Almanac Soccer: David Luiz going back to Chelsea confirms the Transfer Market has gone Mad

Chelsea signs Brazilian David Luiz for his second stint at Stamford Bridge, Vaughan aka DrCruel73 cannot believe it, his U11s play better!

Almanac Soccer: Euro 2016 Success or Not?

DrCruel73 questions whether Euro 2016 was a success with the new 24 team format.

Almanac Soccer: England’s Misery to Continue

DrCruel73 blames England’s lack of world class players and inept management with no foreseeable improvement.

End of an Era For Soccer Broadcasting in Australia

The changing landscape for broadcasting Football is one where the good Dr adapts and survives.

A-League – Marquee Players: Is there still a need?

What is the purpose of the marquee player and is it still relevant to the A-League 10 years down the track? On a scale from Berisha to no-one at all Vaughan Menlove rates your club’s marquee

What makes football supporters different!

Vaughan Menlove (aka Dr Cruel) on the difference between football supporters and supporters of other codes.

November 16th 2005 Why was it a great night?

In three days it will be 10 years since Australia qualified for the 2006 World Cup and Vaughan Menlove reflects on that night in Sydney, a night which he saw as a pivotal night for not just Australian football but Australian sport.

Open Letter to Sepp Blatter

Vaughan Menlove (aka Dr Cruel) is happy that Sepp Blatter has decided to take some of his cronies down with him. But he passionately argues that FIFA needs to build a new henhouse after it cleans out some of the crooked roosters.

SBS Time to say goodbye to Soccer

Vaughan Menlove on how it might be time for SBS to say goodbye to soccer.

Almanac Soccer – Brendan Rodgers: So Close, Yet So Far

Dr Cruel has watched the going’s-on at Liverpool with great interest since Brendan Rodgers arrived at Anfield. After snatching defeat from the jaws of victory for the 2013/14 EPL title and some less than successful transfer calls, John W Henry and the boffins at Fenway Sports Group have decided that Rodgers is not the man to manage the Reds. As always, the good Doctor explains why he had to go. [Nicely balanced… for a Gooners fan! – Ed]

Richmond, you breaks my heart, but I still love you

DrCruel73 is down but not out, in this open letter to Old Tiger.

Almanac Soccer – EPL: Do We Believe The Hype?

The English Premier League’s 2015 season kicked off this weekend. While the money from television broadcast deals swamps the coffers of the English FA, has soccer/football in England benefitted (on and off the pitch) from the largesse? Vaughan Menlove isn’t quite sure it has.

My day with the Grog Squad

Vaughan Menlove and his day at the footy with the Grog Squad watching his beloved Tigers.

Grand Final – Traditional for Football?

Vaughan Menlove is happy that the A League champion is decided with a grand final playoff and not on league season points. It’s the Australian football way.

How greed can interfere in a sporting dream

Author DrCruel73 explains how supporters of a football club can suffer due to greed and ego by the clubs administrators/ owners.

A funny thing happened at the G

Dr Cruel sums up the depth of feeling between Richmond and Carlton fans when it comes to their (traditional) opening round match-up. It’s what beating an arch-rival does to your hopes for the season ahead.

Have the Socceroos won back Australia’s heart?

It might have been a friendly, but for Vaughan Menlove, the Socceroos draw with Germany wasn’t about the scoreboard. Ange Postecoglou’s game plan has breathed life and flair into the national football team, which was sorely missing under the conservative approaches of past bosses Pim Verbeek and Holger Osiek

Who Will Stand Up To FIFA?

The repercussions of FIFA’s decision to award Qatar the 2022 World Cup continue to impact soccer’s governing body. Vaughan Menlove hopes that the compensation packages handed out to the powerful European leagues don’t come at the expense of grass-roots football.

2014 Year in Review

Vaughan Menlove reviews the year in Football in Australia, and crosses his fingers for success at the Asian Cup and continued growth of the world game locally.

The day Football arrived in Australia

Vaughan Menlove celebrates November 15th as the day world football came of age in Australia, with the dramatic penalty shoot out win over Uruguay in the World Cup qualifier at Homebush. Where were you when Aloisi scored?