Dream Job for Cats Fans!

Dan Crane has the info on a part time job at the Geelong FC that may just interest one of the many Catmanackers who frequent this site.

AFL Round 19 – North Melbourne v Geelong: Patience, patience my son…..

After two disappointing losses in three weeks, Dan Crane fears the Cats are starting to test his new found reserves of patience.

AFL Round 9 – Port Adelaide v Geelong: Sweet 16 years – a musical tribute to 1997

The last time Dan Crane saw Port beat Geelong at Footy Park in 1997, The Verve, blur and Daft Punk were in the charts. He takes us on a nostalgic journey through the hits of the era (and we’re not talking shirtfronts).

AFL Round 6 – Richmond v Geelong: Second v First

When you have genuine feelings for your second favourite team, how does it feel when they come up against your favourite?

Waxing lyrical on shaking hands and sporting war!

A few years ago the then Carlton AFL player Brock Mclean announced on a mainstream footy show that he refuses to shake his direct opponents hand on the footy field before a game, because that “is what his Dad did”…. I remember being disgusted by this (and venting on the nackers site) and now on [Read more]

Umpiring as a (sort of ) therapy.

  Last Saturday on University Oval, I took to the field and was, for the first time in almost 13 years, was part of a match involving the Adelaide University Football Club.  As an umpire. As an aside, there are three things that the uninitiated must know about the Adelaide Uni Football Club. ·      The [Read more]

Carlton phobia? What phobia?

Carlton vs. Geelong Round 9 2011, Friday May 20th – The end of the phobia… Most people, young or old, large or small, have things that they fear, so much so that they avoid them at all costs. One phobia that I’m happy to share is my fear of the Carlton Football Club when they [Read more]

There’s nothing that can substitute a good crowd ….aka uncomfortably numb.

Hi there everyone, Not sure about the rest of you ‘nackers but I’m still in a sense of shock/numbness that footy is back… Anyway after an exciting first round I’m still (slightly)perturbed by 2 issues: Why is the football community obsessed with rule changes and does the sub rule change really matter anyway? (i’m more [Read more]

2010 – The Year of the Tight Tiger

The title above does not refer to the Richmond, Glenelg or Hull City Football Clubs nor to a constipated Siberian in Melbourne Zoo but more so a poor/clumsy alliteration on what has been one of the closest run years in sport (& politics) for a long time. So what will 2011 be like in comparison?  [Read more]


Season highlights Although compared to the (now) halcyon days of 2007-2009 and the Grand Finals that went with those years, 2010 was still an overall success with many highlights.  The Cats found an oldie but a newie and KP goodie in James Podsiadly and unearthed a batch of talented youngsters who, if developed in the [Read more]

Changes at the Crows vs Cats

Changes – sometimes good, sometimes bad, always inevitable.

AFL Round 3: Nice weekend, shame about the footy

By Dan Crane It had been an action-packed weekend before I woke up on Sunday the 11th of April.  My best mate Tim had flown over from Adelaide on Friday afternoon and he, my wife and I had then spent that evening drinking beautiful beer at the Little Creatures dinner hall on Brunswick Street.  Tim [Read more]

To shake or not to shake…and other post-Easter randoms

Early season observations (that wise period just before round 3) And WHY SHAKING HANDS IS STILL A MUST! Sorry to disturb anyone who is agonising about their tips for Round 3 (getting 6 will win you most weekly comps I reckon), but I just wanted to bring up a few issues, one of which I [Read more]

Footy: The 4 Fs = fabulous February footy feeling

After a drab summer of sport/cricket , about as stimulating as reading your credit card bill post-Christmas,  you can almost feel the anticipation start to build.  The AFL season is upon us.  The evidence is aplenty…… The players involved in off-season scandals The players being  ‘fitter, stronger, bigger, better looking, more focused than ever’. The ex-players making [Read more]