Willi CYMS uncover plan B


by Dene Macleod


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At a glance, here are the results:

Williamstown                 1.3        6.10      11.12    17.18.120
North Old Boys/St Pats   5.6        8.8        14.12    17.18.120

Goal Kickers: J. Wong 5, B. Gray 3, C. Elliott 3, J. Gray 2, J. Vanderloo 2, E. Wright, B. Lethborg
Best Players: B. Newman, C. McCracken, J. Gray, M. Lishman, J. Wong, J. Gallivan

North Old Boys/St Pats
Goal Kickers: T. Patterson 7, M. Keown 3, A. Oakley, T. Newton, T. Brady, K. Adams, S. Harwood, S. Sleep, S. Thomson
Best Players: M. Porter, T. Patterson, A. Oakley, M. Keown, R. Allitt, S. Harwood

Williamstown                 3.2        6.2        12.3      17.4.106
North Old Boys/St Pats   3.0        6.2        6.2        9.6.60

Goal Kickers: D. Elias 4, M. Tennant 2, C. Solomon 2, M. Carland 2, T. Humberstone, L. McKenzie, M. Walsh, J. Willis, J. Munro, R. Danaher, S. Barlow
Best Players: M. Tennant, D. Elias, N. Ward, M. Carland, C. Martin, J. MacKenzie

North Old Boys/St Pats
Goal Kickers: B. Burdeu 3, N. Johnston 2, H. Fotia, T. Noonan, J. Murphy, C. Le Maitre
Best Players: N. Johnston, B. Burdeu, H. Fotia, P. Haigh, B. Holland

Richmond Central           1.1        4.3        9.6        10.7.67
Williamstown                 2.2        3.4        5.9        7.14.56

Richmond Central
Goal Kickers: T. Pritchard 3, S. D’Arcy, C. Glowrey, J. Brazzale, D. Kim, R. Nolan, R. Pizzey, A. Bowen
Best Players: R. Nolan, R. Pizzey, A. Tyers, C. Pilkington, T. Pritchard, D. Buckthorpe

Williamstown CYMS
Goal Kickers: J. Digrazia 2, J. Farley 2, G. Shine, C. Pach, M. Manning
Best Players: C. Goucher, D. Williams, Du. MacLeod, M. Broomhall, B. Hollier, C. Pach

Therry Penola                1.3        1.4        1.5        3.6.24
Williamstown                 2.1        7.4        9.7        13.10.88

Therry Penola
Goal Kickers: M. Jacobson 2, S. Rees
Best Players: D. Lyons, D. McKibbin, S. Tatlock, D. Ryan, J. Gough, K. Biddlestone

Williamstown CYMS
Goal Kickers: M. Lane 2, T. Dimitriou 2, M. Knight 2, S. McVernon, N. Bratby, J. Costello, R. Slaney, S. Georgiovski, A. Heaver, L. Gibbs
Best Players: R. Slaney, L. Gibbs, M. Lane, S. McVernon, A. Heaver, S. O’Shea-Korbut

A lesson from the Greeks
One of the great sporting metaphors, often cited by commentators and journalists, is that of Achilles, or more specifically, his heel.  The all-conquering warrior, seemingly invincible, was cut down by an arrow low down to the back of his leg, his only vulnerable spot.  A weakness in an overall strength, bringing the great man down.

And so often we see it in sport; the near invincible tall forward line, exposed on a windy day by a quick running defence.  The skilful team undone by overuse of the footy.

And the lesson here is clear.  Even the best of sides are vulnerable.  And everyone needs a Plan B.  Just ask Geelong, one of the most successful teams in recent AFL history.  When their game plan copped an arrow to the back of the heel against the Hawks in 2008 and again last year, they were swept away.  It is no surprise that they are back this year but with a different plan.  They had no choice.

Predictable footy is typically good footy, particularly for the team playing it.  Your team mates know what to expect; where you will run, what foot you kick on, who’ll fly for marks, who stays down, who’ll kick the goals.  Mostly this is an advantage, usually a strength.  But as Greek legend would tell us, it can also be a weakness, an Achilles heel.

A quick look at the details of Willy’s season would indicate a considerable strength.  Two strong forwards who have kicked nearly eighty goals between them this year, the bulk of the team’s scoring.

But is there a Plan B?  What happens if one or both are injured, contained, even beaten?  And what if this was repeated across the ground – the game plan undone.  An Achilles heel.

Saturday morning against Therry Penola on the big open spaces of John Pasco Fawkner Reserve, Willy were asked the question – do you have a Plan B?  Will others step-up?

With a couple of regulars out it was time to try a few positional changes and on such a big ground it was required they find a new structure, and a few new ways to goal.

It wasn’t easy.  Therry Penola were well-drilled and knew how to play the big oval.  Dropping a man back, and running hard from defence, they troubled Willy who were a little slow to adapt to the greasy conditions and the big spaces.  Backs went forward, onballers into the back line and with the two big guns, Costello and Demetriou well-held, new goal kickers were required.

And found.

Unlike past weeks Willy finished with ten goal kickers; some on-ballers, some flankers and others drifting off the backline.  It may not have been the tidiest effort for the season but it was productive.  The team had a much more dour and determined look to it, prepared to make a contest at every opportunity and work their way through the game.  It wasn’t too pretty but it was effective.

Even the list of best players was significantly different with some players putting in their best games for the season.  Jake Rycroft was fantastic all day and Ash Heaver played his best game of the season off half-back.  George Daaboul continued his strong form from the previous week, and Mitch Lane and Lachlan Gibbs played their best games for the year.

The effort was consistent all day with Willy increasing their four point quarter-time advantage, to thirty-six at half, fifty at three quarter before running out sixty-four point winners.  A great team performance and just  perhaps they have uncovered a Plan B.

And the highlight?

Well, footy is a team game and it was great to see the boys chair Sven Rolts from the ground.  Sven returns to Germany next week and will be missed around the club.  His enthusiasm and effort to master Aussie Rules admired by all.  Thanks Sven, travel safely.

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