Open Letter to Sepp Blatter

Dear Mr Blatter

I understand at this moment you are unhappy that the years of backroom deals, decisions led by greed and protecting your power base from real change have finally caught up with you.  While you think you are going down swinging you are looking like the fool us football supporters have always known, but now the rest of the world see.

I must however congratulate you on some achievements you have made in your time as President of FIFA. The game has grown into the most popular sport in the world, the World Cup is the most watched event in the world and the FIFA Goal programme has given funds to smaller nations to set up better infrastructure and facilities they could normally not afford.

However this pales into comparison to the damage your committee and yourself have caused to the game. How about we take a look at what you done to the country I live in Australia.  You promised back in the early Noughties that Oceania (the region Australia was in) would have a playoff spot for the 2006 World Cup against the 5th placed side from Asia.  After a couple of complaints from South America you reneged on the position so you could keep your power base.  You did not exactly make it easy for Australia to move into the Asian Confederation.  It is only due to the diplomacy of FFA Chairman Frank Lowey and AFC President Mohammed Bin Ham that Australia got invited into the Asian Confederation.  Of the course the big sin was convincing the FFA and the Australian Government to bid for the 2018 and 2022 World Cups.  $45 million taxpayer dollars was shelled out for a bid that got us 1 vote.  Of course this is small fry compared to what FIFA fleeced from bigger nations such as England and the United States.  I mean seriously we could accept Russia as a host, but Qatar for Christ sake!  Take away that the weather in the June/July period is going to be over 50 degrees and we are moving the World Cup to December 2022 in the busiest time of year for the majority of leagues around the world, but Qatar have no football history.  Their best effort was getting to the knockout stage of the World Youth Cup back in 1981.  Seriously was the bags of money your cronies and yourself allegedly got worth it?

Sepp you have sold the game out too many times.  Did you think the world would stand by and accept the ludicrous statements and decisions you have made?  Now it comes out the decision to award Russia and Qatar the hosting rights was made before the votes were cast.  We can laugh, but are not surprised that you now want to bring down as many people as you can.  Hey keep singing like a bird Sepp, you might help clean out some of the other committee members who have rorted the system for years.

Now Mr Blatter I could get angry, but I just shake my head and wonder how much lower FIFA can go. I don’t expect real change to happen from any of your replacements at this point of time, so change can only happen by dismantling FIFA and starting again.  So I leave you knowing you are facing criminal charges from the United States and Swiss authorities (seriously you know you are in trouble when the Swiss place charges on you).  While you may face your comeuppance I feel real change in the way FIFA is run is still a while away.


Yours leaving with a clear conscience


Dr Cruel

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Obsessed with Richmond, Luton Town, Melbourne Victory and Arsenal. The Dr had a soccer career hampered by the realisation he was crap, but could talk his way around the game. Co host of It's Not Called Soccer podcast


  1. You are right on the money (appropriate term in these circumstances), Vaughan. Ethically everything you say is right, but I wonder what legal and commercial pressure can be applied to bring it about? Even after the worst of the current bunch are cleaned out, the pot of gold would tempt the most honest of us. What turkey ever called Christmas early?

  2. You *could* get angry? Magnificent stuff Dr Cruel.

    Adios Sepp. Don’t let the door hit your arse on the way out. But as you say Doc, if anyone thinks n new President will mean the end of FIFA corruption, I’ve got some great quality swampland to sell you.

  3. Dave Brown says

    I love that in trying to pin the blame elsewhere for Qatar, Mr Blatter has demonstrated the contempt with which he holds the voting process

  4. leon carney says

    do the countries need FIFA or does FIFA need the countries, the same question goes for EUFA substitute clubs

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