Get in line: The next 18 AFL Premiers

Much of the Grand Final talk this week has been about how long the Bulldogs have waited for another premiership, with the common theme being it’s their turn.

So in the spirit of these feelings of fairness, here’s how the next 18 AFL Premiers should look to make sure everyone gets a go:

Club Next Premiership Last Premiership (or entered AFL if none) Wait
Western Bulldogs 2016 1954 62 years
Melbourne 2017 1964 53 years
St Kilda 2018 1966 52 years
Richmond 2019 1980 39 years
Fremantle 2020 (1995) 25 years
Carlton 2021 1995 26 years
Adelaide Crows 2022 1998 24 years
North Melbourne 2023 1999 24 years
Essendon 2024 2000 24 years
Brisbane Lions 2025 2003 22 years
Port Adelaide 2026 2004 22 years
West Coast Eagles 2027 2006 21 years
Collingwood 2028 2010 18 years
Gold Coast Suns 2029 (2011) 18 years
Geelong Cats 2030 2011 19 years
GWS Giants 2031 (2012) 19 years
Sydney Swans 2032 2012 20 years
Hawthorn 2033 2015 18 years

Due to three clubs having not yet won a premiership (Fremantle, Gold Coast and GWS), I thought it only fair that they get one in before the club that won it in each of their first seasons. This disrupts the order a bit so it’s no longer just a matter of who has waited the longest.

Everyone happy, or should we really make Hawthorn wait at least 62 years for another?

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  1. Earl O'Neill says

    Richmond in 2019 is a tad optimistic.

  2. Now that its all sorted – let’s go watch some local footy

  3. Cat from the Country says

    In ya dreams. Geelong will get another before I am 82!

  4. Dave Brown says

    The latter. But while I’m here I’d like to know how long should be considered a “premiership drought”. Last weekend the local press was describing Sturt’s 14 year wait as a drought. When you should expect to wait 10 years I reckon it should be at least 20 years before it is officially a drought. Although that would mean 36 years in the AFL which is quite a long time.

  5. We waited 17 years between 1991 and 2008 so we can wait another 17 after the run we’ve had. But we won’t.


  6. Well that’s a 100% strike rate so far. Well done Doggies.
    Thanks all for the comments.

  7. That is pure Bob Murphy love. I’m shedding a tear again…

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