Almanac Soccer: England’s Misery to Continue

As someone of English heritage I have had to grow up with numerous failures of The Three Lions in major tournaments. However England’s loss to Iceland the other day pretty much puts the icing on the cake for humiliating losses for England.  Yes easy to blame Roy Hodgson for putting on a 4-3-3 formation where in the past they have gone for 4-4-2 and some of his selections beggars belief, but we need to look further down to understand why this happened.


The lack of quality world class players has to be a huge reason for England’s poor tournament. The players who are at the supposed big clubs of the EPL are either playing minor roles or can’t break into the first 11.  Not giving Ross Barkley any game time was a big mistake, England lack players to break the game apart and Barkley is a player of that quality.  Marcus Rashford is a player of huge potential and should have been used more off the bench.  Hopefully this is the last tournament Wayne Rooney plays as clearly he does not like playing in June.  Also why the hell was Jack Wilshere selected?  For the life of me he is a shadow of the player he was 2 years ago and England still persist in picking him, even after not playing for over three quarters of a season.  The players seemed to think it was just going to happen and maybe all the EPL glitz and glamour have gone to their head. They should take a look at Germany who work hard for each other and combine their strengths that show why they are the best nation in the world.


In the end we know with England all we get is disappointment and from I see that will continue for the foreseeable future.

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Obsessed with Richmond, Luton Town, Melbourne Victory and Arsenal. The Dr had a soccer career hampered by the realisation he was crap, but could talk his way around the game. Co host of It's Not Called Soccer podcast


  1. Stone Cold Steve Baker says

    The Dr coming in off the long run. I love it.

    I know you’ve also said before the people mistake the quality of the EPL with the quality of English players and they’re worlds apart.

    I’ve heard David Moyes mooted as the new gaffer. That would be interesting!

  2. Reminded me of that classic newspaper headline when the Poms were meant to thrash Sweden and lost. Swedes 1, Turnips 0. Great fun.

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