Round 8 – Sal’s Preview: No Mummy for Mother’s Day

Greetings All,


It is straight into the footy after an exhausting Anzac round!


Horse Tales ($2.62) vs Management Speak ($1.60)


Big Joe is fine young colt and prone to injury, however being managed out of the team this week doesn’t sound quit right comng off an 8 day break from Anzac Day and into another 8 days before the Bombers next appointment.  It probably says more about the state of the Swans and that Essendon think this is a game they can afford to not have their best weapon in.  The Swans only have the one weapon and he is still injured.  They have not been able to defend the SCG in recent times and suspect they will have that trouble again.


Sovereign Hill ($1.74) vs Ready to Rayne ($2.32)


The Dogs could not have picked a better opponent to host in Ballarat on a rainy 13 degree day than Brisbane.  They certainly showed their capability against the Tigers last week and that their best is very good, by the same token Rayner and the other young Brisbane players have taken their game up a level and shown more consistency.  The location and elements might be against them, but I trust Brisbane more so picking them to take home the gold from this one.


Kreuze Control ($8.00) vs Big Ed ($1.13)


The Blues had no need to respond to Ed’s comments, he incensed enough of the fans who took his bait in a single gulp.  They get their most important player back in Matthew Kreuzer, the Blues have been poor since he left the ground two weeks ago in Launceston.  Is it enough to beat the Pies, highly doubtful.


Using your Witts ($3.15) vs Not Quite Gawn ($1.45)


The Demons breathed life back into their season with an ugly win over the Hawks and head north to the Mansion.  Their hosts battled against the premiers last week and are in more consistent form than Melbourne.  The contest between Witts and Gawn will go a long way in determining this contest.  Picking the Suns to shine, being at home and reckon their defense is going better than Melbourne’s.


Life’s Rozee ($2.36) vs Charddy Sippers ($1.72)


Showdowns are games where form is not a major factor to consider, it is more about intent and motivation in these games.  Sometimes it is also down to the talent on the ground, Port have suffered here losing Wines and Ebert to injury.  While the Crows have lost Gibbs he has not been as vital a cog in their set up.  We saw a couple of glimpses of Rozee magic last week – can he match Eddie’s miracles at the other end?  Reckon Eddie will see more opportunities this week and the Crows to prevail.


Mr Parker ($2.42) vs FTBB? ($1.68)


Last year the Eagles were able to rise above their reputation as flat track bullies to win the flag, the ledger is balanced this year beating the Pies at the G but losing to Port at home.  The symptoms are reappearing though so this week is important to them.  The Saints will be keen to maintain their spot in the eight after a great start to the season, they lost to Adelaide in the Loungeroom and can ill afford to lose another at home.  Not sure life has been sparked into the Eagles, Matthew Parker has sparked the Saints and I reckon they will come out blazing in this one.


Got the Jump ($3.95) vs Purring ($1.32)


Things are going pretty well at Geelong if are squealing for a home final this early in the season!  A good test for them this week against North in the Loungeroom.  The Roos jumped Carlton last week and put the game away early, a relatively predictable result in response to the pounding received in the media the week before.  They need to bring that intensity every week not just when the spotlight beams on them.  They were able to shutdown Cripps last week, the Cats have a few more weapons in the midfield to look after than the Blues.  That should give Geelong the edge in this one.


Lobbed In ($1.68) vs A Bit Roar ($2.44)


Rory Lobb has come in perfectly as the sun sets on Herman’s time in the game.  His Dockers host the Tigers who were picked apart by the Dogs last week.  Their loss of personnel seemed to take its toll last week, Vlastuin and Rioli have been added to the absentees.  The other issue is that Dusty is not playing with the presence of 2017 and 2018.  Is he carrying niggles or are motivation levels not as high?  The Tigers are good at regrouping and are not afraid of a road trip, however Freo have been impressive this year and dominant at home so are my selection.


A Bit Rough ($2.56) vs Mummified ($1.63)


A Mother’s Day match without Mummy will be a challenge for the Giants as will a Hawthorn outfit smarting from a loss to the Demons.  So much so they have dropped Jarryd Roughead, pretty tough after he helped set the tone for the comeback against the Blues a week earlier.  Always method in Clarkson’s madness though and can he drives his Holden well enough to keep in front of the Maserati whose driver is prone to a few mishaps.  Expect that the Giants will win this, they need to show they are capable on this ground.


Friar Time


Massive wins for the Senior teams last week beating Hawthorn by 100+ in both encounters.  This week is the big test up travelling down Donny Road to Leeds St against Yarra OG who are sitting second on the ladder also undefeated.  The Under 23s travelled to St Bernards and were competitive against one of the stronger outfits in the competition, this week they host Old Camberwell.  The girls kick the dew off earlier against Old Carey after a tough win over Aquinas last week.


Go Blues, Go Friars


Cheers, Sal



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  1. george smith says

    Getting worried about Pies v Showponies, I fear that they will do a “Rocky” on our mob just to prove they’re not a bum. Eddies comments didn’t help, how many times have we seen a Collingwood president go the Kennett/Elliot routine, only for our opponent to turn into the junkyard dog. Yet again, I’m looking at YOU Fitzroy!

  2. george smith says

    Yeah, yeah Carlton, we ged it…

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