A funny thing happened at the G

A funny thing happened in the traditional season opener between Richmond and Carlton in that nothing spectacular happened. There was no blow out in the score, the underdog didn’t upset the favourite and there were no huge moments in the game. Sure Carlton came out of the gates and took a handy lead, but there was always a sense that Richmond would come back and insert its authority on the game.

Being a Richmond supporter used to early season let downs or a close encounter against our biggest rival, this felt very unusual indeed. I am used to feeling disheartened such as the loss in round 1 2007 when gun recruit Ben Cousins tore his hamstring or last seasons encounter where I was on the edge of my seat before Dusty Martin’s game winning snap that would continue to happen several times last season.

Supporters at this time of year are always full of hope that this will be the year their team will win the big one. Sometimes it can all evaporate after round 1. This is what I have faced over the years where after a humiliation from the Blues I have to face the fact it will be another wasted year following the lads from Punt Rd, but like a moth to flame I can’t keep away. I am sucked in like thousands of others in the hope that the Holy Grail is within reach.

So maybe the uneventful start can lead the Tigers to an eventful end that leads us to the Premiership.

One can only hope…


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  1. Dear readers:

    As someone who’s seen first had the suffering that Vaughan’s endured at the hands of some Carlton fans, I think he’s grossly understating how important winning in round 1 is to him.

  2. Vaughan,
    I was at the MCG for the season opener.
    The game seemed lackluster but it wasn’t until the final quarter.
    The crowd was lackluster. Where we sat in the AFL reserve, the game was watched very politely.
    It was as though the crowd was awestruck, footy is back.
    I was going for Richmond. I was happy to be there.
    I know how it sucks to lose the opening round – I follow North…

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