Almanac Teams: A Team of Garys

What has happened to all the Garys? Phil Dimitriadis remembers some of the finest.

Almanac Teams: A Team of What The’s – Le La De Da

Inspired by a suggestion from Mathilde de Hauteclocque, Phil Dimitriadis picks a team of la le de – you’ll get the picture. Translations and other nominations welcome.

Almanac Teams: Three-letter surnames

Three, it’s the magic number. Here’s Phil Dimitriadis’ side filled with players whose surnames contain fewer than four letters and more than two. Let us know your suggested additions.

Grand Final – West Coast v Collingwood: Omens and a sea of heartache

The omens were there for Phil Dimitriadis. Whether it was the nutless cat or the banner or the mood of trains, for months, days and then hours it pointed to another Collingwood loss in a grand final. [You’ll recognise this phenomenon, especially if you’re a Pie. And everyone will appreciate the song – JTH]

Almanac Teams: The Unluckiest Magpies

Collingwood is in another Grand Final. This is a prospect which fills any knowing Magpie with equal parts anticipation and dread. Phil Dimitriadis taps into his well of Magpie pain to look at the unlucky many who have come up short on that One Day in September.

Pies back in September

They’re your team’s first, last, everything – they’re Collingwood and without them, everyone else would have nothing [sorry, got caught up in spite of myself – Ed.] Phil Dimitriadis is up and about.

Friday the 13th!: A team of number 13’s

A team of number 13’s, what do you think?

 Almanac Teams: Dick Lee Medalists – A Team of 13s

With Friday the 13th looming this week, Phil Dimitriadis has assembled a spooky team of 13’s. What do you make of it Almanackers?

Almanac Funny Teams – A Team of Top-Notch 12s

Phil Dimitriadis thinks the number 12 is one of the most symbolic numbers in human history. What do you think of his team of No. 12’s?

Almanac Teams: The Peter Frampton Medalists – a team with unfulfilled potential

Selected by our teams’ specialist, Lord Bogan, here’s a team of players who didn’t live up to their early form. Your suggestions?

Almanac Teams – Most Disliked

Controversy corner here from Phil Dimitriadis; in a deviation from his recent numerical-based sides here is a team of disliked (to some) players.

Almanac Teams – Exceptional Elevens

He’s back! After a tsunami of Almanac Teams concepts, Phil Dimitriadis has continued on his numbers theme – this time going up to eleven.

A Team of Charmers

Come on Knackers! Phil asks, which footballers turned you on and why?

Almanac Teams: A team of coaches

Phil Dimitriadis is at it again – this time with a mighty team of masterminds and motivators. Don’t THINK about checking out this team, DO check it out!

Almanac (Footy) Poetry: April 25th 2018

Phil Dimitriadis is moved to poetry by the significance of the moment and the Pies’ performance at the MCG on Anzac Day. The afternoon has prompted much contemplation.

Almanac Teams – Terrific Tens

A perfect 10 is hard to beat (unless you’re in Spinal Tap), so it goes without saying that Phil Dimitriadis’ team of 10s would give any side a run for their money

Almanac Teams: Notable Number 9s

Phil Dimitriadis is up to assembling the top number 9’s in his latest team. What do you think – would you throw anyone else in there?

Almanac Teams: The Best Baldies

Phil Dimitriadis has assembled the best baldies in his latest line up – what do you make of it?

Round 7 (2017) – Collingwood v Carlton: Calling time on the Toorak Boys’ Club

Phil Dimitriadis wrote this after Round 7 last year. Timely to dig out out:

It’s been long enough, Collingwood. Phil Dimitriadis has seen enough. And he is wise enough to look to those who use the metric of playing winning football to measure footy success.

Almanac Teams: The raking left-footers

This will generate some interest. Phil Dimitriadis’s team of raking left footers. And it’s a good question he asks.