Second Port of call: The Power’s best 22 from another club

I’ve taken the baton from my fellow South Aussie at the corner of West Lakes Boulevard and Port Road and headed towards Alberton, as I attempt to name the Power’s best 22 players that started at another AFL club. Port Adelaide’s AFL life began in 1997, so on the eve of its 20th AFL season this task may sound difficult. But with the ability to sign 12 un-contracted AFL players upon entry and some wise recruiting since, the result is a pretty formidable side. Consider it ’04 Premiership experience meets Hinkley era excitement.

There are 14 clubs represented, with Essendon being the gift that keeps on giving for Port with six former players making my team. In looking at all eligible players, it also turns out every AFL club has sent at least one player to Alberton. The ‘come home’ factor for former Port Magpies has also been handy. You will also notice I’ve picked Charlie Dixon, who is yet to play a game, but I like the cut of his jib.

Like the other mob, forward line first:

F              S. Cummings (Ess)            J. Schulz (Rich)                  A. Monfries (Ess)

HF          M. White (Rich)                 P. Ryder (Ess)                     B. Pickett (NM)

C              J. Mahoney (Coll, WB)     J. Schofield (WC)               J. Polec (Bris)

HB          B. Montgomery (WB)        S. Paxman (Fitz)                D. Hardwick (Ess)

B             M. Bishop (Mel)                  D. Wakelin (Adel, StK)     G. Wanganeen (Ess)

1R           M. Primus (Fitz)                 B. Ebert (WC)                      J. Carr (Fre)

Int          C. Dixon (GC)  J. Hombsch (GWS)  C. Cockatoo-Collins (Ess)  B. Lyle (WC)

Coach: J. Cahill (Coll)

Unlucky: N. Krakouer (GC) D. Rodan (Rich) A. Heuskes (Syd) S. Breuer (Geel) S. Bond (WC)


Technically Carr & Krakouer didn’t start at another club, but they went away and came back which is good enough for me.

John Cahill is the only coach to have prior senior experience at VFL or AFL level.

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