Tiger Trouble

For Christmas of 2010 my younger sister Mia, who is 13, requested a Tiger suit to wear to footy games. She specified it was to be an American mascot type costume, not a skimpy Halloween tiger-striped miniskirt with midriff-baring top and tail ensemble so popular among teenage girls. This was a little surprising as Mia’s normal attire is more in line with short shorts and belly shirts.

However, once convinced that Mia was serious, Santa went on a long and strenuous search and eventually found an outfit that matched her description. On Christmas morning Mia was ecstatic at the uncovering of her desired present and proceeded to spend the day parading around, as a tiger, in front of my father’s extended family – admittedly much smaller and quieter than Mum’s Dutch group, but with many more infants. As we’ve only been to the Members thus far this year, and the wearing of the mascot costume has been prevented by dress code, we’re looking to take it out for a proper spin for the first time at the ‘G this Friday, despite my father’s irrational fear she will be stabbed to death by Pies supporters.

Will try and snap a shot outside the stadium but, for now, here is myself, my sister tiger’d up and our second cousin Scarlet on Christmas Day last year.


  1. John Butler says

    Julz, those nice Collingwood folk wouldn’t do that to your sister.

    However, it may be less pleasant on the field.

  2. johnharms says

    All the very best tonight Mia. I’d still try the members. Just weara collared shirt under the Tiger suit.

  3. JB if you ever tire of your current profession I’d look into psychic work. Despite a good third quarter and a stellar show by Deledio last night was a massacre

  4. johnharms says

    How did Mia go?

  5. Chickened out unfortunately – something to do with it being a Collingwood game. It’s still early on in the season..

  6. Always next week Julia, North v Richmond, won’t be a huge crowd…

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