Three out four ain’t bad in Round 1

Williamstown CYMS Round 1 Review

by Dene Macleod

4 matches, 3 wins, with just the Ressies going down on the weekend. The Seniors had a terrific win against Parkdale, in what was an intense and brutal match. Watching it made you glad to be on the sidelines, with the final injury tally being 2 x shoulders for the CYs (Chicken Q1 & Rossco Q2), with Parkdale suffering 1 x shoulder, 2 x concussions and 1 x suspected broken jaw. Parkdale had the bigger bodies and were intent on running straight over the top of their younger and slighter opponents. But our boys stood in their way and made the tackle, and this became the M.O. for the day. No one shirked an issue, but special mention goes to Cody McCracken and Matt Carland who played with a physicality beyond their scope. Down 7 goals to two with not long left in the half, Parkdale hit the scoreboard three times to get back in the match at the main break, and looked the better and fitter side in the third into the wind. When Parkdale kicked the first goal of the last quarter to reduce the margin to 8 points, the CYs crowd sensed their boys’ valiant effort might be in vain. But the next centre bounce was a game changer, as Parkdale’s # 4 and # 7 clashed heads in a crazed attack on the ball and on any CYs who happened to be in the vicinity, with # 35 suffering a suspected broken jaw and # 4 a concussion that had him off for the rest of the game. The game paused for breath for six minutes as the stretcher was called, and this change in momentum allowed the CYs to regroup, recover some legs and get their hands back on the ball. And then the wind changed and it was all over for Parkdale, with both sides looking at a Top 4 finish based on that performance.

The Ressies conceded too many easy goals but were right there at ¾ time, just 17 points down and coming home with the gale, but alas it was Parkdale who hit the scoreboard 4 times to our one to run out comfortable winners.

The Clubbies influx of surplus U18s saw us run right away from Ivanhoe and kick 15 goals to one after ¼ time.

The U18s massacred St Johns OC, kicking 26 goals to one and eagerly await stronger competition in the weeks to come.



Williamstown                 5.2        7.3        9.5        11.6.72

Parkdale Vultures           1.2        5.4        6.10      8.11.59


Goal Kickers: J. Wong 3, B. Lethborg 2, J. Vanderloo 2, C. Taylor, B. Gray, J. Gray, N. Walsh
Best Players: C. McCracken, N. Walsh, W. Cooper, C. Taylor, J. Wong, J. Gray

Parkdale Vultures

Goal Kickers: D. Robbins 4, R. Hayward, S. Radford, S. Chapman, P. Sullivan
Best Players: M. Grant, G. Crilley, P. Capsalis, C. Tobin, D. Robbins


Williamstown                     1.2          6.3          7.5          8.8.56

Parkdale Vultures            5.5          7.7          9.10        13.13.91


Goal Kickers: S. Barlow 3, R. Danaher 2, M. John, C. Solomon, D. Toscas
Best Players: W. McLaran, J. Munro, P. Gallivan, F. Henry, J. Willis, S. Barlow

Parkdale Vultures

Goal Kickers: B. Darcy 3, S. L’Huillier 3, D. Price 2, R. Gallagher 2, J. O’Meara, M. Meyer, K. Little
Best Players: D. Andrews, S. L’Huillier, M. GRAHAM, R. Gallagher, J. O’Meara


Ivanhoe                        4.1        4.2        5.4        5.4.34

Williamstown CYMS        2.3        8.7        10.11    17.18.120


Goal Kickers: C. Henderson, O. Scott, J. Miller, S. Camilleri, P. Farrelly
Best Players: M. Pietryk, J. Miller, M. Mastores, T. Walters, S. Huntley, P. Gordon

Williamstown CYMS

Goal Kickers: J. Gittins 3, H. Knight 3, D. MacLeod 2, K. Dowsey 2, G. Burgess 2, N. Bratby, C. Pach, S. Georgiovski, D. Page, M. Lane
Best Players: D. Williams, L. McKenzie, S. Georgiovski, D. MacLeod, N. Fry, J. Gittins


Williamstown CYMS        6.3        13.4      17.10    26.14.170

St Johns OC                   1.0        1.0        1.2        1.3.9

Williamstown CYMS

Goal Kickers: T. Dimitriou 6, J. Costello 6, R. Jansen 3, M. Farrugia 3, M. Makin 2, M. Knight 2, B. McRae, A. Weaven-Cahill, L. Gibbs, J. Pennington
Best Players: R. Jansen, N. Holdsworth, M. Farrugia, t. dimitriou, S. McVernon, J. Costello

St Johns OC

Goal Kickers: M. Opiew
Best Players: C. Ely, A. Bird, J. Sutic, B. Levin, C. Reyes, J. Ayama


  1. Guru Mac,
    The senior game was one of the fiercest I have witnessed at the Fearon.
    I was extremely glad I was standing on the sidelines.

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