Almanac (Local) Cricket: In search of lost Clifton Hillers

Seven years ago, when I realised my kids were at that age where they don’t really care anymore whether Dad’s home or not (unless they need money or a lift out of you), I broke a 13-year drought and returned to the cricket field, saddling up for Clifton Hill Cricket Club a few days after Shocking won the Melbourne Cup.

I had fully intended to not take my return to cricket seriously but after taking 4/44 in my first match, and taking 3/43 and making 47 not out in my second match, the competitive juices began to flow and I became passionate about the game and my new club in no time.

Since then, as I’ve experienced the highs of my second-ever hat-trick and two premierships and the lows of narrow semi-final losses, the Clifton Hill Cricket Club has—from August to March each year—become my second home and its members and players my second family.


On February 18, the club will celebrate its 50th year (a bit of historical research reveals that number to be a bit rubbery, but that’s a story for another time) at the Fitzroy Town Hall, scene of last year’s Footy Almanac Grand Final lunch (the beginning of quite an enjoyable weekend for me, funnily enough).


More than 150 will attend, including past players who haven’t been seen at Clifton Hill for many a long day. It promises to be a night of nostalgic storytelling and magical memories. We’d like every one who’s ever played at Clifton Hill—be it one match or a hundred—to come along and celebrate with us.


So we’re putting the call out. If you’ve ever played a game at the Hill or been part of the club one way or another, come along to help celebrate the great club that we have all helped to make Clifton Hill.


Below is a list of some of the names of past players that we have not been able to track down—yet. If you know anyone of that name, please ask them if they’ve ever played at Clifton Hill and if they have send them to this link, where they can find out more and book a ticket for a great night of fun and reminiscing, hosted by Essendon footy legend Simon Madden:


Carn the Hill!




Dave Bennett
Mark Bourne
J Cappiciano
Alan Chandler
Martin Edmonds
Chris Georgiou
Norm Georgiou
Alan Glanville
Alan Kellett
Peter Kemp
Paul Kemp
Ray McGill
Barry McLean
John Moriarty
Wally Mulgrave
Laurie Osbourne
J Pollock
Paul Rake
Tim Redmond
Gavin Renwick
J Rexter
Bill Serong
Steve Smithers

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