AFL Round 6 – Richmond v Geelong: Second v First

Score a footy and Cats gear

Score a footy and Cats gear

Your favourite versus your second favourite – does it work?

As a Geelong fan of almost 30 years I sure as hell really like, nay love Richmond FC.  Yes, they are my 2nd team.  I understand that some people get aggrieved at the notion of having a team other than your own to barrack for.  Many would say that it dilutes the love you have for your chosen team.  A few years ago I confessed my fondness for the ‘Tiges’ on the almanackers site. I recall that some derided this.

But that’s the way it is. I’m a Cats man and always will be but if we ever fail then a Richmond success and the belting out of ‘Tigerland’ does raise my spirits.  Heck I remember a few years ago Richo made the transition to the media and when, in the season promo he wore a cats jumper I thereafter day-dreamed about what a wonderful Cat he would have made.  Tom Harley looked pretty good in yellow and black as well during the same channel 7 promo….  I even own Yellow and Black footy socks and a Richmond cap, mug and scarf. That’s a different story altogether.

So I was greatly looking forward to this MCG clash between an improved Richmond outfit and the evolving and thrilling 2013 cats.  My wife and I settled down to the game in our Adelaide home with delicious Barossa eye fillet, mushrooms, spinach and McLaren Vale shingleback cab sav.  We got stuck into the food and watched what quickly unravelled to be a great game of footy. Oh, I forgot to mention that my better half loves the tigers as well (but the Crows first)…..we really are a perfect match.

Geelong got off to a terrific start, but the tigers quickly rallied, and Jack (same name as out sleeping 9 month son) Riewoldt was looking more than handy, scoring and providing goals.  One of them was a gimme to Dustin Martin who is appearing unstoppable. Jake King looks tough and focused. The tigers surge to a 19 point lead. However as if on cue some Mathew Stokes inspired brilliance and an effervescent Jimmy Bartel tap down to Mitchy Duncan sees the Catters surge to a 5 point half time lead.

So far so good. My beloved GFC have a slight advantage and the tigers are fighting hard.  The blue and white hoops and the yellow sash on black are looking spectacular.  The food is settling, young Jack is sleeping beautifully and the wine is smooth with a great back palate.

After half time this 1 v 2 love all changes.  The smoothness of having your club play your #2 suddenly becomes scratchy and distorted.  Maybe it was the 2nd quarter rally.  But really it was the moment when Chris Newman and Joel Selwood grapple near the boundary.  Now don’t get me wrong I really really like Newman – he also comes across as an old school tough but fair footy player.  But when I see him and Joel tangle I want us to bury them.    Bugger the Tigers; they can get some support when I’m watching them take on Hawthorn, Carlton, Fremantle or Port, as they will do next week.

The Tigers lose Maric for a bit and Vickery spouts blood and is no more in the game. This gives US, the mighty Cats, the impetus.  200 gamer Stevie J dominates, 250 gamer Corey ‘Boris’ Enright is reading it like a Mr Men book (Mr Clever) and even Tom Hawkins who has been anonymous thus far gets involved and flexes his sizable muscles.  Christensen looks like a cat angel sent from pivotonian heaven with the mission to tame tigers and the steeplechaser Blicavs shows poise, skill and some footy personality.

And although Jake King ends up with 4 goals I don’t really notice any Richmond players anymore – it’s as if the cats are on the G by themselves.  When Boris slots through a cracker and then the cats get up by 44 points (what poetry for Boris) Richmond are looking like a very distant 2nd team to barrack for.  Luckily for them they’ll get my support against the Power here in Adelaide next week…..but on this Saturday night there is and always will be the one team for me and that, as it has been since 1984, will be the  Geelong Football Club. Go Cats!

Geelong 3.3 9.3 15.7 20.11 (131)

Richmond 4.1 8.4 11.7 13.9 (87)


Geelong: Christensen 3, Smedts 2, Bartel 2, Duncan 2, Stokes 2, Johnson 2, Hawkins 2, Enright, Murdoch, Selwood, Blicavs, West.

Richmond: King 4, Riewoldt 3, Martin 2, Ellis, Knights, McGuane, Grigg.


Geelong: Christensen, Johnson, Stokes, Enright, Duncan, Bartel, Hunt, Guthrie

Richmond: Edwards, Grigg, Martin, Grimes, Knights, Jackson, Rance

Umpires: Donlon, Kamolins, Nicholls.

Official Crowd: 55,625.

Our Votes- 3-Christensen, 2-Enright, 1- Johnson

About Dan Crane

Hi , I'm Dan. I'm a Geelong, Liverpool, Sturt and Celtic FC fan with soft spots for Richmond, Chester and Leicester FC's as well. I'm an Geography, History & English teacher who adores sport but whatever you do, don't ever start me on music....


  1. Nice one Dan. The Cats won by 44 (Boris) and kicked 20 goals (Stevie J). Some things are meant to be.

  2. Very true Dips.

    This was supposed to be a game where an emerging team was testing itself against a proven one.

    The stat I like most from the weekend though is that whilst Richmond had 3 players with less than 50 games experience, the Cats had 9.

    Is it possible to be an emerging proven team?

  3. Richard Jones says

    I’M going the derision route — again — Dan.

    It is absolutely impossible to have a 2nd team in the AFL. Just as it is in the EPL and the Scottish League.
    [I’m Man Yoo and Rangers in those comps, BTW]

    Support is tribal in the AFL I am just not interested in watching an AFL game UNLESS the Catters are playing. Stainless and I had a vigorous discussion via this website about footy dilettantism a few months back.

    That is rocking up to watch footy without the all-encompassing tribal involvement. For my own part I withdrew from the Nat. Indigenous Radio Service broadcast team for that very reason. It was the early 2000s..

    I was hosting a Queen’s Birthday weekend match between Carlton and Hawthorn at the G. At quarter-time I thought to myself: ‘Wot in God’s name am I doing, calling this game?’

    ‘One club I don’t like that much (the BlueBags) and the other ( the Squawks) I actively despise.’ So I pulled the pin.

    Hope the Squawks aren’t your 3rd team, Dan. They should be deep in the cellar at No. 18.

  4. I have a second team – the Bloods. If the Cats can’t win, I want them to. But I don’t follow them actively like I do the Cats, and I’ll never barrack for them in a game against the Cats.

    I with you Richard though on the Hawks. I absolutely loved the GF last year, whenmy second team got up by giving it to the team I most despise.

  5. Dan Crane says

    Dips- I missed it! I also glanced over mathew stokes’ stunning game.

    Pete – I’m glad you highlighted the most important fact. Our youth. The kittens really are doing the job for us at the moment. Btw I also like the bloods …3rd team?just kidding. That would be the Gold Coast. Ok enough said.

    I get your point Richard. I suppose that 2nd teams can seem pointless. I mean i wanted us to smash the tigers from the start to be honest. But my reasoning for 2nd sides is that I love watching sport and can’t help but pick a team I’d prefer to win.

    i also wanted to ask – If your enemy/arch rival gets knocked off then you are happy? You surely then “support” the team that deposed the said enemy. What’s that quote again? My enemy’s enemy. Etc etc. ;)

  6. Dinahcat says

    Richmond is also my second team, because I like tigers, and their song is stirring. I also quite like the Swans, as I have South friends, and no Cats supporter could fail to enjoy last year’s GF. But if either team is playing the Cats…..WE ARE GEELONG!!

  7. Stainless says

    I think the point I may have made to Richard is that I’m enough of a footy nut to regularly attend finals and that, as a Richmond fan, this usually means attending as a neutral. The non-Richmond games I get most involved in are those involving the sides I genuinely despise, I.e. Carlton and Collingwood, and I vividly recall raising the ire of one MOC with a rather thoughtless post about my delight at witnessing the Pies 2011 GF loss.

    Other than the schadenfreude associated with seeing the big clubs knocked off their perches, the closest I’ve come to adopting another team is enjoying sides break lengthy Premiership droughts (Sydney 2005 and Geelong 2007).

    But a permanent second side? Forget it. Exhibit A – Geelong. Loved watching them in the 90s when they were the totally unreliable excitement machine of the competition. When they finally came of age in 2007 and ended four decades of heartache, I was pleased for them. Now? Methinks they’re a bunch of uber professional bully boys that are long overdue for a stint in the cellar for the good of the competition – and that comment has nothing whatsoever to do with the events of Saturday night!

  8. Dan Crane says

    Love the word schadenfreude stainless.

    I like tigers too dinahcat. My favourite of the big cats!
    I’m 38 in 11 days, am I too old to have a favourite big cat? Haha.

  9. Dinahcat says

    You are never too old, Dan!
    I have many favourite big Cats……Otto, Big Hairy Cat, Tomahawk, Pods, Westy, Tommy Lonergan, Harry Taylor….just to name a few.

  10. Dan, The Tiges are my second side too. Well behind the Mighty Cats and a fair bit of daylight though. I used to travel to Punt Road as a kid in the late 50’s and early 60’s when I couldn’t get down to Geelong. Like us they were a pretty ordinary conveyance in those days so I warmed to them. Loved watching Richo in more recent years – a true and loyal Tiger champion (who’s likeness graces the cover of the 2008 Almanac). His dad ‘Bull’ could play a bit too.

    Still, very pleased we eventually smashed them on Saturday. Like falls a long way behind love.

    Stainless, Very Germanic comment (schadenfreude, etc). The skinny, inexperienced kids and short blokes who made up about half of the Cats team that whacked the Tigers on the weekend will be delighted to hear that they are considered ‘uber professional bully boys’. Maybe Chris Scott plays them some Wagner after training each week.

    Not Gotterdammerung though – we prefer other sides to experience that when we play them.

  11. Richard says

    DAN …. I dare say u are referring to the 2012 grannie when the Swannettes downed the Squawks.
    Yeah, it was better than the gold and pukes winning.

    But frankly I didn’t care too much. Because Dan, Geelong WASN’T playing.
    It was just a mild diversion. The Catters weren’t involved so frankly I just wasn’t interested all that much.

    Because Sydney won doesn’t mean I like them any better. I don’t like ANY of the other 17 !! Period.

  12. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Dan watching this game I always thought Geelongs class was going to come thru and by a significant margin and th comment re the 3 players with under 50 games v Geelong with 9 sums up perfectly where Richmond is at just too many good honest battlers
    to actually rise up to seriously challenge for a flag
    The notion of a second side I will watch a game barracking for 1 side when th crows aren’t playing but really deep down not caring and game finishes end of involvement
    ( mind you Ad Uni FC , Norwood and then the crows are my footy interests in that order ) Thanks Dan May Bob be with you

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