Who Will Stand Up To FIFA?

Now FIFA have negotiated with the powerful European clubs in regards to compensation for holding the 2022 World Cup during November and December.  The question has to be asked: who will stand up to FIFA?

Over the past decade many sports have managed to get away with a myriad of sins and scandals by simply using their money and influence to sweep matters under the carpet, or forget the matter altogether.

FIFA has been one of the chief culprits over the years. In fact, they have made an art form of it.  Of course awarding the 2018 and 2022 World Cups to both Russia and Qatar amid accusations of bribery and corruption was bad enough, even after their own technical reports recommended that neither country was capable of hosting the World Cup in the first place.

The European clubs and federations huffed and puffed about how it would not be acceptable that that a World Cup would be held during a European season, but once FIFA threw out the money to buy their silence, they gladly took the money and run.  The money being offered is triple the amount the clubs were compensated for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

So the money now being paid, does this mean other FIFA programs will suffer?  The programs for developing nations may take a hit for this and this is FIFA president’s Sepp Blatter’s power base.

Will the other tournaments FIFA host such as the underage World Cups and World Club Challenge suffer because of this?

You have to wonder when the announcements were made back in 2012 if FIFA realised how much time and energy would be spent on cleaning up this mess. In fact it is a mess which may never be cleaned up.

I had the pleasure of going the 2014 World Cup in Brazil and I will say it exceeded every expectation I had of the tournament. It was not just a football, but also a sports lover’s paradise, to watch the best in the world, in brilliant stadiums and with supporters passionate about their country and the game.  When I asked supporters I met if they will go to the World Cup in 2018 and 2022 the comments varied ‘not sure’ to definitely no.  Now, yes, it was a straw poll, but I asked at least over 100 people that question and this should give FIFA a huge concern. Football has enjoyed amazing growth in the last 50 years around the world, but the governing body shouldn’t underestimate supporters’ tolerance for shenanigans.

So who will stand up to FIFA?  Well statements from the German Football Federation and The European Professional Football Leagues over the last 24 hours does give hope that maybe we might see some real change. However are the dissenting voices prepared to have the full revolution?

I feel we need to burn the house FIFA built as it is so damaged and corrupt we need to start with a clean slate. So believe me, if the revolution comes it will get messy, but as was said in the Godfather sometimes you need some blood spilt to start again.

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  1. Dennis Gedling says

    The major partners have to voice concern and that has happened but it made no difference. Both Sony and Emirates pulled out in protest about Qatar but Samsung and Qatar Airlines will replace them like for like. If some FAs or Confederations pulled out it would have to be a concerted effort. Only Germany pulling out won’t make a difference and they’re the champions. It has to be a massive bloc of teams to make FIFA move on anything. God knows how to completely rebuild the set up of the organization let alone win back any respect.

    Anyone in their right mind should be boycotting anything to do with a World Cup in Qatar with the way it was awarded, the way the migrants workers are treated and the way it is destroying what was the biggest single sporting event in the world. The moral compass of the World Cup in Russia is also way off.

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