Almanac Teams: I axe/dump side (A mixed up side)

I’ve been following and enjoying the Theme Teams of Phil D and others, so when Lord Bogan himself suggested I put together an anagrammatic side, I got the Scrabble letters straight out and went to work.


Here, then, is a team of players – from the ’50s to the current day – whose names have been jumbled, in most cases in such a away that they give a little clue to who they are.


There are a few that are a little more cryptic. For instance ‘Fries/Mash’ doesn’t give any clues at all – but I can tell you that his nickname is ‘Chips’! And ‘Magoos Dead’? No obvious clue there, so I’ll help out by saying that he made his debut in the same year that the AFL Reserves comp – aka the ‘Twos’, aka the ‘Magoos’ – wound up.


‘The Wars At Richmond’ certainly saw times of infighting at Tigerland, while ‘Tears Jerking’ may lead to just that happening to fans of his old club, from which he was sensationally dumped, if he lives up to his original promise at his new club.


‘Am I Great?’ (surname only) has probably shown some self-doubt over the years, while ‘North Evermore Baby’ (includes first name, nickname and surname) is definitely a Kangaroo through and through.


‘A Non-stick Lad’ was virtually impossible to tackle according to James Hird, while ‘A Lousier AFL’ is perhaps what you get when a player from another code turns up.


In among the others is another nickname/surname combo and there’s also one in there that’s initial and surname only.


See how you go!


I’ll post the full team with their real names in the comments down the track if need be.


Note: Player names on each line are separated by a comma. 


B: Staunch Toiler, Pie’s Orgasmic Motion, Fries/Mash
HB: Crow Medal Den, Cats Let Me Thwart, Old Blue Cur
C: Uh… A Dog Winks?, Run! Boy – He’s A Gun, Whimsy – He’s Club (NM) Ace
HF: Magoos Dead, The Wars At Richmond, Tears Jerking
F: Man Is A Jerk, ‘Fly And Burn, Kid!’, Ed’s Pie Actor
R: Misnamed Don, Am I Great?, ‘North Evermore Baby!’
IC: A Non-stick Lad, A Lousier AFL, Brain Leak, Blue Vocalist


Coach: I Am Moustache Hell


Entertainment: Fat Lame-o


Umpire: Men Who Call Shit


This is the man responsible for this type of thinking – Gigs.

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  1. Phillip Dimitriadis says

    Wonderful work Gigs.
    Simon Prestigiacomo at Full Back ??

  2. Thanks Phil! Yes, Presti is the man. His orgasmic motion was so good that he pushed CATS LET ME THWART out to centre-half back.

  3. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Israel Folau on the bench

    Marvin Lee Aday on the tonsils

  4. The only non anagram is the Umpire. I get that.

    Great Gigs and I’ll let greater minds than mine mine your minefield. Meanwhile I’m gunna have me some Meatloaf.


  5. Didn’t know that was his real name, Swish. I thought you were giving me another anagram!

    Commentators: I LAMENT and HERTZ LIAR? BYE!

  6. Thanks Rick, but you’re confusing me. The umpire is a real anagram. Am I missing something cryptic in your comment?

  7. Phillip Dimitriadis says

    Is the umpire Mathew Nicholls?
    Simon Madden the Misnamed Don?

  8. Spot on, Phil!

  9. When do the answers come out Gigs? With next week’s edition?

  10. I think this could catch on.

  11. Phillip Dimitriadis says

    Ed’s Pie Actor = Peter Daicos ?

  12. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Coach is Grumpy Mick

  13. Wayne Schimmelbusch on the HFF? The NM was hardly cryptic Gigz. You losing your touch?

  14. And Brain Leak for Brian Lake. They’d get that in a flash out at Dingy Dell. Famous for it.

  15. Correct, Phil, Swish and Wrap. Wrap, I never claimed they would be difficult to solve!

  16. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Bunji on one half back flank


    That’s gotta be HARRY BEITZEL.

  18. Phillip Dimitriadis says

    Matthew Scarlett = Cats Let Me Thwart and Doug Hawkins Uh…A Dog Winks.

  19. It was for me Gigz; it was the only one I got.

  20. Correct Adam and Phil.

    The STAUNCH TOILER in the back pocket is the man who shopped early and avoided the rush in the 1954 Grand Final – CHARLIE SUTTON.

  21. Phillip Dimitriadis says

    Blue Vocalist = Levi Casboult

  22. But the question is,, can you get SNORT COKE NOSTRILS out of WEST COAST EAGLES?

  23. Man is A Jerk – J Akermanis. Beautifully done

  24. Some comparatively low hanging fruit – Bruce Doull on a half back flank, Matthew Richardson at chf and Brent ‘Boomer’ Harvey doing some roving

  25. Good stuff, Phil and Dave.

    Thanks Daly. I almost went for the full JASON AKERMANIS name – he is, after all a man who SNEAKS IN A MAJOR any chance he gets – but MAN IS A JERK was too hard to resist!

  26. Great work as always, Gigs

  27. Spoiler Alert
    Love this stuff….thanks for tips….Gigs

    Delete comment if answers not wanted.
    Charlie Sutton Simon Prestigiacomo Sam Fisher
    Andrew McLeod (great clue) Matthew Scarlett Bruce Doull
    Doug Hawkins (another great clue) Shaun Burgoyne Wayne Schimmelbusch
    Adam Goodes Matthew Richardson (GC) Jake Stringer
    J Akermanis Buddy Franklin Peter Daicos (GC)
    Simon Madden Armitage Brent Boomer Harvey
    Nick Dal Santo Israel Folau Brian Lake Levi Casboult

  28. We were due for some closure on it. And new readers won’t see the comment until the end!

  29. Thanks Happy – and great work!

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