CYMS seniors slip to fourth

by Dene Macleod

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The Seniors dropped to fourth following a 21 point loss to Peninsula in a game that had everything: it’s worth clicking on the link above to read Bill Deller’s review. Undefeated Banyule await at the Fearon on Saturday and our 4 point buffer over Peninsula will disappear unless we win. Given our home ground dominance, it promises to be a great game.

The Ressies won by 58 and were never going to lose. Curran and Barlow again amongst the goals.


The Clubbies fell over the line by 3 points but in doing so sewed up a 1st semi final in two weeks time. No surprise, but still disappointing that Thegey didn’t play.


The U18s had the bye, again.


At a glance, here are the results from Rd 14:



Peninsula 4.2        7.3        11.7      18.10.118

Williamstown 6.2        10.3      12.5      15.7.97



Goal Kickers: J. Coghlan 5, S. Payze 3, J. Heron 2, H. Whitty 2, W. Coghlan, T. Coghlan, B. Southam, B. Brisbane, A. Wood, S. Murray

Best Players: W. Sansom, N. Fisher, H. Nestor, T. Barbour, J. Coghlan, H. Whitty


Goal Kickers: B. Fairley 3, B. Gray 2, J. Gray 2, M. Lishman 2, C. Richards, J. Vanderloo, J. Wong, B. Stringer, B. Lethborg, C. Elliott

Best Players: M. Welsh, Z. Read, B. Gray, B. Newman, C. Richards, C. Taylor




Peninsula 2.0        4.2        5.4        7.5.47

Williamstown 3.2        8.4        11.6      16.9.105


Goal Kickers: L. Heron 3, R. White 2, N. Box, A. Bouten

Best Players: L. Baker, L. Heron, M. Tolliday, G. Lethbridge, B. Mitchell, E. Coghlan


Goal Kickers: C. Curran 4, S. Barlow 3, M. Walsh 2, M. Carland 2, D. Calman-Orr 2, F. Henry, C. Solomon, J. Farley

Best Players: T. Humberstone, J. MacKenzie, D. Calman-Orr, R. Danaher, F. Henry, S. Barlow




Therry Penola 1.1        3.2        5.6        7.7.49

Williamstown 3.4        5.5        6.6        7.10.52

Therry Penola

Goal Kickers: D. Ractliffe 2, R. McKerrow, J. Sacco, S. Sacco, G. O’Connor, R. Steer

Best Players: Z. Vere-Flint, A. Carroll, R. McKerrow, S. Sacco, R. Keenan, G. O’Connor


Goal Kickers: D. Hetrelezis 2, B. Jones, C. Pach, J. Buttigieg, A. Kosmatos, Du. Macleod

Best Players: J. Buttigieg, B. Jones, A. Kosmatos, D. Williams, D. Hetrelezis, T. Burns-Wallace


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