Zager and Evans Cup

Phil Dimitriadis has his doubts about the re-signing of Nathan Buckley and the direction of the Collingwood Football Club.

Round 9 – Collingwood v Hawthorn: Mind of a Pie

Phil Dimitriadis invites us inside his Collingwood mind as he experiences an outrageous Saturday night [Classic – Ed]

The Back To The Future Footy Panel

Lou Richards’ funeral yesterday was a beautiful tribute to a footy and media legend. We look back at a classic piece of humour from Phil Dimitriadis. Originally published five years ago.

Wrestling with Reality – Part One

Mario Milano passed away on the weekend. Our sympathies go to the Milano family. No doubt many will remember him and his wrasslin’ opponents. It reminded us of Phil Dimitriadis’s piece from a few years ago. There are many memories in the piece and in the comments which follow.

Almanac Book Review – In Black and White: 125 Moments That Made Collingwood

Phil Dimitriadis reviews new publication In Black and White: 125 Moments That Made Collingwood, a comprehensive history of the Magpies written by two black-and-white tragics that will surely appeal to Collingwood fans far and wide.

Almanac Cricket: The Umpire Strikes Back

Phil Dimitriadis is not proud of losing his cool on the cricket pitch, especially when umpiring.

Almanac Cricket (Tom Wills Society): Clay Pipes or Half Pipes?

Phil Dimitriadis explains why Bood from Croxton Cricket Club and Tom Wills are more than likely to be kindred spirits.

Tom Wills Grave Restoration: A New Beginning

Tom Wills Grave has finally been restored. Phil Dimitriadis thanks the key people involved in this grand project and those that helped with financial support in a touching tribute. [The work of Phil in this project is not to be neglected, cheers to you Phil – Ed]

2016 Footy Almanac Cover: The Case for Swanny

Early nominations have come in for the cover of this year’s Footy Almanac, Phil Dimitriadis presents his case for Dane Swan. Is it justified?

Round 22 – Collingwood v Gold Coast: Holiday with the Suns

Phil Dimitriadis enjoyed Collingwood’s expected win against the Suns and pays out on recently migrated Hawthorn supporters.

Round 16 – Greater Western Sydney v Collingwood: While I was sleeping

Phil Dimitriadis had plans to get stuck into the construct that is GWS. However, the performance of his Pies has captured his imagination.

Round 12 – Melbourne v Collingwood: MCC list cloggers

P Dimitriadis’ satire finds the MCC overrun as “Olivia, Reginald, Pru, Darcy, Octavia, Nathaniel, Genevieve, Oscar, Virginia, Gareth and Amelia along with their guests, have decided to have a day out to honour the MCC memberships bestowed on them by their forefathers Edward, Charles, Rupert, Cecil, Sebastian and Felix.” And it only gets worse.

First-World Conundrums. If you had to choose?

Phil Dimitriadis is hoping the Almanac community can help solve some of his first-world sporting, political and entertainment conundrums.

Round 11 – Collingwood v Port Adelaide: 67 Shades of Insipid

Phil Dimitriadis was unimpressed by Collingwood’s performance against Port. Not sure he has missed anyone in this rant.

Round 9 – Collingwood v Geelong: Fish lips and furrowed brows

Lord Bogan exalts on high as tattooed, toothless, uncouth, welfare-dependent Collingwood ferals ruined Geelong’s pleasant afternoon at the footy.

Tom Wills, Weddos and the scorn of the village

In his confronting and honest post, Phil Dimitriadis discusses his link to Tom Wills, Weddings Parties Anything, The Almanac and his own struggles.

Pampered Pies Breaking Bucks

Phil Dimitriadis witnessed the most unprofessional effort he’s seen from a Collingwood team at this stage of the season

Round 2 – Collingwood v Richmond: Crossbreeding for glory and shame

Many coincidences and Peter McCormack’s noggin move Phil Dimitriadis to pick a side of footballers who have played for both Collingwood and Richmond. [Fine yarn – Ed]

42 Footy Memories in 42 years as a fan

The title says it all. Phil Dimitriadis on his lifetime of footy fandom. How many others share his love of 1982?

March Champions – Collingwood

Who are your team’s March heroes? Phil Dimitriadis presents Collingwood’s March Champions.