Almanac Art: Footy grounds and their grandstands

Mike Hugo likes to capture iconic Australian footy venues in creative ways.

These are available as art prints, and they also look very sharp on T-shirts and other products.

Have a look at

Here are three:

Michael Hugo Brunswick St


Michael Hugo Glenferrie


Michael Hugo Alberton

About Mike Hugo

Occasional contributor, illustrator of Footy Places and other things (see my web store below).


  1. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    If you are really keen, you can get the quilt cover.

    Highly recommended.

  2. Jennifer Muirden says

    Mike, I adore your graphic designs, especially of the iconic footy grandstands! I’m wondering if you will ever get around to doing one of the true spiritual home of the mighty Saints the original Moorabbin Oval in Linton Street, Moorabbin? I’d proudly display one of this framed piece on my wall.

  3. Saw a great little grandstand the other day. It’s @ Chiltern in NE Victoria, built 1879. It is a slovely a grandstand as you’d see in a month of Sundays. There’s one that’s worthy of being captured as an iconic Australian footy venue.


  4. Swish, something for those looking to upgrade from their ’81 VFL bedspread.

  5. Thanks Jennifer. Good news, I have done Moorabbin albeit in a different style. It’s part of Footy Places Vol. II on the web store.

  6. Dave Brown says

    And, of course, for the true connoisseur there is the Parade, featuring the infamous western grandstand brick wall (he types sipping from his Parade mug)

  7. Jennifer Muirden says

    Hi Mike, I certainly noticed the ‘street design map effect’ Moorabbin graphic in your Footy Places Vol.II but somehow it doesn’t excite me as much as your grandstand pieces. Anyway, I will continue to keep an eye on your website for new items that may evoke memories for me. Keep up the great work!

  8. Beautiful designs Mike. As a Hawthorn supporter, I love the ‘Glenferrie’. Cheers

  9. Thanks Glen – it’s certainly a quaint little stand.

  10. Cheers Sasha. The Tuck Stand is a beauty.

  11. Plenty to like in these images that gently remove the movement and action of footy and leave us to ponder, rather than barrack.

  12. Just love them, give me more!!!

  13. Couldn’t have said it better myself Vin.

  14. Love these, Mike. Feel the need to snap up a North Hobart and an Arden St. If only the Arden St came in an iPhone case!

  15. Thanks Rob – I’d be happy to add the Arden St iPhone case for you. Because there are so many phone models it’s difficult to get the design to suit everything. If you want to drop me an email we can go from there, [email protected]

  16. Mike
    I am looking forward to taking delivery of an Arden St tee-shirt.

  17. Fantastic, thanks Smokie – Is that the old gasometer!?

  18. Great stuff Mr Hugo, I love the idea and the results! With Sasha, your Glenferrie is captivating. Agree with Vin’s observation as well. I’m in and I’m spreading the word.


  19. Thanks Rick, appreciate it.

  20. Chris Bracher says

    Mike. Magnificent.
    As a rusted-on Blood, I wonder if there is any chance of a Lakeside Oval depiction in Footy Places vol 1 style…..
    I’m spreading the word also.

  21. Thanks Chris – the redevelopment of Lakeside has made it a bit difficult to get an accurate footy-era view. I’m gradually working my way around to the other grounds but I’ll try to revisit it.

  22. Love your work Mike.
    ‘Alberton’ in particular for a snapshot of that windswept, suburban Sparta. ‘Brunswick’ took me back twenty years to the two days of cricket I played there twenty years ago. They’re all great.

    As you’re an Adelaidean, is there any chance of Beautiful University Oval?
    I’m sure they’d sell prolifically, even more so if Bob Neil-endorsed. – This is a decent pic.

  23. Thanks for the kind words Tom. I’ve had a few requests for the Uni Oval so it’s definitely something I’ll take a look at. Being affiliated with an amateur club I’d be happy to donate my proceeds if they were interested.

  24. Dave Brown says

    Get Rulebook behind it and everyone in Adelaide will have one by Xmas

  25. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Hi Mike love the concept and yes Adelaide Uni fc would be more than interested great stuff,Mike
    ( yes I will have a crack,Dave )

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