Footy IQ: How well do you know Melbourne’s footy ovals?

After causing some head-scratching (and head-aches) amongst Adelaideans earlier this month, I now turn your attention to the well-known footy ovals scattered across Melbourne’s suburbs (and beyond).


To test just how unique they are, I’m wondering how many of you can recognize Melbourne’s footy ovals by their shape and orientation alone?


Melbourne footy ovals by Mike Hugo


Clues: North is ‘up’ and in alphabetical order the footy grounds are; Arden Street, Docklands, Glenferrie, Kardinia Park, the MCG, Moorabbin, Princes Park, Punt Road, Victoria Park, Waverley, the Whitten Oval, and Windy Hill.

About Mike Hugo

Occasional contributor, illustrator of Footy Places and other things (see my web store below).


  1. A – Whitten Oval
    B – Princes Park
    C – Kardinia Park
    D – MCG
    E – Glenferrie Oval
    F – Moorabbin
    G – Windy Hill
    H – Arden St
    I – Docklands
    J – Victoria Park
    K – Punt Road
    L – Waverley aka Arctic Park

    Now, do you get bonus points if you do it with Google Earth?

    And shame of shames Mike, you left out the Brunswick Street Oval – Home of The Roy Boys

  2. 5/12 The Wrap. Fair call on Brunswick St. Perhaps it takes the spot of Docklands to retain the 3×4 presentation?

  3. Which ones did I get Mike?

  4. Wrap, you got A, B, D, E & G.

  5. Barkly St End says

    I’m thinking J must be Waverley.

  6. Correct, Barkly St End. Sure you would’ve got A too.

  7. H – Moorabbin.

  8. Sorry Ed, H isn’t Moorabbin – but you’re not too far away.

  9. A-WO/KP
    B-Princes Pk
    G-Windy H
    H-Vic P
    J-VFL Pk
    K-Punt Rd

  10. Hey John – you’ve A (WO) to G correct, as well as I & J. Would’ve backed you to get Punt Rd!

  11. John, you also have L correct.

  12. Oh wow! Pretty pumped!! Have to admit Moorabbin/Arden St were a bit lucky! Punt Rd/Vic Park! Gah

  13. Why isn’t PCO in there? Are you sure E is Glenferrie? I thought the box itself would be half the size!

  14. PCO (Preston?) might have to wait for the expanded edition, Rick. E is Glenferrie, it would fit inside most grounds.

  15. charlie brown says

    Any idea of Glenferrie’s dimensions?

  16. Another two you missed Mike – The Lakeside & Junction Ovals.

  17. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Mike has done the Lake Oval Mr Wrap, just in another form

  18. Eat your heart out Geoffrey Smart.

    Easy to pick that way too.

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