. Damian Watson says

    Well who is going to be your target husband now Danni?

  46. Its good to have such sympathetic friends…I’m used to being a boy, no girl would dare do that in a coed school.

  47. 45- still Jack.
    im a strong girl, im not giving up!

  48. Also Kane Lucas is set to make his debut for the Blues.

  49. Damian Watson says

    Yeah I mentoned that in n.o 29, I’m sure he will play a pivotal role in his debut.

    Good for you Danni, never give up!

  50. I think this is the perfect point in the conversation to mention Relton Roberts’ debut tomorrow once again. Excited about seeing the “Barunga Bullet” in action.

  51. 49- lmao i wont Damo


  52. Oh, i’m so sore.

    Lol, i loved it at footy training how this kid rocked up on his tractor late, ran a lap and another running drill we did, complained of asthma and got back in his tractor and drove off again.

  53. Steve Healy says

    Just got home from school, lol.

    Was the bounce good? I didnt get to watch it of course, anyway, after seeing the teams for Richmond V Carlton im really feeling good about the footy season!

  54. Michael Allan says

    are you steve? I’m feeling terrified about it. I know we’re transforming but I didn’t know we’d look that terriblr on paper. Hopefully it’s deifferent on the field.

    I didn’t watch it either. Peter Helliah isn’t funny.

  55. Michael Allan says

    Why did you just get home then?

  56. Steve Healy says

    I had to go straight home (I left at 2:30) from school to Torquay, where we picked up my brother from camp and had a barbeque and yeah it was fun.

    Thomson and Connors will have to show something to stay in the side, great that Cousins is playing, as well as Roberts, Nason and Martin. Blues side looks strong, intersting to see Kane Lucas as an emergency though

  57. The Bounce wasn’t too bad, I just saw the last 50 minutes of it. For a debut, it was pretty good. Humour was a bit juvenile, but still classier the The Footy Show, sadly enough.

  58. Steve Healy says

    im not watching the footy show, but recording it.

    Susie, I think we drove past your uni today

  59. :-O In Waurn Ponds? Or did you go past the Waterfront Campus? Near the beach?

    The sweetest thing happened at uni today – I got asked out in the most romantic way possible: my mate asked me to go to the Geelong v. Brisbane game with him. He didn’t realise it wasn’t ’til July, but bless his little heart for trying :-p

  60. i laughed so much i have a sore throat!
    especially when Sidebottom got punked

  61. 59- nnnnnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. 60 – That was pretty funny! The look on his face when Maxwell started handing the stuff over to the guys… LOL

  63. Steve Healy says

    59- It was the one near where all the construction is going on on the roads. We stopped on Waurn Ponds on the way home too, I think, I laughed cos there was a pizza restaurant with GO CATS! written everywhere

  64. Steve Healy says

    Danni, as I drove past Gosch’s Paddock today Jack Anthony was training alone, taking shots on goal, I’m almost certain it was him

  65. 63 – Waurn Ponds with all the construction, that’s my uni. I WAS THERE TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. 64- ………
    im think im going to cry now..

  67. And I know the pizza place you are talking about

  68. Susie-
    You know, Steel aint bad looking, now that i have had a better look. lol
    why do the look soo cute in trackie pants!!

  69. 61 – I wouldn’t “nawww” too loud, LOL. He suggested that game because he goes for Brisbane -_-

  70. Steve Healy says

    66- Sorry Danni, I thought you’d be happy lol

    Waurn Ponds is a nice area, thats for sure, but I dont get why there’s a safeway and a coles right next to each other

  71. 68 – I thought the same thing! I didn’t think much of him last year … he must have copied Joel Selwood of 2009 and gotten hot over the summer :-p

  72. Michael Allan says

    59: He’s given himself some time to prepare for this lol.

    64: Good to know he didn’t have his blonde bimbo with him. Still hope for you yet Danni.

  73. 70- im seriously gonna cry…the figure of him alone kicking goals in the sunshine brings tears to my eyes….

    71- I KNOW!! Selwood is soooo CUTE!!
    and not in a duckie way lol

    69- ohh, still though!! :)

  74. Steve Healy says

    Yeah, a true girlfriend would watch their boyfriend train, I could imagine you doing that danni

  75. 72- BRING IT BLONDIE!!

  76. 72 – Ouch! LOL. That’s mean :-p

    73 – Exactly, as my friend said: footy is the way to my heart, it’s kinda the perfect thing to ask me, LOL

  77. 75 – We’re on your side Danni! We’re with you in this fight against the blondie :p

  78. 74- yeah i would, corse i would!
    id be there in his number nine watching him train…..

    I’m so happy for him – I’m worried I may cry before the game, LOL. It’s just such a happy story: The player overlooked by two clubs, makes his way down to Geelong after a stint in the VFL so that he can be a conditioning coach, already focusing on his career after football, gets called up to the Rookie List. And now, at 28 years of age, finally, his AFL debut.

    Stuff crying Friday, I’m nearly crying now!

  80. 79- we are both so emotional!!
    im crying ur crying…


  81. Michael Allan says

    I just found the photo your talking about Danni, I must say your up against some stiff competition.

  82. 81- I think if i never eat again and dye my hair blonde it would be a fair match.

  83. Steve Healy says

    79- I know, its a fantastic story Susie. Lets just hope he can perform, like he has done in the VFL so many times

  84. Danni – I saw your pictures from the family day. You’re so much prettier than her. I mean it.

  85. Michael Allan says

    I’m sorry Danni but the thing that struck me most was that she has a really nice nose. No joke. I’m sorry but that’s just what tood out to me…

  86. 83 – I don’t expect much from him this week – I think the occasion might get to him a bit. I HOPE he kicks a bag, but I’m not placing any expectations on him. I reckon Round 2 against the Hawks will be where he really steps up to bat.

  87. 85- DAMN U! lol its true.
    BUT im not ruling out a nose job!

    84- lol thanks for trying Susie.

  88. 87 – Seriously. She looks like a bottle blonde who doesn’t know how to wear her make-up, and looks haggard from starving herself.

    Yes, she is pretty, but I think you look more vibrant and happy.

  89. And Michael – YOU ARE NOT HELPING!!!!!!

  90. Michael Allan says

    Susie I’m sorry but me and Danni are honest with eachtoher.

    I think she’d look more vibrant and happy if she smiled once in a while in a photo. lol

  91. I think if you watch TFS, then watch the Bounce, the humour on the Bounce is the epitome of intelligence and good taste. I enjoyed the show tonight by the way, for the most part, although the quiz was pointless.

    The main thing that made me cringe was Peter Helliar’s Hawthorn-face character, although I chuckled at Colin Banks. Exactly the guy you’d desperately want to avoid at all costs.

  92. 88- Susie u should have seen how bad my homeroom teacher copped it from me, i was in such a mood! lol he didnt dare to ask me any questions in class.

    90- you know i dont smile in photos!!

  93. Steve Healy says

    dont get a nose job, danni, the last thing guys want is surgery on a girls face. Yeah he’ll probably ease in to AFL level with 50-60% game time and a goal or two

  94. I have a theory on girls – they’re as pretty as their personality.

  95. Michael Allan says

    94 – Ok Steve, stop using Adam’s name to put forward your soppy comments.

  96. Adam, you’re such a sweetie! LOL. There needs to be more people like you in the world.

  97. i have two things over her
    1. my hair length is wayy longer- TAKE THAT!! lol

    2. not gonna say it on e public site but i think Susie might know lol

  98. 94- if thats the case, when should i be expecting him to knock on the door?? lol

  99. Michael Allan says

    1)What’s wrong with short hair?

    Rihanna anyone?

    2) I think Mikey A know’s aswell…

  100. 97: ;-)

  101. Steve Healy says

    97- Ohhh, I know, your smile is better

  102. Well, as for comment 94, yes, to a point. Looks are still a factor, but personality is definitely the more important factor.

  103. 101- yeah….thats it steve.

  104. Steve Healy says

    102- Yeah, you need to look through a girl, sometimes looking at them is not enough to capture the heartfulness

  105. Michael Allan says

    101 – Steve…SHE DOESN’T SMILE!!!

    I know I look like a jerk saying this stuff but you can’t say she has a nice smile if she’snever smiled before. lol

  106. Michael Allan says

    104 – That’s it Steve, get back on your own account, stop using Adam’s name like 94.

  107. Steve Healy says

    105- Of course Danni smiles, I can recall her smiling once or twice at the launch, and she has smiled in some of the photos she has sent us

  108. Steve Healy says

    106- Sorry to disappoint you, but that was definitely Adam.

  109. No it sodding wasn’t!

    …Fine, it was.

  110. Michael Allan says

    Really? It sounds like something you’d say. It come’s from the ‘looking through you’ line of thought. btw did u get that saying from the Beatles? They had a a song called I’m looking through you that talks about what your on about Steve. Good song too.

  111. Steve Healy says

    110- Nah, I actually didn’t, I’ve never heard of that song either, even though I don’t mind the Beatles and know plenty of their songs

  112. Michael Allan says

    It’s off their Rubber Soul album. I always think of it whenever you say that.

  113. Steve Healy says

    ok. is your mum disappointed about not being able to see the Tigers play Michael?

    heres my plan of plant a bottle of blonde bleach in the middle of a carpark, sit in a tree and when she comes past to pick it up, ill drop a massive net on her!

  115. “There is only one thing worse than seeing the Tigers play, and that is not seeing the Tigers play” Oscar Wilde

  116. Michael Allan says

    Yeah she was but she’ll be back for Round 2 when we play your mob. Like most she’s written of this season already anyway. I’m recording the game for her.

  117. Michael Allan says

    Gotta love that man Adam.

  118. Steve Healy says

    We play you in Round 4

  119. That’s a brilliant plan Danni, with just ten tiny flaws:
    1. You don’t know her name
    2. You don’t know her address
    3. She isn’t near every carpark in Melbourne
    4. Dale Thomas could pick it up first
    5. You’re too small to hold a big net
    6. You’re too busy with your study to even try
    7. You can’t “plant” anything in concrete.
    8. You can’t climb trees
    9. There aren’t many trees in the middle of carparks, but at the edges there are often a few.
    10. You can’t spell “i’ll”.

    That is all.

  120. Michael Allan says

    Always with the elaborate schemes. Just stand behind her Danni and when she turns around hit her with some sweet chin music.

  121. Steve Healy says

    119- hahaha so true

  122. Michael Allan says

    119 – Very funny Bulman

  123. 1. that doesnt matter, i have a name for her myself lmao
    2. doesnt matter
    3. shes bound to pick up jack after training so ill do it in the Westpac center or watever its called carpark
    4. ill give him one myself
    5. it cnt be that heavy!!
    6. ill bring my books with me
    7. i didnt mean PLANT as in dig a hole!
    9. Ill plant one
    10. im so lazy to put the ‘ in abv words.

  124. Steve Healy says

    Just got a query with point 8. How do you know Danni cant climb trees? It all depends on what sort of tree it is, I suppose, but I wouldnt jump to such conclusions

  125. 120- Hmm do you think Randy does favours?

  126. Westpac Center? Jack isn’t a banker!

    I suppose you could try stalking her haha

  127. 124: Maybe Danni should bring a ladder just incase the tree is too difficult for her to climb?

  128. Michael Allan says

    What would you do if you had her in a net? Makes much more sense jhust to hit her with sweet chin music, she’s KO’ed for life if you do that. End of problems right there.

  129. 126- its not the Lexus center anymore.

    nahh thats way outta my league

  130. Michael Allan says
  131. Randy is my ladder!

  132. Bummer, it actualy IS the Westpac Center, Danni knew something I didn’t.

  133. Steve Healy says

    Oh I thought you were joking when you said I didnt know Jack was a banker, lol. Poor form Adam

  134. 130- LEGEND KILLER

  135. While I stand embarrassed, I will now walk to the shower to drown my embarrassment before my dual SAC day tomorrow. Bye all.

  136. 135- I HAVE 2 SACS 2MRO TOO!! :(

  137. Michael Allan says

    134 – He was so awesome at this stage. He was beating up all the legends, and then…he became a legend himself.

  138. Steve Healy says

    Ok, im off now, but take this advice Danni: you’re a better girlfriend option for Jack, he just doesnt know it yet

  139. 137- Lol u can be Randy would get the job done lol
    Him and Stacey made such a nice couple, shame.
    But Jack doesnt look good with a blonde, i mean look at Fraiser both blondes and looking good, also notice the hieght bt Fraze and the Mrs.

  140. Michael Allan says

    139 – So true, I was quite crushed when he did this, Stacy was his gal and then BOOM! RKO!!! Well, I’m off cya later.

  141. Steve Healy says

    Some news-

    Ben McEvoy is likely to play ahead of Michael Gardiner on Saturday night, Robbie Gray may miss out with a hamstring, and Porplyzia won’t play, only in the SANFL. Shuey and Waters both look set to play for the Eagles.

    3 hours and two minutes to go, they should have the game live on tv!

  142. 141- someone is very excited.

    thankgod msn is working again!!


  143. Steve Healy says

    You’re lucky danni, we still have to do our sponsored work tomorrow, but still, the footy season starting is more important than school finishing.

    The teams come out in half an hour or so

  144. Steve Healy says

    Sydney and North Melbourne teams are out. Bastinac named on the wing, Tarrant on extended bench.

    bradshaw, mumford, seaby, kennedy, mcglynn and Jetta all in the swans team, Rohan an emergency

  145. Steve Healy says

    B: Shane Edwards, Kel Moore, Chris Newman
    HB: Mitch Farmer, Luke McGuane, Will Thursfield
    C: Dustin Martin, Brett Deledio, Ben Nason
    HF: Tom Hislop, Jack Riewoldt, Richard Tambling
    F: Relton Roberts, Mitch Morton, Robin Nahas
    Foll: Troy Simmonds, Daniel Jackson, Trent Cotchin
    I/C: Ty Vickery, Ben Cousins, Daniel Connors, Adam Thomson
    Emg: Dean Polo, Graham Polak, Matthew White

    New: Mitch Farmer (Port Adelaide), Dustin Martin (Bendigo), Ben Nason (Central District), Relton Roberts (NT Thunder)

    B: Bret Thornton, Michael Jamison, Aaron Joseph
    HB: Paul Bower, Jarrad Waite, Jordan Russell
    C: Ryan Houlihan, Marc Murphy, Heath Scotland
    HF: Andrew Carrazzo, Lachie Henderson, Kade Simpson
    F: Setanta O’hAilpin, Matthew Kreuzer, Eddie Betts
    Foll: Robert Warnock, Bryce Gibbs, Brock McLean
    I/C: Joe Anderson, Mitch Robinson, Andrew Walker, Chris Yarran
    Emg: Shaun Grigg, Sam Jacobs, Kane Lucas

    New: Lachie Henderson (Brisbane Lions), Brock McLean (Melbourne), Robert Warnock (Fremantle)

    Geelong Cats
    B: Josh Hunt, Matthew Scarlett, Harry Taylor
    HB: Corey Enright, Tom Lonergan, Andrew Mackie
    C: James Kelly, Jimmy Bartel, Joel Corey
    HF: Steve Johnson, Tom Hawkins, Paul Chapman
    F: Gary Ablett, Cameron Mooney, Shannon Byrnes
    Foll: Brad Ottens, Cameron Ling, Joel Selwood
    I/C: Mark Blake, Mitch Duncan, Darren Milburn, David Wojcinski
    Emg: James Podsiadly, Steve Motlop, Nathan Djerrkura

    New: Mitch Duncan (East Perth)

    B: Henry Slattery, Cale Hooker, Dustin Fletcher
    HB: Heath Hocking, Tayte Pears, Courtenay Dempsey
    C: Ricky Dyson, Jobe Watson, Brent Stanton
    HF: Brent Prismall, Scott Gumbleton, Angus Monfries
    F: Mark Williams, Patrick Ryder, Alwyn Davey
    Foll: David Hille, Jason Winderlich, Andrew Welsh
    I/C: Kyle Reimers, Jay Neagle, David Zaharakis, Ben Howlett
    Emg: TBC

    New: Ben Howlett (Peel Thunder), Mark Williams (Hawthorn)

    Sydney Swans
    B: Craig Bolton, Lewis Roberts-Thomson, Rhyce Shaw
    HB: Tadhg Kennelly, Heath Grundy, Nick Malceski
    C: Jarrad McVeigh, Brett Kirk, Lewis Jetta
    HF: Ryan O’Keefe, Adam Goodes, Ben McGlynn
    F: Jesse White, Daniel Bradshaw, Jarred Moore
    Foll: Mark Seaby, Josh Kennedy, Jude Bolton
    I/C: Kieren Jack, Martin Mattner, Shane Mumford, Ted Richards
    Emg: Paul Bevan, Gary Rohan, Nick Smith

    New: Daniel Bradshaw (Brisbane Lions), Lewis Jetta (Swan Districts), Josh Kennedy (Hawthorn), Ben McGlynn (Hawthorn), Shane Mumford (Geelong), Mark Seaby (West Coast)

    Brisbane Lions
    B: Joel Patfull, Daniel Merrett,Ashley McGrath
    HB: Josh Drummond, Matt Maguire, Jed Adcock
    C: Justin Sherman, Daniel Rich, Michael Rischitelli
    HF: Luke Power, Jonathan Brown, Jack Redden
    F: Amon Buchanan, Brendan Fevola, Todd Banfield
    Foll: Mitchell Clark, Jared Brennan, Simon Black
    I/C: Travis Johnstone,Andrew Raines, Matthew Leuenberger, Brent Staker
    Emg: Cheynee Stiller,Tom Rockliff, James Hawksley

    Port Adelaide
    B: Jacob Surjan, Alipate Carlile, Andrew Moore
    HB: Nathan Krakouer, Chad Cornes, Steven Salopek
    C: Danyle Pearce, Domenic Cassisi, Jason Davenport
    HF: Robbie Gray, Warren Tredrea, Brett Ebert
    F: Cameron Hitchcock, Jay Schulz, Daniel Motlop
    Foll: Dean Brogan, Travis Boak, Kane Cornes
    I/C (from): Jackson Trengove, Scott Harding, Mitch Banner, Justin Westhoff, Paul Stewart, Matt Thomas, Nick Salter

    New: Mitch Banner (Western Jets), Scott Harding (Brisbane Lions), Cameron Hitchcock (Glenelg), Andrew Moore (Eastern Ranges), Jay Schulz (Richmond), Jackson Trengove (Calder)

    North Melbourne
    B: Gavin Urquhart, Scott Thompson, Brady Rawlings
    HB: Michael Firrito, Lachie Hansen, Scott McMahon
    C: Ryan Bastinac, Jack Ziebell, Sam Wright
    HF: Daniel Wells, Todd Goldstein, Brent Harvey
    F: Leigh Harding, David Hale, Ben Warren
    Foll: Hamish McIntosh, Liam Anthony, Andrew Swallow
    I/C (from): Lindsay Thomas, Leigh Adams, Ben Ross, Nathan Grima, Corey Jones, Robbie Tarrant, Matt Campbell

    New: Ryan Bastinac (Dandenong), Robbie Tarrant (Bendigo)


    B: Alan Toovey, Simon Prestigiacomo, Tarkyn Lockyer
    HB: Harry O’Brien, Nick Maxwell, Heath Shaw
    C: Luke Ball, Dane Swan, Ben Johnson
    HF: Josh Fraser, John Anthony, Alan Didak
    F: Paul Medhurst, Travis Cloke, Leon Davis
    Foll: Darren Jolly, Scott Pendlebury, Dale Thomas
    I/C (from): Shane O’Bree, Nathan Brown, Sharrod Wellingham, Steele Sidebottom, Leigh Brown, Brent Macaffer, Dayne Beams

    New: Luke Ball (St Kilda), Darren Jolly (Sydney Swans)


    B: Graham Johncock, Ben Rutten, Scott Stevens
    HB: Brent Reilly, Nathan Bock, Michael Doughty
    C: Myke Cook, Simon Goodwin, David Mackay
    HF: Bernie Vince, Trent Hentschel, Tyson Edwards
    F: Richard Douglas, Kurt Tippett, Taylor Walker
    Foll: Jonathon Griffin, Nathan van Berlo, Scott Thompson
    I/C (from): Tony Armstrong, Patrick Dangerfield, Ivan Maric, Andrew McLeod, Jared Petrenko, Rory Sloane, Will Young

    New: Tony Armstrong (Calder), Will Young (North Ballarat)

  146. Can’t BELIEVE Pods isn’t in the team *seethes*

  147. He’ll play next weekend..

    Just got back from parent teacher student interviews. They went well :)

  148. Steve Healy says

    146- I know, I thought he was in the team!

    Don’t count him out, Corey is named, surely if Corey isnt 100% fit Pods will be the late inclusion

  149. 148 – That’s what I was thinking. Corey’s been named, but he’s probably a 50/50 chance of actually playing. Fingers corssed (sorry Corey! I know it’s game 200 for you! But I want Pods, dammit!)

  150. Steve Healy says

    The Dees have put Dunn and Jake Spencer ahead of Martin in the team. And he’s not even an emergency! im pretty disappointed

  151. 149- when u say Pods, i think of chocolate lmao

  152. Twiddling with my Supercoach…although we can make changes involving players not from the Richmond-Carlton match tonight tomorrow it’s worth fixing.

    Very long day at school today, needed a truck to take my holiday homework home :( :( :(

    But FOOTY!!! :D :D :D

  153. 151 – We want BOTH kinds of Pods, don’t we, Danni? ;)

  154. All of a sudden there’s 20 people in the footy tipping league we created.

  155. 154: Do we know any of them?

  156. At least Dunks is making his debut – someone pointed out that his preseason game reminded them of Joel Corey, and now I can’t shake the thought. It makes me happy. We have someone to follow in Smitty’s steps when he retires in 5 – 6 years’ time :-)

  157. Many of them seem to be Almanackers…

  158. Steve Healy says

    they’re all almanackers Josh, Daff spread the word about our comp

  159. “Dunks” caught my eye in the preseason game against the Roos. In the 2nd quarter he did a nice dummy before slotting it calmly through the posts. I remember turning around and asking “Who’s 22?” for the first and only time.

  160. Dunks and Smitty are both from the same town, too – East Perth!

    And Josh – I told you Doms was gonna be in the side :-(

    I think Geelong WANT to lose this game.

  161. Maybe Dunks idolized Corey as a kid, if I could pick someone to follow it would be him anyway.

    What are you going to do if Lonergan kicks four goals or so Susie?

  162. Steve Healy says

    161- Lonergan probably wont play forward

  163. 161 – Unlikely, as he is named at HB.

    I am willing to give him ONE last chance – just the one, though.

    Poor Richmond :-(

  164. By-the-bye, I’m not sure if “Dunks” is his official nickname, it’s just something I decided to call him. Likely to be picked up as his nickname, though – it’s a pretty obvious choice, LOL

  165. Steve Healy says

    great first half of action, Blues look fairly clean, but at the same time the Tigers arent bad. Relton Roberts looks the likes

  166. Great game, the last quarter was a bit sub-par though.

    Chris Yarran is in for a big year, as is Eddie Betts.

  167. Pretty ordinary tonight, some good signs from the youngsters.

    OUT: Edwards, Simmonds, Hislop
    IN: Graham, Post, Dea

  168. Simmonds needs to go I agree, but I thought Hislop showed some good signs.

  169. Hislop got a nice goal and is hard at it, but he makes too many skill errors for my liking. Edwards and Simmonds were just useless. Connors was horrible early too but he improved.

  170. And Moore needs some defence lessons.

    Hislop looked too much like Martin, and Edwards looked a lot tougher than previous years. Nason was alright, and I was hoping Relton would kick a goal late in the game.

  171. Steve Healy says

    Roberts was lively, but so many of his possessions came from marks on the half back flank. Martin was strong, but he just doesnt stand out.

    And why on earth was Angus Graham left out of the team? makes no sense. Great signs for the Blues, really impressed with Carrazzo, McLean, Betts, Waite and Henderson did a few good things

  172. Steve Healy says

    And I was impressed with Connors, especially in the second half, he led the Tigers with 24 possessions

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