Des and Owen talk football

Earl O’Neill’s Des and Owen wax lyrical about the footy over a beer and a fag!

Australian Football – a spy reports

The Footy Almanac has been funnelled a top secret missive from the International Spy Service. Delete after reading!

The greatest of t-shirts

Got a favourite t-shirt? Earl O’Neill had 120 at one time! This is his story of a special one he bought in Zimbabwe. Earl also relives some of his experiences of his time in Zimbabwe.

The 2019 Ennui Cup – Pre Season

Earl O’Neill is back for another season of tipping advice to the masses. Should literary style replace enigmatic single-voice meanderings? Or should Earl get off his couch and read more of The Greats so he can mimic them?

‘Head In The Sand’ – The Sydney Examiner

Earl O’Neill has pointed us at Mitch Guffry, a columnist who can’t fathom some unusual trends in events over the summer period. His solution? “Get a grip!”

Vale, my first true love…

The first flush of young love consumes you, body and soul writes Earl O’Neill. Movingly, he reflects on the life of that young love Wendy who recently lost her battle with cancer.

The 2018 No Zones Cup – Grand Final

Before Earl launches into the Sydney spring, he pauses for some post-Grand Final azalea/motor sport appreciation.

Grand Final 2018: Y’all did the game proud

Earl O’Neill loved the Grand Final. Football was the winner. He spotted a moment that gave him a hint of what was to come.

The 2018 No Zones Cup – Finals, Week Two & Three

The Monaros’ loss had Earl O’Neill feeling a bit down. Never fear, he’s back in gear, with a recap of the last two weekends, plus an early tip for the Grand Final.

The 2018 No Zones Cup – Finals, Week One

As is usual, Earl O’Neill makes a helluva lot of sense in this wrap of Finals, Week 1.

The 2018 No Zones Cup – Round Twenty Three, still

Earl O’Neill assesses the seasons of some who are done, and looks at the finals before us, as only Earl can.

The 2018 No Zones Cup – Round Twenty Three

While illness and disease ravaged all around him, Earl had numerous insightful flashes to consider – finals scheduling, Franklin as All-Australian captain – but in the end he decided to present some thoughts about the teams that have played their last game for 2018.

The 2018 No Zones Cup – Round Twenty One

Almanacker Earl has had one of those weeks! Here’s his story.

The 2018 No Zones Cup – Round Twenty

Earl covers the waterfront this week. From AFL rule changes, to the possible non-expansion of AFLW, to the difference between KISS and the New York Dolls..

The 2018 No Zones Cup – Round Nineteen

A bit of Numerology this week from Earl O’Neill as he wraps up Round 19.

Sydney Almanackers’ Football Lunch (Aug 11)

Sydney Almanackers, time for a get together. Aug 11 lunch and then footy at Henson Park.

2018, Bondi to Blacktown, tickets for the zone please

Piloting his Triumph Sprint from the SCG to the city’s West, Earl O’Neill ponders a Swans team in decline as the Giants, being coached from the bench, add some spark to their season.

Five live stylists

Blues blood runs in Earl O’Neill’s veins. (No typo there.) He shares memories of five of his best experiences and, oh, what a lucky man he’s been!

The 2018 Transition Coach Cup

The state of the game, transition coaches, fatwas, and everything else associated with footy are in Earl’s sights!

The 2018 Chilly Winds Of Winter Cup

As folks are starting to bang on about the ‘run to the finals’, the crew at Stop Privatisation Of Footy Productions figured it was their last chance for a Mid Term Report. And here it is.