Almanac Teams – Super 6s: Standing on the Shoulders of a Giant

The number 6 has special significance to Phil Dimitriadis, thanks to his beloved brother Tim.

Almanac Teams: Greatest Number 5s

Phil Dimitriadis brings up his fifth numeric side, another ripper. He welcomes any further suggestions.

Almanac Teams: Great Number 4s

A cracking, attacking team of #4s from Phil Dimitriadis.

Almanac Teams: The Greatest Number 3s

Phil Dimitriadis returns to proper footy teams. What do you think of his team of 3s?

Almanac Teams: Hollywood FC

Phil Dimitriadis’ latest team comes from the leading men of Tinseltown. Give us your picks and memorable quotes.

Almanac Teams: A Cavalcade of Kevins

Phil Dimitriadis continues his rich vein of teamic form with a team of Kevins.

Almanac Teams: A team of great No. 2s

This is becoming quite a tradition at the Almanac. Phil Dimitriadis, spiritual leader of the Teamsters’ Union, has picked another side: a team of those who wore jumper No. 2.

Almanac Footy Teams: Those who wore Number 1

Phil Dimitriadis picks a team of the finest players to have worn the number one guernsey. (Includes a musical interlude – from 1980)

Bobs v Barrys

The latest quirky contest from Phil Dimitriadis sees a team of Bobs take on a team of Barrys.

Almanac Footy History: A team of Peters v a team of Jacks

Phil Dimitriadis wonders, in this era of Jacks, ‘Where have all the Peters gone?’ And pits the Peters against the Jacks. Who wins? Add your Peters and Jacks.

A Team of Champions without a Premiership

Phil Dimitriadis has come up with another clever composite team, this time it’s his team of premiership-less players. Who can you add to this?

The Daryl Freame Medal team

Here’s a novel concept from Lord Bogan: a team of ‘Premiership Purloiners’? Some great noms. Add yours.

September Specialists

Phil Dimitriadis has selected his team of finals champions. Over to you for your thoughts.

Zager and Evans Cup

Phil Dimitriadis has his doubts about the re-signing of Nathan Buckley and the direction of the Collingwood Football Club.

Round 9 – Collingwood v Hawthorn: Mind of a Pie

Phil Dimitriadis invites us inside his Collingwood mind as he experiences an outrageous Saturday night [Classic – Ed]

The Back To The Future Footy Panel

Lou Richards’ funeral yesterday was a beautiful tribute to a footy and media legend. We look back at a classic piece of humour from Phil Dimitriadis. Originally published five years ago.

Wrestling with Reality – Part One

Mario Milano passed away on the weekend. Our sympathies go to the Milano family. No doubt many will remember him and his wrasslin’ opponents. It reminded us of Phil Dimitriadis’s piece from a few years ago. There are many memories in the piece and in the comments which follow.

Almanac Book Review – In Black and White: 125 Moments That Made Collingwood

Phil Dimitriadis reviews new publication In Black and White: 125 Moments That Made Collingwood, a comprehensive history of the Magpies written by two black-and-white tragics that will surely appeal to Collingwood fans far and wide.

Almanac Cricket: The Umpire Strikes Back

Phil Dimitriadis is not proud of losing his cool on the cricket pitch, especially when umpiring.

Almanac Cricket (Tom Wills Society): Clay Pipes or Half Pipes?

Phil Dimitriadis explains why Bood from Croxton Cricket Club and Tom Wills are more than likely to be kindred spirits.