Bring on Round 1 by Steve Healy (Grade 9)

I don’t mind the Nab Cup. I like seeing young players and how they are progressing, and I like to see who plays and who doesn’t. This game between Collingwood and Geelong was a game to see where both sides were at. I would be watching the game from the comfort of my own home, in front of the TV for the one-hour delayed telecast. I thought about Round 1 that lay ahead in the waking. Only one more game to go, and hopefully it’s a good one.

Collingwood won the toss and decided to kick to the Lockett end. A good crowd had come in to watch these two teams play, but the spread was mainly Collingwood supporters. Geelong started beautifully. They kicked 1.3 before Collingwood could barely touch the ball. But things changed quickly. Marty Clarke answered for the Pies, with one of the best set up goals I had ever seen. It consisted of running and kicking through the centre corridor. O’Bree kicked another and Collingwood were in front. Stokes kicked another for Geelong and it was game on.  Chris Bryan kicked the only nine pointer for the game from a 50 and Collingwood were back in the lead. Things got worse for Geelong as Josh Hunt went down with a serious knee injury. Things looked bad as Josh Hunt went down with a serious knee injury and got carried off by the stretcher. Despite things looking ominous for Geelong, Joel Selwood asserted his dominance with a good goal, having picked up 12 possessions in the first quarter. Geelong planted a couple of other forward attacks towards the end of the quarter, but couldn’t capitalise. The scores were level at quarter time, and it ended an entertaining first quarter.

The second quarter started with Alan Didak putting Collingwood in front with a behind. It would be the only score for the quarter. After that, Geelong exploded. Selwood, Ablett and Chapman all kept getting the ball and using it efficiently. Collingwood gave away free kicks, Nick Maxwell himself gave away about four for the game and every time he complained to the umpire. Not good. Soon it was raining goals for Geelong. Selwood kicked another and Steve Johnson kicked his second for the quarter. Half way through the quarter, the Margin was already 36 points. But Geelong didn’t use the rest of their chances competently and the margin was only extended by four points. At half time Geelong were 9.10 64. They could have been much further in front. When Geelong dominate, you get the feeling that you never want to see them stop. It was like that for all of this game, pretty much.

The third quarter was all the same with Geelong dominating but missing some chances. Collingwood found a couple of lucky scoring opportunities and used them well but it was Geelong with all the intent and flair. Matthew Stokes kicked smothered a ball in the goal square and then as the ball fell he toe poked it through for a goal. It was brilliant. Geelong lead by 57 at three quarter time.

Geelong still dominated in the last quarter, but a strange thing happened. With the roof open at Etihad Stadium, rain started falling. It was a funny thing to see, but it didn’t bother the Cats. Collingwood kicked two in a row after Ablett kicked a great one but that was all. As the rain got heavier, the Pies copped it more heavily. With Ablett and Selwood running amok, the final margin was 76 points. Ablett ended the game with 35 possessions and three goals, but it wasn’t enough to win the Michael Tuck medal for best on ground. Joel Selwood took the honours, with 33 possessions and two goals, along with 11 clearances. It was a poor game from Collingwood, and their forwards were useless. John Anthony, five possessions, no goals. Travis Cloke wasn’t much better. Medhurst played a shocker. Leon Davis didn’t have an influence, and Chris Dawes continues to pursue the fact in which whether he is capable as an AFL player, let alone a forward. The list of bad players goes on for Collingwood, but Geelong have started the season with great confidence. Bring on Round 1.

Collingwood  1.2.2  1.2.3    1.4.5        1.6.6  (51)

Geelong          0.3.5  0.9.10  0.13.17  0.18.19 (127)


Collingwood: Thomas 2, Bryan (1), Beams, Cloke, O’Bree, Clarke.

Geelong: Ablett 3, S.Johnson 3, Selwood 2, Lonergan 2, Chapman 2, Stokes 2, Tenace, Varcoe, Gamble, Bartel.


Collingwood: Lockyer, Swan, Thomas.

Geelong: Selwood, Ablett, Chapman, Bartel, Enright, Corey, S.Johnson, Mackie, Varcoe.

Umpires: Donlon, Nicholls, Jeffery, McLaren.                    Crowd: 37,277 at Etihad Stadium.

Steve Healy

About Steve Healy

Steve Healy is an entity of a Melbourne supporter.


  1. Steve Healy says


  2. The rules on superfooty allow people to look up the answer, so maybe that rule should stay?

  3. Steve Healy says

    yeah why not. we can lie about it anyway.




  4. Haha true, next question.

  5. Steve Healy says

    How many consecutive games did Sydney lose in 1992-1993?

  6. 14?

  7. Steve Healy says


  8. Damian Watson says

    I’ll say 23

  9. 28?

  10. Steve Healy says

    nup and nup

  11. 19?

  12. Steve Healy says


  13. Damian Watson says

    Okay they lost 12 in 1993 so how many in 92?


  14. Steve Healy says

    Damo, this was on the 90’s DVD, you should remember lol

  15. Higher or lower? Lol, 21?

  16. 27

  17. Steve Healy says

    nup and no, just keep guessing

  18. Damian Watson says

    You’re right Steve lol.


  19. 26

  20. 25

  21. Steve Healy says

    Adam is correct!

  22. Steve Healy says




  23. Bloody hell..

  24. Damian Watson says

    Gee the Swans were poor to lose 26!

  25. Steve Healy says

    yeah, they broke the streak in Round 11 1993 at the SCG under Ron Barrasi when they beat the Dees

  26. Damian Watson says

    How ironic! next question..

  27. Steve Healy says

    I know, lol

  28. Haha that’s a poor effort losing to the Swans after that streak.

    I might as well ask questions now since i’m doing scheizzenhausen :|

  29. All the questions so far have been from the 1990s

  30. Damian Watson says

    But then Steve will blitz us!

  31. I’ll pick some Who am I questions, their tough but fun to work out

  32. Damian Watson says

    hahaha the Tigers only made the finals once in the 90’s

  33. Steve Healy says

    In 1990, how many goals did John Longmire kick in their 127 point demolition of the Dees in Round 14?

  34. They only made the finals once in the noughties too 8) i think..

  35. Damian Watson says


  36. Ooh, 13!

  37. Steve Healy says

    sorry Adam, the 90s was the decade that delivered

  38. Shutup Damo.

    Oh yeah, and shutup Damo.

  39. Steve Healy says

    Damo is correct!

  40. ..delivered to flags to Arden Street 8)

  41. Steve Healy says




  42. *Two

    Aww man! I say we ask 5 questions each

  43. Good idea, that means one more for Steve, you going next Josh?

  44. Damian Watson says

    If I had a dollar for every time a Tiger fan said that to me!

  45. Might as well, i need to get off the mark though

  46. If i had a dollar for every time a Tiger fan said they’d make the eight this year i’d be richer than you Damo lol

  47. Damian Watson says

    Damn right! lol

  48. “If i had a dollar for every time a Tiger fan said they’d make the eight THIS year?”

    You’d be pretty poor Josh. We’re favourites for the spoon.

    We’ve actually got a pretty good record whilst being favourites for the spoon, we’ve been around 50% the last 2 times its happened (9th)

  49. Steve Healy says

    ok…last one. an easy one. how many goals did Hawthorn kick in the last quarter in Round7,2008 v Collingwood? and how many goals did Buddy, Roughead and Williams kick combined for the game

  50. Damian Watson says

    Have you heard the song ‘We’ll finish ninth again’? lol

  51. I meant this year as in any other year

    I laughed how there was a tally of teams in ladder positions for the quizzes on Superfooty (i woud represent North while Steve would represent Melbourne, and if he won Melbourne goes up the ladder) Guess where Richmond was placed? 9th!

  52. For the first part – Ten.

  53. 17 goals combined, and 10 in the quarter

  54. Steve Healy says

    yes, but you need to answer both parts to get the question right

  55. Damian Watson says

    Is it nine for the last term? I’m not sure about the next one though.

  56. Steve Healy says

    Josh is correct!

  57. For the second part – if i recall correctly 16?

  58. Damn. I should get half a point.

  59. Yes :) finally

  60. Steve Healy says

    final scores:




  61. No prizes for coming second place Adam, you should know, you are a Richmond supporter :P

  62. Steve Healy says

    I don’t think im guaranteed to win on Josh’s, there’d be lots of questions you’d know better than me Damo

  63. Not funny Josh, it’s only funny if 8 other guys answer the question before me.

  64. Alright, i’ll ask some questions know, just give me a minute..

  65. Damian Watson says

    I’m like Mark Webber I choke under pressure lol.

  66. Steve Healy says

    wow this is great, we’re having fun and commenting so quickly

  67. Steve Healy says

    I always choke under pressure as well

  68. Damian Watson says

    I’m predicting Josh will ask questions from 2002 onwards lol.

  69. Steve Healy says

    yeah same, Josh knows the last 7 years or so off by heart lol

  70. Who Am I?

    I was born in 1985
    Drafted in the 2003 National Draft
    I played for the Gippsland Power as a junior
    I was twice named All-Australian at under-18 level
    My debut happened on a memorable night for my club, and on the same night a Brisbane stalwart played 300 games in a seperate match
    I did not register a possession in said match
    I played for South Fremantle when not with my AFL club
    2006 was my best season to date, and in 2005 i won the John Gerovich medal for leading goalkicker of South Fremantle
    I am loathed by one Joshua Barnstable.

    Who Am I?

  71. Steve Healy says

    I have my weaknesses in footy knowledge

  72. Good question. Ryan Murphy?

  73. Damian Watson says

    Ryan Murphy?

  74. Correct! New question coming soon. Should i continue with Who Am I ones?

  75. Damian Watson says


  76. Steve Healy says

    ill say ryan murphy too even though im too late

  77. Yes! And that was an educated guess!

  78. Damo-3

  79. Steve Healy says

    nah mix em up a bit, who am I’s are my weakness sometimes

  80. Why do you hate him so much Josh?

  81. Alright this is my next question, based on the previous question, what feat happened in Murphy’s debut match AND who was the Brisbane played who played his 300th match?

  82. Damian Watson says

    Alistair Lynch.

    Freo’s first win in Adelaide?

  83. Steve Healy says

    Alastair Lynch

  84. Damo’s correct, BTW that’s only one point for getting both of them correct.

    Adam, he should have been delisted a long time ago, he’s a list clogger and doesn’t offer anything to the side.

  85. Damian Watson says

    hahaha Josh we beat you that round and from memory Glenn Archer was reported.

  86. Steve Healy says

    damn it

  87. Oh, I thought it was something personal lol.

    I entirely agree Josh.

  88. Ha, your so funny Damo. Lol, that was at Optus Oval correct? And David Teague killed us :(

    New question coming, it’ll be another Who Am I, sorry Steve

  89. Steve Healy says


  90. Damian Watson says

    Yeah it was, I think I was actually at that game.

  91. Steve Healy says

    were you siting in the usual front row Damo? lol

  92. Damian Watson says

    Yes I was, good times!

  93. Steve Healy says

    scores are:

    Damo 4
    Adam 2
    Josh 1
    Me 0

  94. I keep refreshing hoping that Josh will have done the question…come on!

  95. Steve Healy says

    lol same its nerve racking

  96. Damian Watson says

    Yeah I have to get up at 6 tomorrow! lol

  97. Steve Healy says

    for cricket?

  98. 6? Glad I’m not you Damo!

    I’ve got 2 basketball matches in a row tomorrow and Sunday.

  99. Steve Healy says

    has Josh done a runner?

  100. Damian Watson says

    Yeh cricket, we’ll probably lose as usual lol.

  101. Who Am I?

    I am originally from the town Kingston SE in South Australia
    I was drafted in the 2002 Draft from the Glenelg Tigers
    I made my debut in 2004 against St Kilda
    In 2005 and 2006, i played a combined total of 25 games
    I played 17 matches in 2007, but was involved in a controversial clash on-field late in the year.
    I stand 186cm and weigh 89kg, and am a defender.

    Who Am I?

  102. 100! He’s probably typing the question.

  103. Steve Healy says

    Leigh Fisher

  104. Damian Watson says

    Daniel Bell

  105. Damian Watson says

    Ben Johnson

  106. It’s very hard to think of these thank you very much

    Am i the only person who doesn’t click refresh when looking for new comments? Lol

  107. Epic fail by me.

    Beau Waters?

  108. Steve Healy says

    Sam Fisher

  109. Steve Healy says

    oh against St.Kilda!

  110. Damian Watson says

    Steve Salopek lol

  111. Damo gets it right with Daniel Bell, cmon Steve i picked a Melbourne player for you!

  112. Damian Watson says

    Steve I am shocked and appalled! lol

  113. Steve Healy says

    yeah I thought it said for St.Kilda for some reason

  114. Damian Watson says

    random comment- isn’t the town Kingston SE the one with the giant lobster?

  115. Steve Healy says

    next question! im fed up with my crap effort

  116. Who was the first player to congratulate Jason McCartney after he kicked his first and only goal of his Round 11 comeback game against Richmond in 2003?

  117. Damian Watson says

    Shannon Grant?

  118. According to Wikipedia, yes Damo lol

  119. Now that’s a tough one.

    Glenn Archer?

  120. Steve Healy says

    Anthony Stevens!

  121. Wrong to all of you

  122. Damian Watson says

    Leigh Harding?

  123. Bad luck Steve.

  124. Steve Healy says


  125. And Adam, yes Glenn Archer IS a tough one 8) but your still wrong

  126. Steve Healy says

    Leigh Colbert!

  127. Nope

  128. Steve Healy says

    Troy Makepeace

  129. Steve Healy says

    Jess Sinclair?

  130. Very clever Josh. I was going to say Mick Martyn, but it would take him a long time to get up that end of the ground, and that’s too obvious anyway.

  131. Damian Watson says

    Drew Petrie?

  132. Wrong

  133. Jarrad Oakley-Nicholls?

  134. Mick Martyn was playing for Carlton at the time Adam

  135. Steve Healy says

    Leigh Brown?

  136. Damian Watson says

    I don’t think Mick Martyn played in that game, the Blues were stuck with him lol.

  137. Damian Watson says

    Adam Simpson?

  138. Steve Healy says

    Daniel harris!

  139. No, i might give a clue.

    This player used to play for Brisbane.

  140. Damian Watson says

    Ben Robbins?

  141. Steve Healy says

    Ben Robbins?

  142. Steve Healy says

    Oh you’ve gotta be kidding Damo!

  143. Im sorry Steve :)

    Damo’s correct, finally

  144. Ah, I didn’t think Jarrad Oakley-Nicholls would have been around in 2003. :P

  145. Damian Watson says

    Sorry Steve lol

  146. Damo 6
    Adam 2
    Josh 1
    Steve 0

    1 more question from Josh I think…

  147. Steve Healy says

    Its good that Danni isnt on to see all this because she would leave straight away if she did

  148. Oakley’Nicholls would have been stupid enough to celebrate with the wrong team anyway..alright i’ll think of another ASAP..

  149. Haha Steve,
    She might come to look later, then search for her own name in the thread :)

  150. I’d laugh if Danni actually did do that and saw my comment.

  151. Steve Healy says

    yeah lol, I need to get on the board I need to get 7/11 questions to win

  152. I’ll ask questions next after Josh.

  153. Steve Healy says

    k hurry up Josh

  154. Another Who Am I!

    I was drafted in the 2005 National Draft
    I was a defender from Diamond Creek
    I was recruited from the Northern Knights U/18
    I failed to play a match in 2007 due to injury
    I kicked 2.0 in my first ever match in 2008
    2009 was a very good year for me
    I am weak against kryptonite

    Who Am I?

  155. Damian Watson says

    Looks like I get the thrilling finale! lol

  156. Steve Healy says

    Jack Anthony

  157. Damian Watson says

    Jack Anthony?

  158. Dani would like this…JACK ANTHONY!

  159. Damian Watson says


  160. Steve Healy says

    that was too easy Josh, it was simple enough without the last line

  161. Damian Watson says

    Actually Anthony probably played poorly by his standards in the Finals Series.

  162. Why did I bother to type “Dani would like this…”? Although Steve still would’ve won probs.

    My first question: Where was Alex Jesaulenko born?

  163. I was thinking whether or not to put the last line in lol. Steve’s off the mark

  164. Damian Watson says


  165. Steve Healy says


  166. Steve Healy says

    salzburg, the same town as Mozart

  167. AUSTRIA!! Oh too late..

  168. Steve Healy says

    Stevo strikes again!

  169. Steve is correct. Steve is now on 2 points.

    Bruce Monteath captained Richmond to a premiership in 1980 where Richmond demolished Collingwood by 81 points. What was unusual about Monteath’s game that day?

  170. Damian Watson says

    That’s not a footy question!!!

  171. Steve Healy says

    Damo you should be shaking your head in shame lol

  172. Steve Healy says

    he didn’t get a possession?

  173. Damian Watson says

    failed to gain a kick?

  174. He wore a different number?

  175. Wrong all of you.

  176. Damian Watson says

    Wearing wrong colour shorts? lol

  177. He didn’t get much of a run? Or spent 100% on the ground?

  178. Steve Healy says

    he barely played?

  179. Josh – Correct. He spent very little time on the ground during the match as 19th man. That was a pretty bad question in hindsight.

  180. Damian Watson says

    he started on the interchange bench, the only captainto do so in a Grand Final?

  181. Steve Healy says

    oh so close.


  182. Is anyone willing to give up a question for one that i just thought of? Its pretty tricky..

  183. I’ll give 0.5 a point each to you and Steve, because you got it first but Steve was the first one to get it without posting 2 answers in the 1 comment.

    What was unusual about Richmond’s 1998 season?

  184. Steve Healy says

    that disadvantages you in the game though Josh

  185. They won a game? LOL!

  186. Steve Healy says

    they missed out on the 8 by percentage and had 12 wins

  187. Steve Healy says

    hang on, they were the first team to win 12 games and not make the 8?

  188. Damian Watson says

    Were in the top 8 all year bar the final three rounds?

  189. Does that mean they finished 9th? haha im on a roll :P

  190. Steve Healy says

    yeah they finished 9th, thats not unusual though lol

  191. They DID come 9th, but that is far from unusual. They did have 12 wins and miss the 8, but that was not what I was thinking of.

  192. Steve Healy says

    Adam your questions are very open, as in there can be many possible answers that all make sense

  193. Damian Watson says

    defeated all of the top 8 teams but failed to make the finals? lol

  194. I believe its clue time..

  195. Clue: The end of the answer is “…but failed to make the finals.”

    Noone has got it right yet.

  196. They had a great winning streak but failed to make the finals?

  197. Another clue: -/\/\/\//\/\/\//\/\/\/\ Clue: theres 22 slashes

  198. Damian Watson says

    Never dropped two in a row?

  199. Yes Damo!

  200. Steve Healy says


  201. Had the most 3 game winning streaks?

  202. Steve Healy says

    Damo 7
    Me 2.5
    Adam 2
    Josh 1.5

  203. Damn, now Adam do you wanna enter play again while i ask my final question?

  204. The / slashes were meant to represent wins, the \ slashes losses.

    Also, they won all of the games where they were designated the home team, and missed the finals.

  205. How many Grand Finals have Collingwood not won since 1958?

  206. Steve Healy says


  207. Damian Watson says


  208. Steve Healy says


  209. You’re all wrong. Look carefully at the wording of the question.

  210. Steve Healy says

    51, its a trick question

  211. Steve Healy says


  212. Damian Watson says


  213. Steve was right with 51. There have been 52 GF’s since 1958, if you count the 2 in 1977. Collingwood didn’t win any of them except 1990.

  214. Steve Healy says

    50, 1959-1989=31 seasons, 1991-2009=19 seasons

  215. Haha well done Adam, i love the “Who kicked 5 goals in the 1990 Grand Final” trick question lol

  216. Steve Healy says


  217. Steve Healy says

    I accidently got it right lol

  218. Damian Watson says

    Is it my turn yet?

  219. Who am I?
    I was born in 1986.
    I played junior footy with Waverley and also Vermont before playing for Eastern ranges in the TAC cup before being picked up in the draft.
    I made my debut in 2005 against Hawthorn, however I only got 1 handball.
    I kicked a career high 5 goals on 2 occasions in 2009.
    I am a left footer.
    I am…

  220. Alright i wanna ask this before i forget it.

    What was different about Chris Judd’s game in Round 3, 2008?

  221. Damian Watson says

    hmm I should know this one he is from the Eastern Suburbs.

  222. I think its a trick question, from memory the only player to kick over 5 goals last year for the Hawks was Buddy..

  223. Um…Josh…

  224. Yeeeeees?

  225. Steve Healy says

    im not sure about that adam

  226. I should point out that it says the player made his debut AGAINST Hawthorn.

  227. Damian Watson says

    Chris Knights?

  228. Damo’s done it again. I’m surprised it took so long.

  229. Steve Healy says

    jeez that was weird

  230. Ah what?? I read it wrong!

  231. Why was it weird Steve? Because Josh misread the question?

  232. Steve Healy says

    no, that no one knew it

  233. Damian Watson says

    Anyway cya guys I’ve got an early start tomorrow someone else can continue the last round of questions lol.

  234. comment 220 anyone?

  235. Steve Healy says

    was it the first time Judd had lost at the MCG since the 2005 GF?

  236. Steve Healy says

    actually scratch that lol

  237. Oh sorry forgot about that Josh.
    I’ll think about that overnight, goodnight everyone I’m off too.

  238. No Steve

    K cya Adam, thanks for the misleading questions lol

  239. Steve Healy says

    I know Josh, all his stats went into each other. 16 kicks 16 handballs, 2 marks 2 goals 4 tackles 4 frees for and 1 free against

  240. Steve Healy says

    I mean they were all multiples and favctors

  241. No and no Steve, nothing about stats

  242. Steve Healy says

    really? Did he win the toss for the first time as captain? cos I remember he won the toss

  243. How the hell do you remember that? And no wrong

  244. Steve Healy says

    he won the toss and kicked to the punt rd end, lol its not like I remember every coin toss

  245. Who won the coin toss in the North Melbourne v Brisbane game in Round 10 from 2005? Lol 8)

  246. Steve Healy says

    was it an in-game incident?

  247. North Melbourne Josh!

  248. It was a whole-game incident, it had something to do with his outfit.

    Hey Steve, i just got a message from Ark-O off SFF, he says he went to school with Ben Cunnington! Don’t ask him about it though, he wanted to keep it a secret

  249. You sure about that Adam? Coz i have no idea lol

  250. Steve Healy says

    why do u wanna know?

    Wow, thats amazing, but he might be lying nah lol I dunno

  251. Steve Healy says

    did he wear 3 different jumpers?

  252. Steve Healy says

    Oh I remember now! He wore the wrong outfit, he wore the home jumper with the sponsors reversed from the rest of the team

  253. Coz we were questioning his age in the pit, and he didnt tell us, then said he was our age and went to school with Cunnington blah blah blah.

  254. Correct!!

  255. Wow, I’ve never been the least knowledgeable about footy in a group of teenagers before…until now.

    I’m having fun on my Facebook status.

  256. So many Josh’s Adam!!

  257. Steve Healy says

    Yeah I remembered seeing that on the night, but just remembered then

  258. I remember i saw it on the news and they were going to fine him $50,000 but it never eventuated

  259. Finally someone got it on my status! Thanks Barnstable for not blabbing the answer.
    I’m really off now, cya guys.

  260. Steve Healy says

    Do you reckon it was his own fault?

  261. I was tempted to Adam lol.

    How would anyone noticed that they had the sponsors in the wrong spot? I remember Setanta O’hAilpin wore a pair of footy shorts from 2007 in a match in 2008, which made it all the more noticable coz they changed footy shorts in 2008.

  262. Steve Healy says

    yeah I remember that too, I was gonna mention it, I think it was in Carlton V St.Kilda or Carlton V north Melbourne in 2007 one of the ones i scored on the radio and a caller pointed it out after the match

  263. The away shorts Carlton used to wear were so shocking, the ones with the blue patches on the back of them

  264. Steve Healy says

    yeah which made em look like suit jackets at the back lol that looked awful

  265. Gary Ablett and Lauren Phillips have broken up. Not that that is footy news anyway…but it may influence his decision on whether he goes Gold Coast or not

  266. hmmm well i have to say that she is better looking than him, although they did look sort of cute together…oh well these things happen.

    TONIGHTS SPECIAL- Nanny Mcphee is on which means….COLIN FIRTHHHHH SQUEALING TIME!!!!

    STATUS- tying to sort out folders and display pockets for subjects.

  267. Steve Healy says

    Gee thats bad, I’d heard they’d been together for 9 or 10 years or something like that.

    its good that shes single though.

    where wre you last night Danni, lol?

  268. Damian Watson says

    Sorry Danni I never liked that movie.

    Yeah I read about that break-up in the paper.

    I agree the Blues used to wear shocking shorts, I was also never a big fan of our white guernsey jumper either!

  269. Steve Healy says

    yeah a team called the Blues with a white jumper makes no sense at all

  270. Steve Healy says

    you know that kid from nanny mcphee with the red hair and the glasses? I forgot his name, but the actor has the exact same date of birth as me

  271. Damian Watson says

    Is he the kid from that movie love Actually?

    That’s right Steve, thankfully I don’t think we wore that guernsey in 2009.

  272. Steve Healy says

    nah you didn’t, the Blues dont need to wear it anyway

  273. last night? i was studying..DUH!!
    what did you think i was doing steve?

    ohh i cnat wait for the movie…COLIN FIRTH!!! hes so hot!!! :)

  274. Damian Watson says

    Did anyone hear about Barry Hall? he copped one in the eye from his rookie teammate.

  275. lol saw the pic didnt read the
    was it on purpose then?

  276. Damian Watson says

    No he was trying to spoil him so it wasn’t intentional but he still had a bad black eye.

    Danni let me reiterate, Colin Firth is over three times older than you.

  277. Damo use did wear the away guernsey in 2009, can’t believe you don’t remember! Lol

  278. I bet Hall gave him a wicked stare after that incident, lol of all the people to “accidentally” give a black eye, its big bustling Barry Hall.

  279. yeah i know hes 49…but i dont care! hes so hot for 49!

  280. I just suggested to Mum that we should go get pizza.

    Cya laters!

  281. Damian Watson says

    The yellow guernsey doesn’t count but yeah we did wear the white strip against Port Adelaide so a silly error on my part lol.

    Then again I have barely seen any vision from that game.

  282. I was supposed to do a report on that game but i fell asleep during the second half i think, or it was the Port v Hawthorn game.

    The yellow guernsey was shocking, lets not go there. But it was for a good cause.

    Pizza shop doesn’t open till later :|

    does anyone know where i can get Barney the dinosaur dvds or plush toys?

  284. Shut up :|

  285. what do you mean shut-up?
    im being serious!
    do you know who im talking about?
    let me remind you..

    “i love you, you love me
    were a happy fammily
    with a great big hug and a kiss from me to
    you, wont you say you love, me to!”
    (yes i didnt have to look that up!)

  286. I hate you, you hate me
    Lets get together and kill Barney
    blah blah blah..

    You do realize that is my nickname Danni? And i get called that at school? Annoys the hell outta me, i hate that dinosaur :|

  287. …but Josh… Barney is cute.
    think of it this way Barney was there during my childhood, i grew up with Barney, he taught me my ABCs and probbaly helped me not be afraid of the dark.
    So how could you hate a character that basically helped me your friend Danni to grow? :(

  288. Well i don’t hate the character, i just hate being associated with him..

  289. okay well i didnt associate you with him i was just asking if anyone knew where i could get dvds of his shows.

    funny story, my feeding time as a 2 year old was during when i watched Barney mum would try to feed me but i would want Barney to eat was mum was feeding me tooso i would only eat when he went up to the tv and fed a spoon to Barney then she could come back and give a spoonful to me. i must have thought he was hungry. lol

  290. Steve Healy says

    I saw that article in the HS today Damo, I only saw it because a copy was in Hungry jacks

  291. Steve Healy says

    hahaha thats funny Danni.

    Last night you missed out on a great quiz

  292. I feel like I need to connect with my childhood.
    I need Barney stuff and Madeline stuff.
    Does anyone remember what colour hair Danielle from Madeline has?

  293. No, no i don’t.

  294. lol yeah i was a cute toddler.. :)
    really? nah i dont think i would have even bothered trying to answer.

  295. Steve Healy says

    Yeah it still would’ve been funny though.

    I didn’t know there was a Danielle on madeline

  296. Did you see my Who Am I on Jack Anthony Danni? If not, comment 154

  297. Steve Healy says

    yea Josh we know what Barney looks like

  298. Steve Healy says
  299. you know the funny thing is that i wouldnt have known that it was Superman you were refering too!

  300. Nah that’s just silly Steve

  301. Steve Healy says

    you haven’t heard of Barney from the simpsons?

  302. lol nawww i love that dinosaur

  303. Steve Healy says

    its so hot

  304. You think the dinosaur is hot?? :O

  305. Steve Healy says

    yeah of course, but I meant the weather

  306. yeah Steve there is a Danielle in Madeline. Its driving me crazy that I cnt remember what her hair colour was cos I don’t know if im getting her confused with Nicole.

  307. yeah lol..i would marry Barney! :)

  308. Google it Danni

  309. No thanks!! :P Im off now

  310. nah I cnt feel the heat, we have our air-con going.
    tried that Josh! thats why im going mad!

  311. Steve Healy says

    Is Barney a male dinosaur? I mean he’s meant to be but you cant see any genitils

  312. Steve…you know what im not going there.

  313. Steve Healy says

    but then again he is made out of purple foam

  314. arghhhhhh why cant i find anything that could show me Danielle from Madeline!

  315. Anyway I gotta go and get dressed since im going out with my cousins for dinner.
    Cya guys and don’t forget Colin firth!!

  316. Steve Healy says

    k cya Danni, dont worry I will forget Colin Firth

  317. ^Comment 270: He has the same birthdate as you? There’s a guy in my open age basketball team with the surname Jennings. He’s a left hander who is 6 foot 1 tall, like the NBA player Brandon Jennings. Amazingly, the 2 share the exact same birthdate (September 23 1989)


    I just played basketball then, we won 82 to 31 and I got 34 points :D :D

  318. Steve Healy says

    Yeah he was born on 30/9/94 like me.

    Wow thats incredible.

    Are you the best on your team Adam?

  319. I don’t know how to say this without sounding arrogant, but I probably am, but a large part of it is because I’m tall.

    That’s my best ever score by quite a bit, although the opposition wasn’t great.

    I went for a dunk near the end but bounced it off the back of the rim. I didn’t care, I had 34 points by that stage :)

  320. I’m alright at basketball but not at shooting baskets, i’m more of a get-then-give player.

    Anyone been watching the tennis? How incredible was that call of Henin’s shot that was called out? Half of it landed in the court!

  321. And i know what you mean about trying not to sound arrogant Adam, i’m probably the best player on my tennis team but only coz i’m the oldest, i’m tall and flexible at the net.

  322. Yeah I saw that too Josh, I’m surprised the ump didn’t overrule it.

  323. How come the umpire sounds so pissed off when a player challenges a call?

  324. Steve Healy says

    can you dunk Adam?

  325. Some umpires probably don’t like it when their authority is challenged. It’s not like the old days, technology beats the word of the ump.

  326. I can touch the net on the basketball ring 8) In P.E last year the teacher was teaching us how to do dunks

  327. I’ve never done it in a game. Until today I’d never attempted to.

    I can get high enough, but often I have trouble driving the ball downward. I practice dunking with soccer balls because theyre lighter. I need to jump higher so that isn’t as much of an issue.

    There’s a bent over ring at my school which many people, including me, enjoy practising dunks on.

  328. Steve Healy says

    Touching the net is easy lol

  329. Lol i remember last year i snapped a tennis racket in half at school. And had to keep playing with it because there was no other ones available.

  330. Steve Healy says

    Hahaha, they should only supply Gonzalez with one racket to piss him off

  331. I remember being excited when I first could do that. Then the bottom of the backboard (in year 9 i think), then the ring…

  332. I remember hearing on the TV that Davydenko played through an entire pro tournament, and won, with only one racket.
    That’s almost unheard of nowadays.

  333. Are we gonna test our brains again tonight?

  334. Steve Healy says

    yeah I’d love to do the quiz again.

    Yeah I started being able to touch the backboard last year, cant get the ring yet, but I can get a great piece of the net

  335. I won’t be on for about 15 minutes so if the quiz starts then i won’t be playing.

  336. Steve Healy says

    k fair enough, im working on my Dees piece ATM

  337. I’ve got some homework to do.

    Get used to that excuse from me, and you’ll see it even more from Danni.

  338. Supercoach starts on Monday…what do you guys say about making a footy almanac supercoach league?

  339. Steve Healy says

    Danni said she wasn’t going to be on the Almanac much at all in year 12, so far there are no worries.

    Yeah we can, i’ll be making a supercoach team, but I much rather prefer Dream team

  340. Yeah Adam i emailed Daff about making an Almanac Supercoach team, he said he’d talk to Gigs about it. It’d be good to see how some of the older folks on here fare.

  341. It seems that the annoying Forum Guy kid has discovered the Footy Almanac..

  342. Steve Healy says

    has he?

  343. He pm’d me and said that he was wrong about me and that i know my stuff because he saw my articles on “fotty almanac” lol

  344. Fotty Almanac? Never heard of it, do you write articles there too? :P

  345. Yes, very crap articles with plenty of spelling and grammar mistakes 8)

  346. Damian Watson says

    You’re talking about the Supercoach kid aren’t you?

  347. Steve Healy says

    fotty almanac lol

  348. No no, a very, very annoying Port Adelaide-supporting 15 y.o. Need i say more?

  349. Steve Healy says

    superfooty forum kid

  350. Damian Watson says

    Oh sorry just wanted to clarify.

    Gee the womens final has been fairly tight over the first couple of sets.

  351. Lol its alright

    I wish there was a couple of good looking women playing tonight, but sadly we do not.

    Status – wearing new Waaia footy shorts (away strip)

  352. Steve Healy says

    yeah ivanovic v sharapova :)

  353. Steve Healy says

    Yeah, Henin doesn’t have much on her chest

  354. Damian Watson says

    Yeah I’d like that match up, of course the only thing I have against Ivanovic is that she writes for The Age lol.

    I wish Kournikova was more of a success lol.

  355. Yeah Henin is flat-chested, Williams has the opposite problem lol.

  356. Steve Healy says

    yeah its nothing V too much.

  357. I enjoyed watching Kirilenko play this tournament, she’s my favourite woman on tour at the moment, although I like Azarenka and Ivanovic’s not bad either. Serena has far too much on her chest.

  358. Williams is a gorilla.

    Marion Bartoli is alright, by the way i hope Henin wins.

  359. Steve Healy says

    yeah Williams sounds like one during the games

  360. ^360: I think you made it obvious who you want to win already :)

  361. All females sound like gorilla’s during tennis, makes ya think what they sound like at other times 8)

  362. Steve Healy says

    yeah I know Josh hahaha

  363. Nah that’s taking it too far Steve lol.

    Is Damo still on? I’d love to hear what sorta questions he comes up with

  364. ahh so you guys decide top save all the bra talk while im not here! thats not very nice..

  365. Steve Healy says

    Yeah lets continue the quiz.



  366. Quick, abandon all women talk, she’s back :|

  367. Steve Healy says

    sorry Danni

  368. i mean..if i knew you were all interested in that stuff i would have told u all about the bra shopping i did last week and all

  369. Steve Healy says

    not really, we’re just noticing how different Henin and Williams are in size lol

  370. I’m not interested, i’m just saying there’s either not much on show tonight or too much for my eyes to see lol

  371. But you can continue on with your bra shopping, i’m sure it involves you dyyyyyiiiinnggg over a sales clerk lol

  372. hmm yes i think Williams would be a Double D and Henin..hold on let me evaluate.

  373. Henin would be a nothing. Bra talk confuses me anyway, there just letters to me

  374. Steve Healy says

    Henin would be a flat piece of fabric lol

  375. Henin would barley make an A something cup.

    hahahah nah josh more like Dyiiiinnng at the funny buying bras when there a guy at the checkout LMAOO

  376. Lol, i feel so awkward and out of place when mum or Hayley is shopping for bra’s and i’m stuck with them. They go “Can you hold this for me?” lol :|

  377. Steve Healy says

    Jeez, Josh, you’ve been caught holding bras and holding purses, what else do you have to go through?

  378. hahahhahaha lmaoo Josh!
    im so taking you with me next time i go!
    hahahhahahahah LMAOO
    last time i couldnt find the matching pantys to the bra and the only person around was a guy..too bad for him lmaoooo

  379. Damian Watson says

    Why don’t you just seperate and go into another store?

    While my mum shops for clothes or groceries I’m usually in the book store.

  380. lmaoo you know if mikey were here he would probably ask for my size since he asked about my underware choice last time! LMAO
    he gets pretty personal.

  381. My life ambition was to always work in the lingerie department haha.

    Damn, gorilla won. Don’t ya hate it how players fall to the ground when they win a championship? It’d be funny if they hit their head on the ground and knocked themselves out. My rant is complete.

  382. Steve Healy says

    yeah we’ve already noticed you don’t like to get personal at all Danni

  383. I’ll get Michael on here for you Danni haha.

    Damo, there’s always hot chicks in the bra department :P

  384. lmaoo come on Steve he asked about my pantys! lmaoo

  385. Steve Healy says

    Who was the last tennis player to run up to the net to volley it, run too far and fall over the net and land on the other side hurting themselves. Has that ever happened?

  386. Do you actually care if you have a matching bra and panties? WHAT?

    Venus is so much more feminine than Serena.

  387. ..And also very, very overweight boys in the bra department sometimes..

  388. Steve Healy says

    Thats funny a few hot chicks walked past me in the book store today

  389. yeah Josh thats cos they are looking for bras, not boys!
    trust me bra shopping is in the zone stuff

  390. Don’t know Stevo, but I know that people have seriously injured themselves sprinting into the hard walls of squash courts.

  391. Steve, that may or may not have happened to me once..

  392. Damian Watson says

    Steve just took the words out of my mouth lol.

  393. Adam, ofcorse the bra should match the panties!!

  394. Steve Healy says

    shouldnt it just be about what fits?

  395. Why? I don’t wear undies to match my socks or anything.

    Do people regularly see you in your bra and panties? If not, then who cares? If yes, then will they care?

  396. Who’s gonna see the colours of your under garments anyway? And who would judge??

  397. Haha said the same thing as Adam

  398. Steve Healy says

    yeah they’ll only be seen if your at the beach or if you become famous and do a photoshoot

  399. By the way, i’ve never seen a hot chick in a book store.

  400. lol i think its nice to have matching underware! hahahah lmaoo at Steves comment.
    no i wont go and buy a bra just cos its my size! if it doesnt look good i wont buy it.
    the last ones i bought are colourful.
    turquoise with light green lace and
    a hot pink one with purple lace.
    we dont just go and by plain white with nothing..gee you have a lot to learn lol

  401. Steve Healy says

    yeah there wouldn’t be any in book world

  402. Thanks Danni, next time i go bra shopping i’ll go with some hot pink colours instead of the usual white i get

  403. ive seen heaps of hot guys in bookstores…
    :) <3
    its so hard to leave when i see a guy READING…like really READING!!

  404. Steve Healy says

    Last comment was in memory of the great KB

  405. WAIT!!!!! There was a couple of hotties when Gary Lyon and Felice Arena were at Book City

  406. Steve Healy says

    as in comment 403

  407. LMAOO nice work Josh.

  408. Steve Healy says

    I can read as well Danni :) :) :)

  409. I dislike how people can’t read in silence

  410. Steve….we tried we just didnt work out. lol
    ya know see other people… i think i need a guy my age.
    :P (or older…COLIN FIRTH <3)

  411. Damian Watson says

    Do you actually regularly meet people that read out loud in public?

  412. Steve Healy says

    yeah you could say we didnt work out.

  413. i think one day (and this WILL HAPPEN)
    i will be walking and see hot guy sitting on the floor reading a book while he waits for a bus and i recond i will be so amazed at his hotness and his reading that i will walk into a pole.

  414. Imagine someone reading out loud on a crowded train. They’d get a lot of stares.

    Anyone remember Clive the Slightly Too Loud Commuter? Off the Chasers?

  415. Steve Healy says

    If I saw someone reading out loud in a bookstore they’d probably have a disorder lol

  416. No, but at school when we read in silence i can usually hear the kid next to me reading out loud quietly.

    I say we get Danni and Steve back together

  417. Imagine if the guy’s reading the Almanac? Then you sit next to him, discreetly glance over and HE’S READING YOUR STORY…what would you do then Danni?

    On the topic of books, I should buy the 2009 Almanac.

  418. Danni, who sits on a floor while waiting for a bus?

  419. Damian Watson says

    I can’t say I remember that character adam.

    Yeah I say we give them councilling lol.

  420. Steve Healy says

    Ask John and Paul for a copy Adam, they might be able to mail you one for free

  421. omg this is funny!!
    today on my way back from dinner me and my 2 cousins were taking poser photos in the back of teh car and my uncle was laughing at us. so were taking like 20 photos all diff poses, peace signs, crazy face ect and suddenyl my cousin goes
    “AHHHH OME STOP!! AHH CRAP HAAHAHAHHAHAH”im like “omg wat happend?”
    and shes like pissing herself laughing.
    apperently there was areally hot guy in the car next to us and he saw us taking photos and he gave this really weird look! lmaoo
    we were trying ot slide down the seat incase he drove near again..lmao it was so embarassing!

  422. Steve Healy says

    I sit on the ground sometimes waiting for the train if the seats are all taken

  423. Lol comment 419:

    Danni: I see your reading up on the Collingwood v Carlton match
    Boy: Yeah, was a shocking game
    Danni: At least the report made up for it
    Boy: Actually, this report is the worst i’ve read
    Danni: …your pretty hot..

    Haha lol just kidding Danni, your report was delicious

  424. lmaoo Adam i would…DIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  425. Steve Healy says

    Lol you should send us those photos Danni.

    Michael Tuck

  426. Steve Healy says

    Ah! Danni beat me to it!

  427. Damo (and whoever):

    Steve – That’s a ripping good idea.

  428. LMAOO Josh its funny how his name is ‘Boy’

  429. Yeah Paul and John sent me a couple of signed copies of the 2007 Almanac which was really nice of them.

  430. Steve Healy says

    Hahaha thats hillarious Adam.

    I should ask them, I still dont have the 07 almanac

  431. I thought you did, it’s different to the 2008 and 2009 versions.

  432. Steve Healy says

    Nah I read it ages ago, I just had it from the library for about 2 months

  433. Interesting story:
    My dad entered in a country footy tipping comp last year on the net. He’s quite interested in that sort of thing
    That same year, Dad did some errand for a woman at his work, who just as a thank you gave him a 2008 Footy Almanac her ex had given her (he wrote in it apparently).
    Then, at the end of the year, Dad won the country footy tipping comp, and the prize was…a 2008 Footy Almanac.

    We gave the 2nd one to my Uncle Graeme.

  434. Who was the ladies ex?

  435. Steve Healy says

    Hahaha thats a great story Adam, its good that all that happened so your on the almanac now

  436. Damian Watson says

    lol it was hilarious at the end when he asks the guy to hold those drugs and the ladies reaction.

    I don’t have either of those Almanacs apart from 2009 of cousre.

  437. yeah im the same as Damo, ive had a flick through the 2008 but the only one i have is the 09.

  438. Steve Healy says

    my story is this:

    I got the 2008 Almanac for Christmas two years ago, and I read it all and then I contacted John and Paul over a year ago now telling them about why I love footy and that i’d love to write for the almanac

  439. Steve Healy says

    Its funny that there are only 30-40 writers in the 2007 almanac

  440. I’ll give you one at the footy if you want Damo? I have like 10 books each of the 2007 and 2008 versions.

    I’d give Danni a couple too..oh wait YOUR NOT GOING TO THE FOOTY!!

  441. Steve Healy says

    10 of each? how did you get all them?

  442. my very short story-
    wanted to be a lawyer= didnt work out
    always loved footy, worship sam lane= thought id be a journo.
    talked to a couple of teachers, one writes for the Almanav got me to contact Paul or John and thats pretty much it.

  443. Mine is the same story as Steve’s, except i got it just after christmas

  444. Damian Watson says

    Don’t worry about it Josh, I can always rely on the library anyway lol.

    I never thought I’d make it into the book especially sice I joined in Round 13 lol.

  445. Daff gave me a box of books when i was at his house, and it was full of Almanac’s, as well as other footy books.

  446. ….sorry josh..
    *sad face* :(

  447. Steve Healy says

    Didn’t you join in Round 12?

    Michael came before you but he didnt start talking to us till Round 18 or something

  448. Damo your the best writer out of the kids on here so it was no surprise that you got a spot in the book.

    That doesn’t cut it Danni, Mum said today that she was looking forward to meeting you again next month but no, your not going..

  449. Steve Healy says

    A box of footy books? wow

  450. naww :( lol we could have had the Manu/Luke Darcy gossip chat lol
    well she will see me at the launch! hopefully!

  451. Where’s Michael been lately anyway?

  452. Mikey? hes prob just avoiding me.

  453. Although i’d like to follow up that we are all very good at writing and specialize in certain areas, like how Steve is good at describing what is going on around him at the game and his stats, Damo is good at using old sayings and delivering a fair match report and his knowledge, Danni is good at…writing like a female and Michael is an all-rounder in my opinion. Haven’t seen a match report from Adam or the other Tiger teenagers so i can’t make an opinion yet.

  454. Steve Healy says

    how long will you be at the launch for this year? 5 minutes? lol

  455. So my mission of making you sad, breaking down and agreeing to come to the footy isn’t working?

  456. Steve Healy says

    Nah Mikey’s been on msn, but hes been busy lately so hasnt been on the almanac.

  457. Damian Watson says

    Sorry thats right round 12.

    lol I don’t think so Josh, you guys show more emotion than me, you know your facts and are more passionate about footy than I am so the reports from you guys reports are more enjoyable to read.

  458. lmao NO i think if its after exams that i should be FREEEEEEEEEE!! lol free to stay until its over.

  459. “Danni is good at…writing like a female”

    You’ll see reports from me eventually, and probably Dominic and Jeff and Susie too. And maybe some new people that haven’t come yet.

  460. Steve Healy says

    We know our facts? Damo your the clear-cut leader in our quiz

    thats bull Damo you are as passionate about footy as all of us

  461. hmmm well you guys all kick butt at stats and that stuff whereas i dont pay attention to that for me its about whats happening then and there if u get my drift.

  462. lol whats wrong with that Adam?

  463. Steve Healy says

    Yeah, im afraid that they’ll be too many new people.

    That was a bit harsh on Danni, Danni’s really good at showing emotion, even if it means spelling mistakes. When I read Danni’s reports I can imagine the tone really well and stuff like that

  464. Stats are more of a boy thing, I agree.

  465. Danni’s reports are more emotionally open and mention her feelings more I think.

  466. spelling mistakes! come on guys i’m not a doctor! LMAOO :p

  467. Lol, i meant it as in she writes like a typical female teenager (well, a lot better than your typical female teenager) and reading her reports are the most entertaining.

  468. Damian Watson says

    Yeah Danni is a very humerous writer, every report guarentees a laugh.

    Yeah but half of my answers were all cheats lol.

  469. Steve Healy says

    footy for me is about then and there as well, but I’ve just got an amazing memory that comes out sometimes- like now

    Round 1 2009

    Rich 9.13 67 to Carl 23.12 150
    Haw 16 7 103 to Geel 15.21 111
    Coll 13.8 86 to Adel 13.12 90
    St.K 12.8 80 to Syd 9.11 65
    BL 14.11 95 to WCE 13.8 86
    Melb 10.7 67 to NM 15.11 101
    PA 15.17 107 to ess 9.12 66
    FRE 13.16 94 to WB 25.7 157

  470. let me break it down.
    i like to write like im talking to my reader about whats going on in my head. i dont like to hold back and i say it as i think it.
    i even write my essays like that (more formally) but its a habit really, i cant write any other way.
    my style is ‘conversational’

  471. Damo you might not provide much emotion but you make up for it with your professionalism to writing and football.

    By the way, what am i good at when writing? I know Steve’s good with his stats and so on, but i can’t find an area in my writing and football knowledge that I specialize in lol

  472. Steve Healy says

    yeah Damo but you still remember moments from footy really well in the last 5 years and more

  473. 471-
    this is really what i said..sorry excuse the french and i dont normally say this but.

  474. Damian Watson says

    If you asked me that at a random time the chances of me recalling one of those scores are slimmer than a comet colliding with the moon.

  475. Love the 6th game in comment 471

    I’m looking forward to writing match reports as i see them in 2010 seeing as i now have a laptop so i can be on here and watching the game at the same time. It’ll improve my writing i think

  476. Josh i find that you like to draw back on past matches and you are good at comparing.

  477. I’m suspicious Steve, I can only remember the Richmond-Carlton match’s scoreline, unfortunately, from that round.

    However, I can remember the scorelines for the first 2 footy matches I ever went to.
    Essendon 14.10.94 to Richmond 10.15.75
    Richmond 24.11.155 to Brisbane 11.12.78

  478. I reckon we test Steve next month and see if he really can recall a match from last season.

    Lol Danni

  479. Steve Healy says

    Yeah I knew all of those, im sorry there’s no proof since we’re all on the internet.

  480. hahah lol Josh i swore in American.

  481. Damian Watson says

    I did that at the launch and 100% of Steve’s answers were right.

  482. By the way Adam, not sure if we’ve asked you before but how often do you attend matches?

    Thanks Danni, yeah i’d like to think that i can remember the past 5 matches between any two sides without looking it up on the net.

  483. True Damo but i could barely hear him, and i didn’t have a chance to prove myself against his knowledge due to the loud audio going on.

  484. i wouldnt put it past him..Steve a freak at that stuff!

    (sorry again!)

  485. I’m not lying when I said I remember that, although I can’t prove it. Ask me at the footy about the first 2 matches I went to. I think my ability to remember figures has regressed since then.

    I started crying in the last quarter of the Essendon match and Dad and me left early.

  486. That’s what my friend says to me when she swears lol

  487. Damian Watson says

    Josh is also well prepared for his matches and sums up all the critical moments perfectly.

    I’m curious Adam how did your family become Richmond supporters?

  488. Steve Healy says

    Round 2-
    Adel 10.9 69 to St.K 15.11 101
    Coll 17.15 117 to Melb 10.4 64
    Geel 15.15 105 to Rich 13.7 85
    Syd 22.11 143 to Haw 15.15 105
    CARL 18.11 119 to BL 15.10 100
    Ess 16.13 109 to Freo 10.11 71
    WB 11.14 80 to NM 9.11 65
    WCE 19.11 125 to PA 10.15 75

  489. I totally believe you Adam, i remember all of the scores of matches i’ve been too (that wouldn’t be hard though since i haven’t been to many)

  490. Steve Healy says

    Nah Damo I didnt get Adelaide V Sydney right, I gave Sydney one less behind

  491. 487- naaaawwwwwwwwwwwww thats cute :)

    490- steve dont make me swear again

  492. Steve Healy says

    I remember all of the scores of matches ive been to from 2007 onwards, but Ive been to too many to type them all

  493. I don’t go to matches as much as I’d like to, often things like basketball get in the way. I’ve started open age basketball and I’m quitting Saturdays at the end of this season, so I might be able to go to more, if my studies aren’t too time consuming.

  494. Steve Healy says

    i’ve been to 52 or 53 matches in the last two seasons

  495. Damian Watson says

    Well Steve I’ll give you a Bradman score 99.94% lol.

  496. Lol was just talking to Jeff on msn:

    “OMFG have you seen the pic of Adam’s thumb??” Lol

    Damo, it helps when i have a notebook full of every detail i see in a match.

  497. Steve Healy says

    cheers Damo lol

  498. Stevey how many goals did Superman kick against the Dees last season?

  499. I’m the only Richmond supporter in my family.
    I went for Richmond because my friend in Prep did. My dad’s a Cats fan and my brother’s a Bomber’s fan, because of Essendon’s success in 99-00. I guess that’s another factor in me not attending games that much.

  500. Steve Healy says

    4 in Round 2, 3 on queens birthday (I think)

  501. Adam are we going year 12 cliffjumping together during exam time? lol

  502. Damnnnnnn Superman like to bang em home against the Dees.

  503. Steve Healy says

    Round 3-
    Geel 18.14 122 Coll 13.17 95
    St.K 25.11 161 WCE 9.10 64
    Carl 16.16 112 ESS 17.14 116
    BL 15.10 100 SYD 9.13 67
    PA 22.15 147 Melb 14.6 90
    NM 10.9 69 Haw 19.9 123
    Fre 11.14 80 adel 16.8 104
    WB 16.14 110 Rich 8.15 63

  504. Senior High School student’s fears ranking:
    1. Exams
    2. Public Speaking
    3. Death

    The worst thing is that the time when exams are nearing coincides with the footy season finishing. It’s going to be a depressing time, I hate October/November. Except for the trade and draft week.

  505. Steve Healy says

    its all come undone! I got Adelaide’s score wrong, it was 15.14 not 16.8

  506. Comment 504- :O

    I think i might start writing a fake-match report. Oakley-Nicholls is gonna kick a bag :P

  507. I think you deliberately got one wrong so we’d think that you were being genuine the whole time before that, Steve.

    Yeah, he’s been kicking bags of cement at training to strengthen his legs :) :)

  508. that sums it up perfectly- comment
    im more scared of exams than death.
    yeah…im so not normal any more. lol

  509. Steve Healy says

    I always get the interstate ones wrong.

    I dunno Adam, is typing them in 3 minutes fast enough to convince you that im being genuine?

  510. Nah Adam trust me i have known Steve for a while..he really can recall that stuff.

  511. Steve, shut up, we know your good.

    I’m terrified of public speaking, i can’t even begin to tell you how nervous i was at the launch when Daff jokingly said that he would get me up there to talk about the country :| but i think working on the radio will help me a bit.

  512. Damian Watson says

    I think Year 12 exams are a tad overrated, there are plenty of stories of people failing and still becoming a success, exams aren’t the end of the world but in contrast I see why they are important especially when it’s hard to grab a spot in some uni courses.

  513. Steve Healy says

    yeah im scared of public speaking, but my romeo and juliet speech where I got 100% really raised my confidence

  514. Damian Watson says

    I love Public Speaking!!!!!! it’s feels empowering when you know everyone is listening to you lol.

  515. hahahahahahhahah nawwwwwwwwwww Joshyyy!!!
    pink cheeked, shy joshy!! :P

    its funny, tell me to say a specch and ill die from nervousness, but have me act on stage and ill sing and dance and love it.

  516. I agree with Damo, the best thing you can do in year 12 is to relax in my opinion, its not the end of the world if you fail, it just sets you back a bit but that adds to the challenge of making it as a writer or whatever. And that challenge sounds fun to me

  517. Lol, Danni, I hate speeches, but I love the feeling of just having done them, especially when there are still ppl yet to do them.
    I like to go early, but not first. Then everyone remembers yours most.

  518. i think its the factor of character transformation. after 2 years of Drama i was trained to completly become my character, on stage i wasnt danni i was my character..its hard to explain its more something that needs to be seen.

  519. Steve Healy says

    ill try round 4 now-

    BL 10.13 73 Coll 13.12 90
    Syd 12.12 84 Carl 9.13 67
    Haw 12.13 85 PA 17.13 115
    Adel 13.8 86 Geel 21.8 134
    STK 17.9 111 FRE 4.4 28
    NM 10.9 69 ESS 7.15 57
    Rich 13.14 92 Melb 14.16 100
    WC 17.14 116 WB 12.11 83

  520. I DON’T agree with Damo, public speaking makes me die. I had to do an ANZAC speech in primary school, there was plenty of “umms” and “uhhs”

  521. well Josh guess what!
    Adam and i have to present speeches for English in about a month i think for a VCE requirement which makes up a heaps of a grade….
    god help us

  522. Damian Watson says

    I suppose interviewing people at school helps you though.

    lol Danni would probably make a good Louis Lane cause then Superman would save her.

  523. nawwwwwwww Damo… :)
    thats the most romantical thing and sweetest thing anyone has ever said…

  524. I can’t even answer a phone call without having a nervous breakdown, imagine what i was like when John was waiting to talk to me on the phone and Anthony Stevens had called me! Turned out to be a good chat though with both of them

  525. Steve Healy says

    yeah same with me when John called me

  526. hhahahahah lmaoo ur like Candy (the phone thing)
    i think i would be okay with that cos…they cant see you lol.

  527. What’s Candy’s number? I’ll call her 8)

    Imagine when i have girls asking to call them, i just can’t do it. :|

  528. Damian Watson says

    When did John call you guys?

  529. I had a message on the phone from when i got home from school one day from him asking me to go on his radio program, then Dad called him back that night.

  530. hahahha lol Josh.
    just get some tips off Greg since he spend lots of time talking to ‘babeS’

  531. Yeah probs through text lol

  532. Steve Healy says

    John rang me up in about Round 9 telling me some stuff about the almanac and wishing me well and stuiff

  533. Damian Watson says

    Oh yeah John has the program on ABC radio.

    It’s going to be tough getting back into my routine on Monday!

  534. Steve Healy says

    I’m already in my routine!

  535. Yeah i’ve been trying to go to bed early and waking up early lately, but tomorrow isn’t going to help. St Kilda v Western Bulldogs replay of the Prelim Final is on tomorrow night

  536. Steve Healy says

    yeah I wanna record that, Melbourne V Freo from R10 1999 in on tonight, im recording that

  537. I go back to school the latest out of the teenagers, what a privelage 8) (well dunno about Dom)

  538. Steve Healy says

    oh yeah and following that is Essendon V Sydney, I think its the game where Lloyd kicked 13 goals

  539. lol i have huge folders everywhere, display folders, books, text books, novels, looseleaf stuff…its crazyy

  540. Damian Watson says

    It’s actually difficult for me to fall asleep certainly in recent weeks I probably turn the lights out 12:30 and then I can’t drift to sleep for two hours, probably a teenage thing lol.

  541. My locker is gonna look like this:

    1 Textbook
    6 96-page notepads

    How clean will it be?? Lol i don’t even own a pencilcase

  542. Not me, i’ve been going to sleep at about 2 and i fall asleep straight away, then usually wake up at about 3 to put the blanket on

  543. i even have exam prep folders.
    two folders for history!
    one for French Revolution one for Russian revolution…its gonna be a busy year

  544. Steve Healy says

    I only have my folder of score sheets

  545. Damian Watson says

    If I get another bottom locker this year I swear I will..

  546. im worried i wont be able to fit six huge folders, six display pockets,a note pad, a huge pile of looseleaf, like 8 text books 6 novels…..oh god

  547. Steve Healy says

    ive got a bottom locker lol it sucks so much its so hard to get down if theres someone using the locker above

  548. Do you fellow year 10 students have pencil cases? Random question..

  549. Steve Healy says

    ive got 6 novels too, 3 for literature and 3 for english. Luckily im not doin literature till next semester

  550. Steve Healy says

    yep, a Demons pencil case

  551. Damian Watson says

    Yeah but I’ve had it for about five years, can never be bothered to consider a new one.

  552. Steve Healy says

    I go through one a year cos ive got a habit of scribbling on them and breaking them

  553. I just carry around a pen in my pocket

  554. Steve Healy says

    what about other things like pencils, glue sticks and scissors?

  555. Damian Watson says

    don’t forget the rubber! lol

  556. Steve Healy says

    yeah and rubbers too lol


    yeah i 2!
    a smaller one with Tinkerbell on it and in the letters i spelt MRS JONAS.
    And a big pink Bolt Babe one.

  558. Well..

    In English you only need a pen
    In Maths you only need a pen and occasionally a calculator so i just carry that in with me
    In P.E you only need spare clothes
    In Science you only need a pen and a text book

    If we need additional stuff, usually the teacher brings out a tray of scissors and glue sticks, if not, i don’t do the work 8)

  559. What was so funny about that Danni? I laugh at the kids at my school who carry around diaries, folders, books, pencilcases and everything to class while me and my mates just rock up with a pen in our pockets and a rolled up notepad in our back pockets

  560. Damian Watson says

    The country is a very different place! lol just stating the obvious.

  561. How much more easier does it sound though Damo?

  562. Josh, i repeat i have 2 pencilcases! TWO
    and i have a display folder to go with the subject folder which also has display pockets and i CANT LIVE WITHOUT MY SCHOOL DIARY!

  563. Steve Healy says

    are they the only 4 things you have?

  564. You have it easy Josh.

  565. I’m sure things will change when i get to year 11 though

  566. Lol our homeroom teacher said to us to bring stuff like cutouts from mags to decorate our homeroom..little does he know im gonna bring Jack Anthony he’s a Bomber who always bags Collingwood so after he tried to give me a dodgey pin as a joke i bagged his tie lol.

  567. Damian Watson says

    Yeah it’s simple but I can imagine your reaction if you move to the city and have a job where it is all about organisation lol.

  568. True, and i’m planning on moving to the city ASAP, but i think i can adjust.

  569. ohhh and i bought those fluro post-it notes too! :)
    and i also make another copy of my timetable for my locker.
    yeahh IM A NERD I KNOW.

  570. Dodgy pins? Teachers who wear ties? Sorry, that’s just too weird for me.

  571. I have a pencil case and a folder for each subject. They’re zip folders so I keep the textbooks in there. Until this year, I barely used my planner, because I never got into the habit of using it.
    I wrote on my left hand :)

  572. Steve Healy says

    another time table? whatt????

  573. I don’t do this but I know a lot of ppl who stickytape timetables on the inside of their lockers.

  574. Steve Healy says

    I put the time table in my diary

  575. Damian Watson says

    Yeah I never really used the planner either, I managed to remember the homework anyway.

  576. We can ask for additional time tables but i remember my time table easily after a few weeks of it. I can still remember my timetable from semester 2 last year

  577. Steve Healy says

    Josh do you only do maths, science, english and PE?

  578. I rarely have homework coz i either finish it at school or the teacher forgets about it

  579. Last year i did. Thursdays were hell for me:


  580. Steve Healy says

    we have PE 6 periods a week this year, 1 of those is book work though but still its great

  581. yeah i have a timetable in my diary and one up in my locker. ;)
    yes the male teachers wear ties.
    some wear nice ties..i like blue and purple ties…

    Well I gotta bounce, get some revision done b4 bed. Shouldn’t have come on here, too much of a distraction!

  582. Yeah, see you on here tomorrow night Danni ;)

    Our male teachers wear shirts and shorts lol. Except the vice-principal

  583. Steve Healy says

    my school wears blue and gold ties

  584. The principal and male ass.principals wear ties at my school, but that’s pretty much all.
    Goodnight Danni, see you at the footy (i know youll end up going)

  585. Lol, do any of your teachers swear at you?

  586. Damian Watson says

    Yeah we also wear those ties.

  587. Agree with comment 586!

  588. Steve Healy says

    yeah Danni we all know your gonna come

  589. Steve Healy says

    we also wear blue and gold striped blazers/

    yeah a few of my teachers have sweared before

  590. Damian Watson says

    My Year 8 Maths teacher used blow up at some of the kids in my class, there were rumours he got sacked as a result lol.

  591. Lol, my old science teacher was being pestered by some kid in my class and he goes


  592. Steve Healy says

    some of my teachers have said: dont give me that shit! and stuff like thtt

  593. We always get that stuff from teachers lol, i love how teachers swear at us

  594. Damian Watson says

    My prep teacher once said that I didn’t deserve to achieve lol.

    I was watching the 1997 SF this morning and the Cats were absolutely robbed with some of the umpiring decisions.

  595. Steve Healy says

    yeah did u see the Leigh Colbert mark Damo? that was ridiculous


  596. Damian Watson says

    I know! why would the the umpire force a bounce, that was one of the marks of the year.

    Did you see Steven kick miss the lot from 10 metres out?

    At least I proved that teacher wrong by writing in a book and straight A’s.

  597. Ohh! Why did they say that Damo? Lol, imagine their face when they see your name commentating matches on the TV lol.

    I hate to think of finals involving Geelong, especially from the 90’s :|

  598. Steve Healy says

    nah I only watched the start of the game, and then I went to bed. But I remember the Liegh Colbert mark from the 90s DVD

  599. Damian Watson says

    hahah Josh the odds are that you will be the commentator on TV!

  600. Nah no way, i think i’m more suited to a radio commentary position since i don’t have the face for TV lol

  601. Damian Watson says

    Yeah it was on that DVD, Tim hargraves missed a sitter as well.

    Anyway cya guys I’m off.

  602. Cya

    I saw a cool DVD package the other day, it had 4 DVD’s packed with highlights of the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s AFL seasons.

  603. Steve Healy says

    theres a 60s DVD?

  604. Think so

  605. Steve does your school have a blue and gold dance or something???

  606. Baha, my opinion of Steve’s school just went down.

  607. nah its just that i think he goes to the same school as my cousin.
    i think…

  608. Steve Healy says

    yeah we do, whats your cousin’s name?

  609. Biggest Loser tonight :) :) :)

  610. Steve Healy says

    ah shut up Josh I wont be watchin any of it

  611. lol his name is the male version of mine.
    Danny Eid.

  612. Steve Healy says

    oh, you mean that cousin. what grade’s he in?

  613. year 12.
    hes the one whos embrassed my me at the

  614. Steve Healy says

    oh ok, i’ve never heard of him to tell you the truth though

  615. Hahaha Danny Eid, i’m gonna call you that now Danny.

  616. Lol he probably doesnt get into trouble then. lol
    i think u go to the same school cos he lives like 10 mins away from Chadstone and ive seen a school photo and he wears blue and gold blazers….
    i saw a photo last year it was like a whole school photo.

  617. Steve Healy says

    Dannyelle Eid

  618. Steve Healy says

    oh nice, you should look for me in it.

  619. Josh sorry to dissapiont you but im not a guy!
    DANNI not Danny.

  620. So how has your day been Danny? Been studying hard? 8)

    We stopped doing whole school photos in primary school, thank god

  621. Steve Healy says

    its funny how Danielle turns into Danni instead of Dani

  622. hahah lol i probably did see you not knowing it was you. lol

    nah its like this.
    the yallah part is lebo lol

  623. Alright i’ve moved on from Danny, your new name is Yallah

  624. well steve it used to be Dani but i like the double nn, more of a edge to it. :)

  625. ROFL joshyallah!

  626. What about Dannii like Dannii Minogue?

  627. Comment 627: Not funny!

  628. Steve Healy says

    all right. im looking at the year book from last year Danni, i can see the resemblance between you and your cousin lol

  629. Steve Healy says

    631- amount of goals Neita kicked in his career

  630. So you didn’t even notice that there was a year 12 with the surname Eid??

  631. we dont look that alike..hes like my 3rd cousin not even first cousins.

  632. 633- a number

  633. Steve Healy says

    nah I dont know any year 12’s

  634. lol might as well be Danniiii.

  635. I know every year 12 at my school.

    Nah its Yallah

    I’m going into the city lights of Waaia to collect my fish and chips soon.

  636. Steve Healy says

    at least I got the comment right Josh.

    really? well he still looks a bit like you

  637. Steve Healy says

    how many year 12’s are there? 10?

  638. Bout 22

  639. Not to mention each year 12 has there name printed across the back of their jumpers

  640. Steve Healy says

    yeah we have those as well at our school, Josh are you talking about year 12’s last year or year 12’s this year?

  641. LOL im getting ‘Pretty’ printed on my year 12 jumper…or ‘Jonas’ im still not sure.

  642. Year 12’s last year, but i could name about 15 of this years Twelvers

  643. Steve Healy says

    you should have something footy related

  644. One good thing about being a year 12.
    i finish at lunchtime every Tuesday.

  645. Steve Healy says

    hah thats funny we finish at 2:30 every tuesday!

  646. lol like what..
    if Superman didnt have such a normal surname..i cant have ANTHONY on the back..thats weird it could be anyone..theres heaps of Anthony’s and then Brown..thats wierd too.

  647. I finish at 3:22 every day, yeah beat that :|

  648. Have “Cuddlesandrainbows” across your back, although it might overlap onto the front lol.

  649. Steve Healy says

    why not just have superman?

  650. ….mmmm cos im not a man. lol
    ..i dont know it doenst work.

  651. Have “Jack <3" or something

  652. I just noticed <3 looks like an ice cream..

  653. 6:30 IS….FEDERER TIME!! :)

    omigosh..i should get Federer on the bak.

  654. lol i should get R. Federer
    on the bak.
    dont say getting cravings.

  655. Steve Healy says

    get FAB 5 on your back, FAB stands for federer, anthony, brown and the 5 represents nick maxwell

  656. i was even thinking of getting S.LANE
    but then people will call me SLANE…

  657. Great idea Steve!!

    6:30, Biggest Loser time! I think..

  658. lol Steve thats cute, but i dont wanna have to give a whole explaination to everyone thats asks! lol

  659. Haha your getting owned on SFF Steve

    Man, i think i’ve forgotten how to write with a pen, it’s been so long lol

  660. omg i should get Ralphylane

  661. Another reason the country wins over the city there, if you get FAB 5 on your jumper, then you only have 300 or so students asking what it means, not 3,000,000 students

  662. Steve Healy says

    um, no Josh, I dont think 3/4 of melbourne are students!

  663. Steve Healy says

    nah Danni get Fab 5 who cares if you have to explain

  664. Steve Healy says

    hmmm its 1 to 3 in the dream team- supecoach vote.

  665. im goona do Supercoach

  666. ages ago when i was in that frame of mind i was set on getting ‘Lawyer’ on the back.

  667. Steve Healy says


  668. ……………………..?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  669. hahaha Josh..i shoudl get ‘Hawtmess’ on the back!

  670. Steve Healy says


  671. ….are u ok Steve?

  672. OHHH i gtg Federer needs me!


  673. Steve Healy says

    yes im ok,

    dont you mean you need Federer? nah only jokin

  674. LOL YEAH that too
    LOVE YA FED!! :)

    helloooo…im liking the Jersey Boys!<3

  675. Finally back from Waaia, lol nah got back ages ago but was watching BL. Turns out the Waaia store was burgerled, they stole all the cigarettes. They are doing DNA tests and fingerprinting too, all over the loss of smokes!

  676. lol thats cos the Gov put up the price as a ploy to stop people from smoking so now people are nice work MR.Rudd.

    status – packing school bag and watching my tennis hubby. :P

  677. Oh how i love i don’t have school tomorrow 8) be jealous people

  678. Jeez Murray is holding his own

  679. yeah i know…might be a long night if Fed doesnt up his game and put Murray away soon.
    ps- still havent done re hw….oh crap

  680. Steve Healy says

    Federer’s got it in the bag

  681. Flawless forehand by Federer!!
    its he amazingly gorgeous!!

  682. Status – got no homework coz i go back tuesday instead of tomorrow. 8)

    Oh and i’ll be taking a camera to the footy next month, just to show Danni what she misses out on. Like pictures of Swallow in the rooms..

  683. Danni – If you’ve got no idea what to put on your year12 jumper, just put NO EIDEA ;) Definitely not Jonas.

    I’m satisfied at the mo coz I just finished my oral presentation draft which we had to do over the holidays.

    Will have to prepare and pack my stuff for school later tonight…

  684. kool whats ur oral on?

    why guys dont know this buy i basically became ‘jonas’ to my classmates in year ten, they called me Jonas by name.

  685. Mum’s doing shopping and stuff for my school clothes and books tomorrow while me and a mate are gonna go to the cinemas or go play pool in the bowling alleys.

  686. Steve Healy says

    play pool in the bowling alleys? does that mean using hitting the balls down the bowling alley lol

  687. No there are pool tables at the bowling place. I didn’t mean we would play IN the bowling alley lol

  688. My oral is on the issue “Should parents have the right to smack their children?” You?

    Pool is fun. I have a pool table at my house, I play regularly with my dad.

    I had my open age bball tonight…lost 74-27 :( I wasn’t too bad in a losing side, but I got 5 fouls.

  689. What is your opinion on that matter Adam? I believe parents should be able to do what they want to their kids (nothing too-violent though) as a smack on the bum works more then a stern talking too as they remember the smack better than the words.

  690. my issue is …(dont laugh u guys)
    Issue- negativity towards women’s role in sports.
    That in sports, women’s opinions and roles should be respected and taken just as seriously as mens.

  691. 691- ROFL hahahhha
    Josh you sound like u have 4 kids.

  692. Oh but i do Danni 8)

    And i agree with yours too, i hate how men make women feel unsure in sport. Women should be allowed to play football and rugby, and at schools they should be included with open arms as much as the boys are.

  693. Lol, my opinion is that smacking isn’t the most ideal solution, but it is completely ridiculous and pointless to ban it.

    This woman in the Herald Sun who wants to ban smacking is an absolute parrot.

  694. Steve Healy says


    gotta go guys be on tomorrow

  695. Did you use to play any sport Danni?

    I feel uncomfortable playing footy with girls, because I feel awkward about tackling them.

  696. I played against two girls in footy a couple of years ago, it was hard to not tackle them and sort of let them go, but they weren’t that good so it didn’t matter. We won by 51 goals or something that day 8)

  697. lol thanks Josh.
    im worried my english teacher might reject my issue..if she does im gonna cry.

    lol Josh what are ur kid’s names?

  698. ..But also about 4 years ago there was a girl playing in the Ruck for another team and she dominated and tackled me and landed right on top of me, it was a painful experience so the girls do have the ability to serve it up to the boys. Not to mention that girls look alright in footy shorts

  699. Blanket, Pillow, Doona and Curtain

  700. yeah i played bat tennis and netball for two years.
    i used to play footy with the guys at lunchtime in grade 6 lol they never went for the FULL tackle…or maybe i was too fast i dont know :P

    ROFLLL- 701

    ohh well Boys look damn good in footy shorts too.


  702. If i see a girl i like, i’d tackle her pretty hard 8)

    Im wearin footy shorts right now! White ones

  703. LOL be scared though!
    if a dude tackled me hard id be like

    i was attached to my netball skirt…
    i loved that skirt. :(

  704. I’ve worn 3 different pairs of footy shorts today and 2 different footy jumpers.

    I don’t think you would be worried that he was trying to kill you Danni..

    Wish Andy Murray would hurry up and win :|

  705. My dad plays netball with some people (both sexes) in a work competition. I filled in for their team when I was on work experience. :|

  706. lol dont go there…..

    EXCUSE ME!! noo wayy My tennis Hubby is gonna win!! hes so cuteeeeeeeeeee

  707. Where did you do work experience?

  708. If Andy wins the next two sets you’ll get to see more of him :)

  709. My dad’s work in the city, he works at a law place. I tried about 4 or 5 other places.
    I saw Luke Power in the city that week. Twice.

  710. This was when I was in year 10 by the way.

  711. Federer in baby blue….
    Hawtttt damnnnnnn that guy is gorgeous!
    and how he talks in interviews….ohhhhhhh!!! :)
    *heart melting*

  712. Why does Federer always wear blue? I saw him warm up with a black shirt on and it suited him.

    What was Luke Power doing in the city? I remember when my Dad bumped into his cousin at the footy a couple of years ago. A 39,000 crowd too

  713. Josh, Federer is so fine he can pull of a paper bag if he wore one!
    buddy hell! hes a heck of a stunner that Roger :)

  714. The first time he was just in the street, leaning against a wall. I walked past him without even looking at him, then a guy from my dad’s work who I was with said “hey guess who we just went past?” “who?” “luke power” *turns around quickly*

    The second time he was talking to this guy in a suit in the foyer of my dad’s office building. My friend Dean was really excited when I told him, he’s a Brisbane fan.

  715. Pull off a paper bag if he wore one? Imagine if he lost, i can hear the waterworks now 8)

    *turns around quickly* << I wouldn't say that, Michael will get angry with you :|

    But that's awesome, Power is one of the most underrated players in the AFL

  716. …dean?
    please say its Dean Geyer

  717. dont say that..if he cries im gonna cry….
    :( my rogi!!!

  718. Why would Michael get angry?

    It’s surprising how underrated Power is considering he played in 3 premierships…although I’d say an even more underrated player, possibly one of the most in the league, would have to be Tyson Edwards. He’s the Nikolay Davydenko of the AFL.

  719. What about Dean Laidley? No one ever cares to think of Laidley! :|

  720. Yeah Edwards as well, i bet they are highly regarded in their respected states though.

    For some reason Michael hates when people say *looks back quickly* or *starts running quickly* or whatever. Oh and he doesn’t like the use of emotions when not necessary.


  721. nawww oh he knows i love its funny if he did know

  722. guys I better go and give my full attention to roger..he needs me at courtside pronto!


  723. Boo Fed

    Have fun at school tomorrow 8)

  724. That was an epic last set tiebreaker.

  725. I’ll second that.

    It’s a shame Murray lost in straight sets, I felt sorry for Murray when he was choking back tears during his speech.

    My bro David was complaining about how Murray left without thanking anybody, even the fans, because “it suggests he didn’t care about them coming all the way to watch him”. *roll eyes*

  726. Yeah, when you come that close to winning a tournament its gotta be heart-wrenching.

    At least Murray found humour in himself crying.

    Apparantly the Cricket was very controversial tonight because the bowler took a bite of the ball (therefore tampering with it) and someone in the crowd tackled a Paki player. I didn’t see it though

  727. Supercoach is here!! I’ve already made my team, pretty awesome actually, i got what it takes to win it this year 8)

  728. I believe i told you about the cricket Josh 8)

  729. hey guys, supercoach today!, i created a league for us almackers only- its called Almanac 16, the code is : 838251

  730. Oh ok Dom, i think i was gonna organize a league with Daff but saves me the trouble now lol.

  731. Cheers Dom. Just joined.

    Just survived day 1 of year 12…got allocated a bottom locker :(

    My friend Dylan was the 4th person in the world to sign up for DT, and the 8th for SC.

  732. Damn, i can’t view your teams until Round 1 starts.

  733. Me and Jeff logged onto SC at about 12:03 lol, we so need to get a life, waiting up until midnight to join a football competition.

  734. I posted something in our physche out thing too lol.

    Just wondering, should i email Daff the league code for this Almanac league for some of the oldies to join?

  735. Yeah Dylan’s as hardcore as you can get…he came 165th overall in DT last year.

  736. Steve Healy says

    I’m home. Could I make a dream team league for us as well?

  737. Seems like a good idea to me.

    As I said in the league chat, don’t let Sheedy into the league unless we can’t fill it.

  738. NO!

  739. According to the schools page I was the 6th person at my school to sign up for Supercoach, coz I’m 6th on the list.

  740. Steve Healy says

    Just joined supercoach, it looks better this year

  741. Lol me and Jeff were the first two to sign up, we only got 5 kids on our school list, but its a great introduction.

  742. Steve Healy says

    my school isnt on the supercoach list, but it is on the dream team list :)

  743. Steve Healy says

    Oh, you’ve gotta be kidding, work experience is full at the age!

  744. When I said “seems like a good idea to me” I meant to Josh’s comment on emailing Daff, not to Steve’s comment on making a DT league.

  745. Herald Sun have spots open.

  746. Steve Healy says

    yeah, im sure they do Josh!

  747. Already facing dilemma’s with my team, dunno whether to trade Trengove for Scully. Or maybe i should get rid of Morabito for Scully.

  748. The most represented team in my team is North Melbourne and Sydney, both with 4 players. I didn’t pick a player from Collingwood or Port Adelaide.

  749. Theres a lot of good midfield rookies…all of the top 5 picks are potential SC players.
    I picked 1 Collingwood player…Shae McNamara as my 4th ruck, which I won’t use.
    My most represented team was Richmond with 4. The only team I have none of at this stage is Freo.
    I think during the next month we’ll change a lot though.

  750. My captain at this point is Paul Chapman, vice is Marc Murphy. That’ll probably stay the same as we enter Round 1

  751. Damian Watson says

    Hey guys,

    Still can’t believe what happened at the cricket last night, what Shahid Afridi did was bizzare with that biting incident but it isn’t the first time he has been caught doing something stupid on the cricket field.

    I’m also bamboozled about how that streaker managed to snaeak away from 20 security guards, it had the potential to be dangerous, imagined if he carried a weapon.

    I didn’t put Ablett in my supercoach side last year which ultimately cost me lol.

  752. I haven’t got Ablett in my side, but i still think the midfield is great. Marc Murphy, Anthony Morabito, Jack Ziebell, Ben McGlynn and Joel Selwood, with Jake Melksham and Ben Cunnington in reserve.

  753. First Almanac Post.

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