Friday the 13th!: A team of number 13’s



Dick Lee Medalists: A Team of 13s


Like number 12 in the previous installment, the number 13 is infused with symbolism and superstition.


With Friday the 13thlooming this week, I wonder how Almanackers feel about the notion of bad luck with regards to certain numbers?


As rational and evolved as we think we are, would we still tempt fate and walk under a ladder on Friday the 13th?


Dick Lee was one of Collingwood’s early legends. Lee was a high flier as indicated by this iconic pic, but he was also a prolific goal-kicker (707 goals) and durable (230 games between 1906 to 1922).


13 can be lucky for some. Michael Long changed from number 4 to number 13 in 1991 and became an Essendon champion, while more importantly taking a stand against racial sledging on and off the field. His legacy has changed the way we think about the game and how we think about ourselves, our game and our history.


Over to you Knackers: Who are your favourite number 13s and why?



B: Brett Voss (Bris/StK)                   Rod Carter (Syd)                    Tendai Mzungu (Freo)


HB: Mil Hanna (Carl)                       Tom Lonergan (Geel)    John Law (Nth Melb)


C: Martin Pike (Bris)           Daniel Giansiracusa(WB)              Adem Yze (Melb)


HF: Adam Schneider (Syd/Stk) Jack Howell (Carl)          Paul Dear (Haw)


F: Taylor Walker (Adel)                  Dick Lee (Coll)            Alex Ruscuklic (Fitz/Carl)


RUCK: Gary Cowton (Nth Melb) Michael Long (Ess) Phil Egan (Rich)


IC: Dale Thomas (Coll) Luke Shuey (WC) Leo Little (University) Darren Williams (Ess)


Coach: Alan Richardson

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About Phillip Dimitriadis

Carer/Teacher/Writer. Author of Fandemic: Travels in Footy Mythology. World view influenced by Johnny Cash, Krishnamurti, Larry David, Toni Morrison and Billy Picken.


  1. Rabid Dog says

    Malcolm Blight (Woodville).

  2. Shane John Backx says

    Laurie Hill Collingwood and Preston VFA Liston Trophy winner

  3. Danielle says

    Dale Thomas,
    Each time we play carlton I just dislike him more and more….
    Much prefer taytay Adam’s thanks !

  4. G’day Phil.

    Gary Cowton as a ruckman ???? He was a 6 footer, who played wing, half back.

    I’m trying to think of rucking 13’s but from your line up Paul Dear, or ‘Tex’ Walker would be most suitable. I might do some thinking on this.


  5. Robert Allen says

    It’s notable that when the VFL first introduced numbers in 1912 some players swapped their jersey with a team mate so they didn’t have to wear the dreaded “Devil’s number”. Roy Cazaly at St Kilda wasn’t superstitious – he’d been born on a Friday the 13th – and was happy to wear the number that year.

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