Tiger Suit Revisited

My beautiful sister Mia Harrison valiantly wearing the Tiger suit to Richmond’s 103 point loss to Carlton on Saturday afternoon at the MCG.

It is important to note it is nothing short of a miracle Mia allowed me to send this in. Notoriously possessive, having steadfastly ignored the ‘Sharing is Caring’ concept emphasized in kindergarten, Mia kindly lent me a favourite black dress of hers as well as a home-made necklace a few weeks ago for an 18th birthday bash. Despite promising to be very careful, it seems the night got away from me and unfortunately resulted in  a mixture of partially digested cider, vodka, beer and Pepsi Max making an appearance on the dress, the hostess’ white bathroom and the back seat of my Dad’s Peugeot (which, a fortnight later, still smells like a brewery.) No defence. I did apologize, the dress was washed and I managed to locate and reconstruct the necklace but Mia is still not talking to me in complete sentences so I cannot divulge punters’ comments to the outfits.

Dad and I watched the slaughter from the back of the southern stand whilst Mia joined a friend in the outer.



  1. From your comments, Julie I can safely assume that Mia has reached the aged of consent. With that ‘baby face’ I was worried she may have been under-age.
    Taking children to watch and barrack for the Tigers is border-line abusive. But dressing them up like that will have the DOCS officials knocking on your door. Stay strong – your Dad sounds like Johnny Cash’s father from “A Boy Called Sue” – “he knew you’d either have to get tough or die.”

  2. Richard Naco says

    I love it.

    It’s so impossibly daggy that it’s actually very very cool.

    Even moreso for being worn in public during the Tigga’s current string of horror.

    (Mind you, the team you played that day are completely unable to dress accordingly & so unmistakably, so Richmond did, at least, win one battle that day!)

  3. Alovesupreme says

    You’ve surely noticed that the Carlton faithful wear blue. As I’ve said previously on the site, all footballers, all female supporters and almost all male supporters look better in navy blue.

  4. Richard Naco says

    Completely agree.

    Especially if said navy blue is trimmed with white hoops.

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