Almanac Teams: The Peter Frampton Medalists – a team with unfulfilled potential

Doc Wheildon


The question this week Knackers: Who are the players that didn’t live up to their early form? Some old time nominations would be most welcome.



B:            Anthony Banik (Rich)                    Kingsley Hunter (WB)             Troy Ugle (WCE)


HB:           Clint Bizzel (Geel)                           David Cordner (Melb)                      Brad Wira (Freo)


C:                  Frank Marchesani (Fitz)                Brendan McCormack (Fitz)        Steve Malaxos (Haw)


HF:                Rod Owen (StK)                          Steve Reynoldson (Geel)                     Terry Keays (Coll)


F:                   Darren Wheildon (Fitz)                  Scott Hodges (Adel)                    Allen Jakovich (Melb)


Ruck:                David Honeybun (Rich)                 Peter Spencer (Nth)                     Donald Dickie (Port)


IC:                Shane Fell (Syd)        Mark McGough (Coll)         David Spriggs (Geel)              Kyle Reimers (Ess)


Coach: Rod ‘Curly’ Austin




Entertainment: Peter Frampton – Show Me The Way

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  1. Nice stuff, LB. I really like this one.
    Just off the top of my head: Stephen Allender and Silvio Foscini were both involved in high-profile legal cases but never really lived up to the hype.
    From North Melbourne: Peter Jonas (cruelled by a leg injury), Peter Spencer, Jesse Smith, Evan Hewitt (built like Tarzan, played like Cheetah), Kevin Bryant, Stephen Easton.

  2. Peter Vine says

    Diamond Jim and Graeme Molloy

  3. Anthony Banik not helped by KB playing him in his first season on Gary Ablett snr. After 4 goals in the first 10 minutes or so, KB continued to stick with him a la Tom Hafey. Finally moved him at quarter time. Ablett went on to kick 12 that day if I remember correctly.

  4. Phil, where is John Georgiades? He kicked 15 goals in his first 3 games: 8 on debut V Carlton @ Princess Park, 2 the following week v Richmond @ the G, followed by 5 against North Melbourne, then his form tapered off.

    Adam McAdam from North Melbourne was similar.


  5. Phillip Dimitriadis says

    Great noms Smokie. Allender and Foschini along with Doug Cox !
    Adrian McAdam? I’d even throw in Kerry Good for North.

    Peter – Diamond Jim a fantastic get. Glen McLean ? Warren Dean? Fidge brothers?

    Noel – I thought Banik was a handy player who could have been better in a half-decent team, unlike Richmond of the early 1990s

  6. Dave Brown says

    Reckon Scott Hodges found his level. Trent Hentschel (yes, the rhyme with potential was used) the biggest unfulfilled Crow for mine – was just starting to become a dominant forward when he did a terrible knee injury in a Showdown (from memory Brett Ebert drove him into the ground in a legal tackle). Came back but was a shadow of the self we anticipated.

    Richard Tambling another option for Richmond. Watching him in the NEAFL with the NT Thunder these days he is just still such a beautifully skilled player but was unable to show that consistently at the Tigers or Crows.

  7. Citrus Bob says

    James ‘Frosty” Miller Carlton – how he could have been given his ability with Dandenong in the VFA?
    Nathan Bower (Richmond) – Peter Matera said he was the hardest player he ever played on.
    Busy picking a team now to trouble Lord Bogan and Phil D but when is enough enoiugh?

  8. Michael Smith, 5 goals on debut for South v Collingwood in 1977, cleared to Richmond shortly after and never played a game. Ended up in SA playing for West Adelaide, genuine coodabeen …..

    Also, John Roberts of South, 60+ goals in his first season and All-Australian selection and almost took mark of the year every week, gone two years later back to SA.

    Glad you mentioned Brendan ‘Billy’ McCormack, he had the skills of Greg Williams when he was ‘on’ but sadly had a poor attitude, could have been anything …

    Frank Marchesani ….. karma

  9. Luke Reynolds says

    Some Magpie nominations- Athas Hrysoulakis, Heath Shephard, Damian Houlihan.

    In my piece this week on the Queen’s Birthday game, I mentioned Adam Treloar having a Split Enz circa 1975 haircut. Your pic of Doc Wheildon personifies that look even more!

  10. Peter Warrington says

    David Bourke. His early 1995 was Brownlowable. Plateaued early.

    Good call on Nathan Bower. He was sublime that day in 95 when we finally believed, spanking the reigning Premiers. (just checked, 8 tackles but it was the sealer, and the grin on his face, that I remember most._

  11. Colin Ritchie says

    Bobby Greenwood, Essendon early 70’s had the potential to be anything but unfortunately faded to nothing. Bradley Plain is another Don who comes to mind, kicked 8 goals against the Swans (?) then couldn’t live up to his potential. Later went to Collingwood and or North Melbourne I think.

  12. Crow Adam Saliba debuted in 1992 with 26 disposals against the Swans. Such was his impact one of the Coodabeens remarked that his name would lend itself nicely to a country town emporium- Adam Saliba Menswear. He played two more games and he and his impressive mullet quit at season’s end.

  13. Jarrod_L says

    Two from the late ’90s/early 2000s – Justin Plapp and Dean Polo. Polo in particular looked like a superstar when he debuted.

  14. Phillip Dimitriadis says

    Glen ! How about Glen Middlemiss? J.Georgiades a solid nom.

    Dave – Yes, Trent Hentschel a strong contender along with Tambling. Brett Chalmers had a big rep. Mark Viska?

    Citrus – Look forward to your selections. I’m sure the well will run dry one day and then it will be time for some new ideas.

    Gerry – great gets there. Billy McCormack was one of the most talented footballers I’ve seen. Had all the skills. David Strooper was one who used to frustrate my Fitzroy mates.

    Luke – Yes, Houlihan pops up again ! I was at Heath Shephard’s first game against the Bears in 1989. He kicked 5.5 and could have easily been 8 or 9. “He’s gunna be a champeen!” echoed around Vic Park. Typical Magpie premature exaltation. You could probably select a few Collingwood teams with this criteria. Aaron James, Trent Hotton, Andrew Tranquilli, Brad Rowe and now it’s starting to get painful.

    Peter – David Bourke looked like he could be anything. May I offer Michael Pickering and Stephen ‘Bomber’ James?

    Colin – Bradley Plain a great get. Ian Marsh, Stephen Copping, Wayne Otway?

    Mickey – Saliba. Great name and mullett. John Klug and Grant Fielke must rate?

    Jarrod – Polo and Plapp terrific noms. Plapp could really take a grab, but never kicked on. How about Mark Dragicevic from the same era?

  15. george smith says

    Of the legion of what the heck happened, a team of heartbreaking Magpies. I included Jason because although he eventually succeeded at North, at Collingwood he didn’t…

    b: Neville Shaw Brett Chalmers Mark Weidemann
    hb: Gordon Sumner Jason McCartney Marty Clarke
    c: Greg Whitcroft Murray Wrensted Nathan Freeman
    hf: Ian McOrist Phil Carman Chris Dalkin
    f: Paul Rizonico Mark Bayliss Andrew Pascoe
    r: Wes Fellowes Mike Richardson Rod Waddell

  16. Jarrod_L says

    Not entirely an relevant addition (some would say he’s exceeded his expected potential already) but I didn’t know where else to share it – when you mentioned typical Magpie premature exaltation, Phil, I was reminded of that other classic ‘Pies trait, the “Collingwood six-footer.” Last night on the Front Bar, Santo Cilauro was discussing Mason Cox with the panel and the topic of his height came up: “6’10”, 6’11” I think” was the reply. Quick as a flash, Santo chimed in with ‘Ah, your classic Collingwood seven-footer.” I thought it was brilliant.

    Draga was one of those cruelled by injury stories – Mark Coughlan another

  17. Ta Phil, Glen Middlemiss crossed the mind. He like Stephen Reynoldson was the big marking forward Geelong sought in the late 1970’s, early 1980’s. Both ended up elsewhere before fading away.

    Clint Bizzell, I never rated. I still barracked for Geelong during his first few seasons, but can not recall one game that sticks out. I recall he was at one point touted as the new G Ablett; made no sense to me. He finished up at Melbourne, fading into obscurity.

    John Georgiades started in a blaze of glory but disappeared into the ether. In his third game he kicked 5 of 8 goals, then nothing more comes to mind.

    Charlie Pagnoccol,o had a great debut season back in 1970, then struggled. He went to Melbourne with Gary Baker and Terry Wilkins swapped for Greg Parke after the 1973 season.

    I recall a chap for Melbourne Glenn Swan who kicked 8 against Geelong @ the ‘G’ in 1973. Nothing after that.


  18. Luke Reynolds says

    Phil- Trent Hotten really looked the goods for a brief time. Thought he was going to be a star.

    George- excellent team of heartbreaking Magpies. Two of the biggest heartbreakers for mine were both due to injury. Lee Walker and Sean Rusling. Both immensely talented. Reckon both would have been stars given a good run at it.

  19. Rulebook says

    Jon Ross could have been any thing as well at CHF for both Crows and the pies
    Was it Aaron James as well ? Mickey spot on re Crows Adam Saliba who also came on and won a
    State of origin game anorexia wasn’t a problem

  20. Colin , Bob Greenwood finished up playing in Perth for a few years. I had a footy card of him from his days @ Windy Hill. I reckon he and Geoff Blethyn shared the Essendon goal kicking honours in 1971 with 22 each. ‘Tuddy’ was there for 1972, Bob Greenwood wasn’t

    Luke, I recall Damian Houlihan’s debut @ the MCG Vs Geelong in 1994. He kicked 3 goals. The city life was far too exciting, and troublesome, for a Corowa boy. He had a long successful career playing in the bush, including a flag with Corowa-Rutherglen.


  21. Phillip Dimitriadis says

    George – You’re killing me ! Greg Whitcroft is a ripper. Played in the 1978 Second Semi and Prelim. 2 of his 4 games were finals. Chris Dalkin cruelled by injury. Had talent. Wes Fellows won a Copeland. His for in 1986 along with Gordon Sumner was excellent. Both faded quickly.
    I see your heart breakers and offer you mine:

    B: Robert Hyde Brett Gloury David Twomey
    HB: Ryan Lonie Jason Cloke Alan Atkinson
    C: Mark Hannebery Mark McGough Mark Fraser
    HF: Jarrod Molloy Butch Edwards Graeme Anderson
    F: Heath Shephard Mark Richardson Colin Alexander
    Ruck: Stuart Atkin Noel Lovell Gary Shaw
    IC: Richard Cole, Jon Hassal, Tyson Lane, Paul Tuddenham
    Coach: Murray Weideman

    Jarrod – Cox the new Collingwood archetype of the 21st century ! Very funny by Santo.

    Glen ! Would you have Brian Peake in this team? Fanfare, helicopter arrival, eventually captain but never reached any great heights.

    Luke – Hotton also played some good games for Carlton. He could take a big grab and was a strong kick. According to Shawry, he liked to get out and have fun a bit too much. Agree about Walker and Rusling. If only fate had been kinder. Mark Richardson is an interesting one. Saw him kick back to back bags of 7 and 6 in 1991 against Sydney and Adelaide at Vic Park. Played for another 11 years somehow, but never achieved great heights.

    Book – Jon Ross a good nom. From SA: Tony Burgess, Kym Russell, Russell Johnston, David Robertson to name a few.

  22. G’day Phil, yep the only height Brian Peake reached @ Geelong was in a helicopter. Serviceable player at best, in a declining team in the years 81-84.

    Thinking about the Pies team George, and you put together. Ian McCorist kicked 6 against Fitzroy early on. He came on TV that night dressed with jeans and thongs. Nothing after that.

    Graeme ‘Arms’ Anderson came back to Port Melbourne early 1981. I recall travelling to Frankston for the R2 clash, to be told he’d returned: no announcement, no fan fare. He went on to play in two more Port Melbourne premierships.


  23. Lou Richards’ nickname for Peake was Pasties.

    What about Rick Davies?
    At the risk of offending Norwood supporters, does Michael Aish fit in here, he’s coming, actually he’s not, he’s coming,….

  24. Rabid Dog says

    Adam Saliba. Graham Cornes and RussLebert (went too late). Jonah kept breaking that bloody leg – when it wasn’t a leg, it was a clavicle. Is it fair to say anyone that’s played for Gold Coast?

  25. The Coodabeens mentioned Stephen Oliver this morning, forgot about him, another potential superstar who couldn’t hack city living.

    Anyone mentioned Eddie Hocking?

  26. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Ha Gerry, I mentioned Eddie Hocking today on the Coodabeens.

  27. hah really? was that in the same conversation about Stephen Oliver???

  28. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says
  29. Malby Dangles says

    Great list
    A couple more Blues who promised way more than they delivered were Karl Norman and Laurence Angwin.
    I remember Rod Owen kicking a huge bag for the Bears one game when they were a terrible team but he didn’t last long.

  30. Phillip Dimitriadis says

    Noel – Remember Pasties. Lou was great with the nicknames. Rick Davies a good get. Are you suggesting Aish jibbed it?

    Rabid – At least this team showed some talent early on. Not sure we can say the same for those sorry sacks at GCS.

    Malby – Rocket Owen showed lots in flashes. Norman and Angwin, early 2000s lost years. A few Blues could contend from the Pagan year. De Luca, Livingston, Sporn to name a few.

    Glen ! Graeme Anderson kicked 5 goals against Fitzroy in the 1979 First Semi (First final I attended). He was the matchwinner. Had a quiet GF, but had wonderful skills on dry decks.

  31. Ross Treverton says

    Wayne Beddison was a star in the making when he joined the Bombers from Dimboola in 1983. Just about took mark of the year against the Swans at the SCG and played 10 games that one and only season before returning to the Wimmera. Was even reclusive back there….

  32. LB wouldn’t ever question someone’s motives, maybe had family commitments. Would have been good to see him at the highest level.

  33. Great discussion. So many names.

    Chris ‘Skills’ Dalkin and his brother Brett ‘Dominator’ Dalkin are great friends of the Almanac. In fact their shed was the Almanac warehouse for a long time. They are sometimes at lunch. Both are exceptional cricketers as well. Skills played Australia Under 19s. Dominator eventually played with Gideon at South Yarra CC – which is where I first met him.

    Great sense of humour. And knowledge of all sport but especially footy and cricket.

    Dominator has a second nickname. If he got smashed around the park he was known that evening as ‘Ted’ – as in Dominated.

  34. Phillip Dimitriadis says

    Ross – Wayne Beddison is great nom and memory. Remember watching that game on TV when I was 13. I believe it was Paul Salmon’s first game for the Dons. A bloke called Craig Braddy (another contender) kicked 4 for the Swans as they got up by a point.

    Noel – Fair enough. Stephen Michael another who never came across.

    JTH – Small world indeed. Chris showed promise in late ’82 and early ’83. Had pace and could take a strong grab. Matthew McCarthy – now there’s one who was a shooting star. Excellent suggestion.

  35. Stainless says

    Stephen Mount. Lucked into the 1980 Grand Final and played a ripper game at CHB if I recall rightly. Looked a terrific key position prospect – athletic, high-marking – but hardly played again.

  36. Anonymous says

    This is the St Kilda team that unfortunately did not live up to their early good form with St Kilda, as they all looked destined to be stars with St Kilda. There have been various reasons why these players did not live up to their potential, apart from injuries to some of them.

    B: Brent Guerra, James Gwilt, Jake Carlisle
    HB: Xavier Clarke, Justin Koschitzke, Brad Hill
    C: Robert Muir, Dean Greig (1991-94), Dan Hannebery
    HF: Rod Owen, Gary Sidebottom, Con Gorizidis (1980-82)
    F: Dan Butler, Milan Faletic, Paddy McCartin
    R: Allan Sidebottom (1983-87), Luke Dunstan, Graeme Gellie
    Coach: Mike Patterson

    In the cases of current players Jake Carlisle, Brad Hill, Dan Hannebery, Dan Butler and Luke Dunstan, they can still turn their form around and in Hannebery’s case, if he can get back on the field again.

    I may be harsh on Koschitzke, who played 200 games for St Kilda, but he was the rising star in 2021 at centre half back, but apart from a period of 3 best on grounds in a row several years later, he never reached those great heights again, due to concussions.

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