There’s nothing that can substitute a good crowd ….aka uncomfortably numb.

Hi there everyone,

Not sure about the rest of you ‘nackers but I’m still in a sense of shock/numbness that footy is back…

Anyway after an exciting first round I’m still (slightly)perturbed by 2 issues:

  1. Why is the football community obsessed with rule changes and does the sub rule change really matter anyway? (i’m more interested in emblem, guernsey, style of play changes myself)
  2. Does anybody else think that Dwayne Russell is too obsessed by good attendance figures? (heard him refer to “good crowd in” etc several times over the weekend during dull moments of matches) What nuances do you, the nackers observe?

One can only wonder what  the issues during and post round 2 will be….over-exposure of karmichael hunt anybody?

Or am I simply overanalysing? Has 7,10 and fox made me this way? Tom Harley once said that his greatest fear of AFL was ‘paralysis by analysis’…………. maybe i just watched all 8 games too intently this weekend. holed up in bed after multiple extraction of wisdom/other teeth. (in hindsight i was numb in several ways in round 1)

Can’t wait to hear everyones thoughts/non-thoughts……can’t wait to get to the SANFL this week…Sturt v Glenelg blockbuster @ the Bay!!



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