Tough month ahead for Willi CYMS

by Dene Macleod

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The Seniors didn’t do their top-2 aspirations any favours by drawing against second-last Old Mentonians. The next month of football represents a huge challenge and will determine our fate: rivals Peninsula (a), where we are yet to post a victory; undefeated Banyule (h); fellow top-4 side Parkdale Vultures (a) in what will be a very physical match; then 2nd placed Whitefriars (h).

Seems the Ressies were happy enough to win by 11 goals and the 100+ as tipped was never on offer. Cuz Curran snagged 8 and Barlow 4 of the 16.


The Clubbies won by 10 goals as expected, but in a reasonable quality game, something you can’t say every week about this level. We were certainly helped by the U18s, esp. Western Jet Callum Matheson with 35ps. But what was # 14 for Ivanhoe doing playing at that level? Man, could he play.


The U18s had the bye.


At a glance, here are the results from Rd 13:



Old Mentonians  3.5        5.9        7.10      10.12.72

Williamstown     2.3        5.6        7.11      10.12.72


Old Mentonians

Goal Kickers: R. Ironmonger 3, L. Hull 3, B. Johnson, S. Johnson, J. Jansson, G. Snow

Best Players: B. Norton, E. Macquire, S. Johnson, R. Ironmonger, M. Myers-Snyders, T. Speers



Goal Kickers: J. Wong 4, C. Elliott 3, M. John, B. Fairley, W. Cooper

Best Players: F. Adamson, B. Newman, M. Lishman, J. Wong, C. Elliott, L. McDonald




Old Mentonians  1.2        3.6        4.7        4.12.36

Williamstown     3.2        7.2        12.4      16.6.102


Old Mentonians

Goal Kickers: S. Ferguson, D. Bott, R. Howard, J. Brohier

Best Players: S. Ferguson, S. Cormie, J. Brohier, P. Mevel, B. Coghlan, K. Biggs



Goal Kickers: C. Curran 8, S. Barlow 4, F. Henry, J. Munro, L. McKenzie, M. Walsh

Best Players: C. Curran, R. Danaher, J. Willis, M. Tennant, F. Henry, M. Carland




Williamstown     3.2        8.4        13.10    18.13.121

Ivanhoe            3.2        5.2        8.3        9.4.58


Williamstown CYMS

Goal Kickers: B. McRae 5, J. Costello 4, C. Solomon 3, S. Georgiovski 2, C. Matheson, B. Grant, C. Pach, De. Macleod

Best Players: C. Matheson, D. Williams, C. Solomon, A. Kosmatos, S. Smith, J. Willis



Goal Kickers: T. Sheehan 4, S. Huntley 3, D. Miller 2
Best Players: B. Walters, O. Scott, T. Sheehan, N. Addison, D. Miller, D. Dufty

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