Local Footy: Willy too strong for Banyule


WILLIAMSTOWN    6.2    10.3    18.6    20.9-129

BANYULE                   1.1      2.3       3.5      7.6-48

Goal Kickers: C. Richards 4, T. Wheeler 3, S. Barlow 2, W. Cooper 2, J. Gallivan, B. Gray, M. Cini, M. Lishman, J. Hatfield, M. Sultana, J. Tranter, Z. Read, R. Cassidy
Best Players: C. McNamara, A. McKay, R. Cassidy, J. Gallivan, J. Hatfield, M. Sultana

Goal Kickers: R. Iaconis 3, A. Brown, P. Jenkin, M. Fratto, L. French
Best Players: K. Shepard-Mueller, H. Dickson, B. Walsh, B. Cantwell, D. Lucevic, R. Young

In a game billed as the match of the round, Williamstown CYMS proved far too strong for the second placed Banyule Bears, running out surprisingly comfortable 81 point winners on Saturday. Undefeated at home this year, the CYs were a little slow to get going with the wind in the first quarter. Getting most of their six goals in the later stages of the term they led by 31 points but, given the strength of the wind blowing to the southern end of the ground, this was by no means a decisive break. The second term saw the home team kick into top gear and right from the start of the term they began to dominate their opponents with a fierce approach to the loose ball contests. With the on-ball contingent winning it out of the center and the backs smothering Banyule’s forward moves, the CYs were able to decisively outscore their opponents four goals to one to set up a match winning half time lead of eight goals. The CYs were able to put the result beyond doubt in the third term when they kicked eight goals to one to leave a demoralised Banyule combination, who had only kicked three majors to that point, trailing by over 15 goals at the last break. The last quarter fizzled out as a contest with the Banyule forwards having some late ‘junk time’ success to outscore the CYs by 10 points and close the gap to 81 points at the final siren. The win puts the CYs in with a chance of gaining second spot on the ladder and the coveted double chance. Apart from top spot, which is comfortably held by Peninsula, all other positions in the four are up for grabs. With four games to go only 2 points separate Banyule [40] from Williamstown [38], whilst Therry Penola [32] are clinging to fourth spot on percentage from a fast finishing Old Westbourne [32]. Old Paradians [30], having drawn a game with Williamstown earlier in the year, are only two points further behind and will leap frog into contention if any of those above them trip up. Williamstown had many strong contributors over the course of the day and were well led by captain Carson McNamara with a strong display in the ruck and around the ground. He had plenty of support from Julian Hatfield and Matthew Sultana at ground level, with both winning a lot of contested possession and setting up attacks with their long and penetration left foot disposal. Ross Cassidy continued his good form since breaking into the side mid-year and was a constant thorn in the side of Banyule, with his strong marking being a highlight. Down back Andrew McKay and John Gallivan were relentless in their pressure, repulsing many of Banyule’s forward thrusts with fearless counter attacks.


WILLIAMSTOWN    4.2    6.4    7.9    8.10-58
BANYULE                   0.0    3.3    5.6    8.11-59

Goal Kickers: K. Dowsey 2, G. Burgess, J. Buttigieg, M. John, M. Walsh, R. Danaher, C. Mathews
Best Players: L. Henry, J. Digrazia, L. Ryan, B. Hinsley, T. Hynes, T. Bowers

Goal Kickers: S. Tuckman 2, K. Gray 2, T. Baldac, Z. Wenke, S. Gray, M. Farrant
Best Players: M. Farrant, S. Gray, R. Currie, M. Scott, S. Tuckman, P. Jurgens

The Williamstown CYMS reserves side were beaten by one point by sixth placed Banyule in a result that puts their hold on top spot in jeopardy with four games to play. A hesitant CYs combination was made to look timid by a team that had come ‘ready to play’. The home side were never able to break away at any stage of the game against an opposition that contested at every opportunity. The Banyule Bears were only 15 points down at three-quarter time with last use of the wind but made heavy work of over hauling a stuttering CYs line up only securing victory with the last score of the day – a scrambled point. The disappointing CYs were very well served by Lawrence Henry at half back, who used his pace and anticipation to gain a mountain of possession. Lach Ryan battled on well in the ruck despite injury and John Digrazia, Tim Hynes, Brad Hinsley and Tim Bowers battled on without having a great influence on the outcome.


BANYULE                   3.3    9.5    14.6    22.11-143
WILLIAMSTOWN    4.3    6.5      9.7      9.7-61

Goal Kickers: B. Willmore 5, R. Butterworth 5, D. Stokes 3, D. Playfair 3, G. Fikaris, S. Playfair, N. Swift, S. Versace, B. Herbert, S. Hazelwood
Best Players: G. Thompson, J. Spicer, R. Butterworth, G. Fikaris, D. Playfair, B. Willmore

Goal Kickers: J. Street 2, D. Page 2, C. Pach, D. Clemmens, M. Brown, A. Johns, J. Wright
Best Players: A. Yacin, M. Manning, D. Clemmens, D. Dirosa, C. Pach, J. Street

The Williamstown CYMS Club 18 side went down to Banyule by 82 points in a match that has effectively ended their finals aspirations for the season. Banyule was far too big and accomplished for the CYs and gradually asserted their superiority in the match before piling on 8 goals to nil in the last term to run away with a comfortable victory.

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