AFL Round 5 – Western Bulldogs v Geelong: Too much football is barely enough

There’s light at the end of the tunnel for the Dogs, while Geelong’s 5-0 start is the perfect launching pad for a top four spot, writes Dene Macleod.

CYMS seniors slip to fourth

by Dene Macleod For a review of Saturday’s Senior match, plus all the latest club news, head to:   The Seniors dropped to fourth following a 21 point loss to Peninsula in a game that had everything: it’s worth clicking on the link above to read Bill Deller’s review. Undefeated Banyule await at the [Read more]

Tough month ahead for Willi CYMS

by Dene Macleod For a review of Saturday’s Senior match, plus all the latest club news, head to:   The Seniors didn’t do their top-2 aspirations any favours by drawing against second-last Old Mentonians. The next month of football represents a huge challenge and will determine our fate: rivals Peninsula (a), where we are [Read more]

Willi CYMS uncover plan B

WILLIAMSTOWN CYMS FC by Dene Macleod   For a review of Saturday’s Senior match, plus all the latest club news, head to: At a glance, here are the results: D1 SENIORS Williamstown                 1.3        6.10      11.12    17.18.120 North Old Boys/St Pats   5.6        8.8        14.12    17.18.120 Williamstown Goal Kickers: J. Wong 5, B. Gray 3, C. [Read more]

Three out four ain’t bad in Round 1

Williamstown CYMS Round 1 Review by Dene Macleod 4 matches, 3 wins, with just the Ressies going down on the weekend. The Seniors had a terrific win against Parkdale, in what was an intense and brutal match. Watching it made you glad to be on the sidelines, with the final injury tally being 2 x [Read more]

Williamstown CYMS Round 4 Review

by Dene Macleod SENIORS WERRIBEE 6.3         12.8        17.10     24.16.160 WILLIAMSTOWN CYMS 3.2         3.4          7.5          8.7.55 WERRIBEE Goal Kickers: A. Taylor 4, A. Panayi 4, M. Taylor 3, M. Palmington 2, A. Tedeso 2, J. McLellan 2, R. Fastuca 2, M. Dean, J. Palmer, W. Pelar, S. Callea, A. Murphy [Read more]

Williamstown CYMS Round 3 Wrap

SENIORS WILLIAMSTOWN CYMS 2.1          6.3          9.6         12.9.81 PENINSULA 3.1          7.4          12.9        15.14.104 WILLIAMSTOWN CYMS Goal Kickers: H. Armstrong 4, J. Vanderloo 4, J. Wong 2, B. Gray , C. Richards Best Players: B. Gray, C. McCracken, C. Richards, A. McKay, H. Armstrong, J. Vanderloo PENINSULA Goal Kickers: A. Delange 5, [Read more]

Local Footy: CYs end season in perfect fashion, with flags in firsts and seconds

SENIORS WILLIAMSTOWN 6.4    8.5    12.5      15.9-99 PENINSULA 2.2    6.5      9.10    9.18-72 WILLIAMSTOWN Goal Kickers: W. Cooper 3, B. Gray 2, C. Elliott 2, T. Wheeler, M. Cini, J. Wong, F. Adamson, B. Lethborg, J. Tranter, J. Reid, C. Richards Best Players: B. Gray, S. McGuinness, T. Wheeler, J. Wong, J. Tranter, W. Cooper PENINSULA Goal [Read more]

VAFA: CYs thrash Therry to move into Grand Final

SENIORS WILLIAMSTOWN    2.3    7.10    7.15    16.19-115 THERRY PENOLA     1.2    2.3      5.4         8.9-57 WILLIAMSTOWN Goal Kickers: Z. Read 4, B. Gray 3, T. Wheeler 2, J. Reid 2, T. Hynes, M. Cini, M. Lishman, B. Lethborg, C. Richards Best Players: B. Gray, Z. Read, S. McGuinness, N. Walsh, T. Hynes, M. Cini THERRY PENOLA Goal Kickers: [Read more]

Local Footy: CYs fall short in tight, tense affair

SENIORS PENINSULA               1.4    3.8    9.11    15.16-106 WILLIAMSTOWN    1.1    5.3     9.4      11.6-72 PENINSULA Goal Kickers: J. Rombotis 4, J. Coghlan 3, T. Coghlan 2, B. Southam 2, S. Payze, A. Wood, J. Heron, T. Scarpella Best Players: A. Wood, S. Barbour, T. Coghlan, S. Grigg, R. Powney, S. Payze WILLIAMSTOWN Goal Kickers: T. Wheeler 5, J. [Read more]

Local Footy: CYs work hard to secure double chance

SENIORS OLD WESTBOURNE    2.6    3.6       9.6      10.8-68 WILLIAMSTOWN        2.7    4.12    4.20    11.24-90 OLD WESTBOURNE Goal Kickers: D. Sidwell 3, P. Hudson 2, R. Taylor 2, D. Lockwood, B. Connors, C. Hunter Best Players: D. Lockwood, P. Hudson, B. Connors, O. Hickey, M. Aquilina, F. Pavez WILLIAMSTOWN Goal Kickers: B. Gray 3, C. Elliott 2, Z. [Read more]

Local Footy: Willy CYs wrap up second spot with dominant first quarter

SENIORS WILLIAMSTOWN    4.3    14.10    15.11    27.16-178 YARRA VALLEY         0.2      1.4        2.10       2.11-23 WILLIAMSTOWN Goal Kickers: W. Cooper 7, J. Wong 6, C. Elliott 3, B. Gray 2, M. Lishman 2, Z. Read 2, S. McGuinness, B. Lethborg, J. Reid, M. John, C. Richards Best Players: J. Hatfield, W. Cooper, C. Elliott, J. Tranter, Z. Read, [Read more]

Local Footy: CYs ensure finals berth, now aiming for top two

SENIORS WILLIAMSTOWN    5.2    11.10    15.16    25.20-170 OLD PARADIANS     3.1      5.3        8.4        10.5-65 WILLIAMSTOWN Goal Kickers: B. Gray 3, Z. Read 3, R. Cassidy 3, B. Hynes 2, W. Cooper 2, M. Lishman 2, C. Elliott 2, J. Hatfield 2, J. Wong, N. Walsh, B. Lethborg, M. Sultana, J. Tranter, J. Reid Best Players: B. Hynes, [Read more]

Local Footy: Willy in striking distance of second spot after thrashing Ivanhoe

SENIORS IVANHOE                   3.1      4.6      6.6          9.8-62 WILLIAMSTOWN    6.4    12.8    21.12    32.17-209 IVANHOE Goal Kickers: K. O’Dwyer 3, D. Neilson 2, J. Ritchie, C. Traeger, D. Wood, S. Mason Best Players: D. Meredith, K. O’Dwyer, D. Neilson, J. Meakin, D. Adams, D. Wood WILLIAMSTOWN Goal Kickers: R. Cassidy 10, S. Barlow 7, Z. Read 4, T. [Read more]

Local Footy: Willy too strong for Banyule

SENIORS WILLIAMSTOWN    6.2    10.3    18.6    20.9-129 BANYULE                   1.1      2.3       3.5      7.6-48 WILLIAMSTOWN Goal Kickers: C. Richards 4, T. Wheeler 3, S. Barlow 2, W. Cooper 2, J. Gallivan, B. Gray, M. Cini, M. Lishman, J. Hatfield, M. Sultana, J. Tranter, Z. Read, R. Cassidy Best Players: C. McNamara, A. McKay, R. Cassidy, J. Gallivan, J. [Read more]

VAFA: Williamstown CYMS v Old Westbourne

SENIORS WILLIAMSTOWN        8.6    9.6    13.8    14.10-94 OLD WESTBOURNE    0.0    4.1      4.2       7.5-47 WILLIAMSTOWN Goal Kickers: T. Wheeler 4, W. Cooper 2, Z. Read 2, J. Reid 2, S. Barlow, B. Gray, N. Walsh, B. Lethborg Best Players: J. Hynes, S. McGuinness, Z. Read, J. Connors, B. Hynes, T. Wheeler OLD WESTBOURNE Not available Williamstown CYMS [Read more]

Local footy: Williamstown CYMS, Round 5: Willy too good at Yarra Valley

SENIORS YARRA VALLEY         2.1      4.3       5.4          8.8-56 WILLIAMSTOWN    6.4    11.9    16.10    18.13-121 Williamstown CYMS returned to the winning list with a resounding 65-point away win against the Yarra Valley Bushrangers at Domeney Reserve on Saturday. Still smarting from their embarrassing defeat at the hands of Eltham the week before, the CYs got away to a [Read more]

Williamstown CYMS Round 4

 by Dene Macleod   williamstown cyms football club  SENIORS   ELTHAM                     7.2    11.4    16.10    18.11-119 WILLIAMSTOWN   2.2     7.4     12.4      13.7-85   Williamstown CY’s made the long trip to Research on Saturday only to be comprehensively beaten by Eltham Old Collegians. In a replay of last year’s Sect. D 3 Grand Final, the ‘Turtles’ jumped the [Read more]