Almanac Soccer: David Luiz going back to Chelsea confirms the Transfer Market has gone Mad

Now the off season transfer market window has closed it also always interesting to look back and see who has gone where.


This time we now have an example that the market has gone mad with Brazil international David Luiz returning to Chelsea from PSG for $30 million pounds. It was the classic what the hell moment when you read through the columns to see who has gone where and you have to look again to see if it is for real.


For Chelsea supporters must remember his first spell at Chelsea where he didn’t set the world on fire.  Mourinho out of frustration tried him as a defensive midfielder to get some sort of return from him to no avail.


Of course who can forget his performance in the 2014 World Cup Semi Final against Germany which Brazil lost 7-1. Luiz was at fault for 4 of the goals Germany scored.  The guy was running around like a headless chook trying to play in all positions on the field except for the position he actually plays Centre Back.


I coach an under 11s team and they know they play in their position so how a supposedly world class player doesn’t get this baffles me.


Now Luiz is quoted as saying he couldn’t get motivated in the French Ligue 1 which is why he struggled at PSG. Chelsea supporters must wonder why Luiz is back.  I am surprise a manager as astute as Conte would authorise such a transfer.


More likely Chelsea’s owner Roman Abramovich wanted to bring Luiz back to Stamford Bridge.  Chelsea are trying to put together a squad capable of regaining the EPL and getting back into the Champions League.  Purchasing players like Luiz will give Chelsea no hope of getting back there.

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